Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo lino
and a wheel addict today I’m gonna teach you how to change the bearings on
your wheels inline skating wheels rollerskating wheels skateboarding
wheels well all these rolling sports they all have two bearings on each wheel
there’s a few different ways to take those bearings out but I choose to use
the most simple one something that it’s really really basic but it I find out
that it works all you need is an allen key something that you can put through
the bearings you do not want to put the tool all the way so that it catch two
bearing it needs to go over the first airing so that you can make some
leverage on the bearing and then you can push it like I said before these will
work with all the wheels it doesn’t matter the size of the wheels as long as
they have the same size spacer which is in this case eight millimeter spacers it
will work there are some cases where the spacers are smaller like the I would say
the whole school in landscapes they used to have a different spacer that used to
go through both bearings and still make the spacing in the middle but that’s not
being used anymore so stick to the basics which is what we got here if you
do it this way then you can do it with all size wheels doesn’t really matter if
it’s someone that little millimeter wheels if it’s a 60 millimeters if it’s
a skateboarding or a roller skating wheel they all have two bearings so now
you know if you have a three wheels try skate or a four wheel skate skateboard
roller skate you need to count two bearings per wheel for those of you
don’t know I have a shop and a lot of people come to the shop and they they
have regular inline skates which have four wheels
each skate so they want to buy eight bearings for the two skates yes you can
have eight spacers but then I need sixteen bearings two bearings per wheel now you know I hope you enjoyed this
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what you didn’t like about this video other than that let’s just not forget
why we all started skating because it’s fun cheers guys see you soon


  1. Joshua Gusmao says:

    Awesome vid Lino

  2. Alexandre says:

    Ricardo add whatsapp

    And email

    [email protected]

  3. Alexandre says:

    We have a group of skates with the name PATINSVELHOCHICO. We have videos around the CITY.

  4. Rubén Azócar says:

    Nice video Ricardo… Wich are the best bearings (not bones swiss) for urban skate (in terms of quality and price)?… and wich are de softer wheels in 80 mm?… cheers from Chile… and dont forget why we skate… because is FUN!!

  5. Teto says:

    Awesome! Can you make another video about tips for maximizing performance and lifespan of the bearings/wheels? I researched a bit about this topic but couldn't find anything useful.

  6. Daniel Bouffard says:

    What is the little washer-looking piece in the middle called?

  7. Leon says:

    Really useful stuff, thanks.

  8. Jhonatan Mendoza says:

    And, what do you think is the best way to clean and lubricate them? Like always, thank you so much 😉

  9. joao marques says:

    Very bad video, you forgot to mention scooter bearings xD

  10. Liam Roeth says:

    if you have 6mm spacers you can make a bearing pusher out of a 6mm axle and an extra spacer. just slide the spacer on the axle, put the end into the center of the wheel, put the head of the axle on a hard surface, and push on the wheel

  11. Joao Soares says:

    Grande Lino… mandei te msg pelo face…
    Estou a ficar viciado outra vez… já a 5 dias seguidos k faço uns klm nos patins… e voltei a testar o skate park mas n está fácil… consigo descer rampas mas subir tá complicado assim com deslizar n tá fácil… mts quedas grande abraço

  12. mountveggie says:

    Any advice on choosing the correct type of spacers for particular bearings/wheels? (I'm assuming there are different types of spacers because certain wheels or skates need particular spacers, and we can't choose them at random?)

  13. Rolling with Moe Fisher says:

    Really love how you sometimes dim things down back to basic fundamentals.. Amazing.. Keep up the great work bro..

  14. Satelite Komputer says:

    Bro, request, please give me know,how to transition from backward to forward,with triskate 3110

  15. Mr. M Du weißt says:

    Wenn es nicht über lino's channel hoch geladen wäre würd ich es nicht glauben.das er das video produziert hat.😕
    Benutzt den bei gelegten schlüssel noch nichtmal richtig (mit der scharfen torx seite) 😏
    Was ist lot mit dir?😮

  16. Michael Yeung says:

    I'm a big fan of your channel, speaking of changing bearings and wheels, may I ask your view on flat setup? what do you think about flat vs freestyle vs anti rockers? do is there already a video about this? thanks so much man, you rock!

  17. daves2hd says:

    Perhaps you can make a video in the future talking and explaining a bit about different type of bearings. Both like the ABEC stuff but also about what the difference is in how it's closed (shielded, sealed, open, etc). I can't make much sense of it when I browse through webshops, none of them explain what's important for what use or when to use what. Cheers

  18. Jorge Oliveira Gomes says:

    Você poderia ensinar como limpar os rolamentos?

  19. George Moore says:

    I love self centering spacers. Saves me so much time trying to get the wheels on the axels.

  20. Adhyaksa Bayu says:

    Hi Lino, I'm Bayu from Indonesia. I'm looking for tutorial how to take care or maintain(cleaning etc) our liner and bearing. I'm a beginner in inline skate, if you have time to share the video it would be great.
    😎 Best regards

  21. Tori Scholes says:

    What will happen if you put fidget spinner bearings in your aggressive inline skates

  22. Mannie Action Sports says:

    My wheel only has 1 bearing.

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