How to Check a Wheel Bearing in Your Car (Replacement)
How to Check a Wheel Bearing in Your Car (Replacement)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel, if
your car is making a humming sound that gets louder the faster you drive, then
today’s your lucky day, because I’m going to show you how to tell if your wheel
bearings are bad, now in this case the noise is coming from the back, it sounds
like it’s behind me, so we’re going to Jack the car up in the air, now it sure sounds
like it’s coming from this wheel, so let’s pull on it, now unfortunately it
doesn’t have any play, it doesn’t wobble when I pull on it, but that doesn’t mean
that the wheel bearing isn’t necessarily bad, many times wheel bearings will start
to wear out and they won’t have any play but they start to make noise, so you have
to pull off the wheel and check them, now the wheel bearing is inside here, but we
have to take the brake off to access it so we’ll get a wrench a socket and a
hammer and whack off the brake, there’s two seventeen millimeter bolts on the
back, you just put this on, and hit it a few times, so you can take them off, and off it
comes, then just pull off the brake disc, and get a screwdriver and pop the
bearing cover off, then get a big socket and a cheater bar, that will fit over the
bearing bolt, and put it on and pull like mad, the off comes the whole bearing assembly, now if
you look closely inside this bearing assembly, you’ll see there’s little
flakes of metal here, the metal is the bearing wearing out so we know the
bearing is on its way out needs replacing, we should have seen just pure grease inside there but, since we see little
flecks of metal, we know the bearings coming apart and it’s time for a new one,
and in this case the new bearing comes as an entire assembly, the only thing we
have to change are the studs that hold it in, and the tone ring for the ABS, so
on the old hub we got a hammer out the studs, and change this tone ring for the
ABS, to get the studs off, you just screw one of the little bolt on and whack it a few
times, then you take out the bolt and there it is to use over, then we get a
drift chisel to hit the tone ring out, and off it comes, then you get to new
bearing assembly, put the ring on, and tap it back on, now these hub bearing assemblies come pre-greased, so you don’t need to do anything
except put them on, they just slide right on, then you put the bolts on, tighten it on,
and then with a drip chisel and a hammer, hit the little edges so it
locks into place and now comes the tricky part, you have to stick the studs back in, so
you get a stud and a larger bolt that will fit over it, and the regular bolts
that screw it in, then you put the stud in from the back, put the spacer bolt in,
and the regular bolt and tighten it up, then with your socket as you tighten
this up, it pulls the bolt in and holds it in place, once you get all the studs
on, put the brake disc on, then bolt the brake caliper back on, get it on nice and
tight, and don’t forget to tap the grease cover back on, then the tire goes
back on and we’re all done, and down the road we go with no more roaring sound
coming from the back, and remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit and I’ll answer them as soon as I get back from this ride!

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  1. Scotty Kilmer says:

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