How to clean a printer fuser roller
How to clean a printer fuser roller

in the fuser assembly there are two rollers. The lower fuser roller, or pressure roller. and the upper fuser roller, or heat roller. The lower fuser roller is a soft rubber roller. The upper fuser roller is a hollow aluminium tube, coated with Teflon with inside a heating element. sometime, instead of the upper fuser roller there is a fuser film sleeve. The best way to clean a fuser roller is to use a specific cleaning fluid. You can use use isopropyl alcohol. Do not to use rubbing alcohol: it may contain ingredients that can leave a residue on the fuser surface. You can use also a very light coat of silicon oil When the rollers are clean, dry them with another cloth. You can clean the rollers fully disassembled but it could be done with minimum removal, just so the rollers could be turned. The surface of the fuser roller, is made of a Teflon film that is easily damaged. When cleaning, use only light pressure. Don’t to use harsh chemicals like acetone and trichloroethane. When you clean a fuser sleeve be careful: it’s very fragile. Insert the sleeve into a support. Remove the old grease from the heating element and apply the new high temperature grease. If you don’t have the grease, let the old grease. Remember: it’s useless to clean a fuser roller, if the roller is damaged or worn.

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