How to backside revert | Basic Skateboard Trick
How to backside revert | Basic Skateboard Trick

Hi guys my name is Barns and today we
are going to learn how to do a backside revert. You can do this trick in any
surface it’s an easy and fun trick to do the only thing you have to learn is how to roll, turn your shoulders and pull your tail gently behind you. You can learn them in no time and you’re
gonna have loads of fun. Foot position for this trick is your back foot on the tail and your front foot over the front truck. Once you’re ready, start your roll and pull your tail behind you and the same time keep your weight over
the back truck. Turn your shoulders to help to complete to
full 180 rotation with your board… when you’ve done it, you ride away in switch. Thank you guys for watching the video… Now leave the computer behind go skate and have fun.

2 thoughts on “How to backside revert | Basic Skateboard Trick”

  1. Object Barns says:

    Do you know how to revert your skateboard are you using with any trick combo?

  2. abbeyglencircle says:

    What?! You make it look easy. Why is everyone else say to lift the front wheels and really kick the tail hard.

    Did you put more weight on the front wheels to make back wheels lighter?

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