How to Build a Skateboard : Build a Skateboard: Put Bearings in Wheels
How to Build a Skateboard : Build a Skateboard: Put Bearings in Wheels

The next step is putting your bearings into
your wheels. Here I chose active bearings. These are Abeck 5 bearings. This is what I
use. Pretty good price. There’s 8 bearing in each bearing set, 2 for each wheel. Get
your bearings out. Find your wheels, select wheels. Some bearings have two sides. One
will have like an open side; one has like a side, a shinier side to show out. These
ones are both the same so it doesn’t matte what faces down. Here at active we have a
bearing press so it makes it pretty for us. Put one bearing down. Put the wheel on top.
Put your second bearing on top of the wheel. Fold it down, line it up and pull. And then
your bearing’s in the wheel. This is the pretty standard way for skate shops to put in wheels
but if you don’t have a bearing press and you’re at home you can always use the axle
of your truck. This is if you don’t have a bearing press. This is what I use at my house.
So you got your bearing. You got your wheel and your second bearing, and you kind of just
push it on like this. And that’s how you do it there.

58 thoughts on “How to Build a Skateboard : Build a Skateboard: Put Bearings in Wheels”

  1. ZeroPathos says:

    haha, at the very end he sticks his tongue out =P

  2. chingchangchong says:

    haha… i have a pretty good feeling he didn't really pop the bearing in right there with his hands

  3. javierjjs says:

    my god active's web site has like nothing in stock

  4. myles3070 says:

    thats the same as rollerskates.

  5. Kaimana Van de waal says:

    GOOD JOB! you watched the day in the life. haha that was the best day in the life.

  6. jordi grant says:

    abec 5's are shit!

  7. ForeverMind1 says:

    thats a nice tip…….IF YOU HAD A BEARING PRESS!!!!

  8. Zachary Watson says:

    i don't have one of those puffy things

  9. Nick Craven says:

    screw buying online buy from your skateshop!!!

  10. Thegloryofskate says:

    he has now idea

  11. reza says:

    putting in bearings is easy i reallly dont know why its sooo hard i just pop em in

  12. ewanthug says:


  13. George Mowlam says:

    my bearings went in wonky and the wheels dont spin very well how do i fix this without taking the bearings out.

  14. Twistedmiind says:

    what do you do with the washers do you put one on the outside of the bearing and the other on the other side

  15. ditimedia93 says:

    money wrench or a wrench the right size

  16. ZeRo4LiFe101 says:

    i have abec 7

  17. 95dank says:

    bearing presses are for lazy bums….

  18. Tom Fox says:

    no spacers?

  19. Pontus Eriksson says:

    ITS OVER 90000

  20. Tom Fox says:

    the metal bit between the 2 bearings you dont need them for all wheels tho

  21. El Duende says:

    if u want a good brand like pig, they r about 15$, or cheaper

  22. SilENT408FluFFY says:

    reds are good ive tried alot of bearings reds work the best for me

  23. infernape855 says:

    how much is a bones swiss bearing

  24. Julian Cifuentes says:


  25. Edward Klose says:

    120 quid

  26. Jimmy Marroquin says:

    cheater lol using that shit to put the bearings in like nothing hahahahha

  27. Rhabarber Barbara says:

    @evilskills WHAT NINE THOUSAND?

  28. Simpsonwannabe says:

    @evilskills wats nine thousound… please reply am curios thanks and ill sub

  29. Pontus Eriksson says:

    @Simpsonwannabe just some random line nothing to worry about

  30. Radim Vaďura says:

    Do you use B-spacers ?

  31. Colin says:

    Didn't he said that he used Bones Reds in the other video? Advertising phail…

  32. VoodooRay says:

    @foxyrocks777 its better with out spacers in the1 first place

  33. Emmanuel Ogoe says:

    @nonamre haha yea i noticed that too

  34. JordiniTine says:

    @foxyrocks777 no spacers. i throw my spacers away because they are useless

  35. duby149 says:

    is Airwalk skateboards good for a beginner side note im a big dude 250

  36. GhostProductions503 says:

    @duby149 no there horible depending on what type you get mine broke in 5 days of skating.

  37. Max Builder says:

    @narutonews123 they would save your bearings
    but the new wheels are bult so that the spacers are unnecessary

    the spacer just destroy the bearings whit the new art of wheels ^^

    i dont use spacer they just destroy your bearings 😀

  38. ZackyT5 says:

    i use a screw driver and hammer that shit in

  39. Carthage Skate Team says:

    pause @ 1:22

  40. King Anik says:

    well they put the bearing's for u?

  41. Liam Lofthouse says:

    whats the difference between different ABECs

  42. coolman3012 says:

    there is no real difference, all the abecs are is ratings how hard the balls are which in theory make them faster but they dont really , ask the guy at a skateshop which one is a good one and if you sk8 alot buty a faster and more expensive one, here are some really good ones, bones swiss,bones reds, bones chocolate, rush, enjoi teenish,fkd

  43. coolman3012 says:

    @speakher9 you dont really need the tool tyou can use your trucks it is not hard . btw they range in prices

  44. coolman3012 says:

    they can but its not hard at all

  45. coolman3012 says:

    you need to

  46. MultiVans12 says:

    is it bad to hve to different bearing in one wheel????????????

  47. 13freitas says:

    OMG thanks for showing me how to do such difficult work, put bearing on!? damn i don't know if i can… aaahhahahahahahahahhaha jackass -.-

  48. aaron perry says:

    is this a good cruiser set up: Vision Punk Skull Skateboard Deck-10×30 White, Element Risers 1/8 Inch-red Single Set, Sector 9 9 Ball 78a 61mm Clear Red Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4), Bones Ceramic Super Reds (Single Set) Bearings, Krux 3.5 Tall K4 Black/black (Set of 2) Skateboard Trucks, Mystery/mob Grip Single Sheet-heart (die-cut), ESSENTIALS 10/PK ASST.COLOR 1 Inch HARDWARE ppp (ik 10 pack but i need extra hardware) Reflex Utilitool-neon Green/black

  49. aaron perry says:

    @MultiVans12 yes yes yes its bad

  50. aaron perry says:

    but theres a bering press on the tool

  51. Aiden Gunn says:

    you said on another vid that you use bones reds

  52. BMXskateNFLfreak says:

    This is a good Flip trick skateboard set up if your not willing to spend over 200$: DGK steve williams deck. 7:75: Trucks: venture trucks 5.0 LOW: WHEELS bones stf 50 mm. bearing bones reds. grip MOB

  53. _supalace says:

    What is that for a Tool ?

  54. mynameisBS98 says:

    can u ride with just one bearing, I mean just for the day?

  55. ITZTK1 says:

    rage much?

  56. superdrugs says:

    This video is worthless because most kids don't have a wheel press at their house. If you buy bearings and/or wheels at a skate shop they can just do it for you on their press.   

  57. logan cooper says:

    He didn't put washers or spacers on it that ok

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