How To Clean Your Bearings Fast & Easy!
How To Clean Your Bearings Fast & Easy!

the weather hasn’t been great these past
days have you gone skating even if the ground was wet and then you come back
home with your bags making weird noise and stop spinning well hey guys it’s me
juggle friend Shannon skater and today I’ll help you clean your bearings oh I’m
sorry for my voice I’m still sick you them whoever what you’ll need to clean
your bearing is an allen wrench to remove your wheels from the frame I use
towel or anything similar a bearing wash solution in my case is from Bionic
burning oil minds from Bionic two and finally the smallest screwdriver you can
find or anneal after removing four wheels from the frames remove the
bearings from the wheels with an allen wrench
next try to grieve the outside of a bearing the best you can with the towel
now it’s time to put them in the cleaning solution this bearing holder is
very practical actually see how easy it is to snap it inside some people like to
remove their shields before putting them into the cleaning solution now close it tight and check it and wait
around five minutes and once very clean you’ll have to try them they have to be
completely dry before going to the next step is very important now we can put bearing oil one drop is
the patient and put Michelle’s backup voila
you gave a second life to your bearings now just scan your frames and boots a
little bit and you’re done I really hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful thank
you for watching and see you in the next episode

23 thoughts on “How To Clean Your Bearings Fast & Easy!”

  1. JacK says:

    First comment 🙂

  2. packmanbp says:

    When I cleaned my bearings I put them in boiling water for about 10 min, the water movements cleans them quite well though it dirties the pot a lot, then dry them and lubricate them !
    vidéo simpa en tous cas on voit assez peu de tutos pour nettoyer ses roulements !
    petite critique quand meme : tu ne montre pas comment sortir les roulements de la roue, ça peut etre assez complexe la premiere fois 😉

  3. D-brez says:

    chocolat ou mergez 😉

    sympa le tuto!

  4. P G says:

    we're all skating in the rain so this is perfect timing — thanks!
    plus, I gotta buy some of that bionic bearing cleaner and oil

  5. Jonatan OTW says:

    This was just what I need at the moment hehe, thanks!! That bearing wash looks great, I'll try to get a hold on one of those 🙂

  6. Derek Simmons says:

    Isopropyl alcohol works just as well. I just wash 1 or 2 bearings at a time (shields off and washed separately), agitating them with my finger, while they soak.
    Alcohol is also a better replacement than water because it minimizes rust potential. Additionally, I keep a hair dryer close by and use the "cool" setting to facilitate evaporation.

  7. clray123 says:

    Way too much bother… Removing bearings from wheels is a real PITA. And I don't think I could even remove the covers from mine.

  8. Nik Zvi Inline says:

    nice tutorial, but I never clean my bearings, anyway. just skate them to death and then buy the new ones..

  9. FranckMarotin says:

    Salut gars, j'ai une question : combien de fois utilises-tu ta bearing wash ? Puisque logiquement, après une utilisation la solution est déjà souillée, non ?

  10. Juliusz Nowakowicz says:

    If only that purple carbon was real <3 2:46

  11. Julian Koschmurat says:

    What a coincidence that i got the same bearings as you. i sticked to your tutorial and they spin so well, thank you !

  12. Zefiris says:

    do you have to remove the covers to apply the oil?

  13. JustAverage says:

    your bearings look veary clean

  14. Adhyaksa Bayu says:

    Any tutorial to clean(wash) shoes hard boots and soft boots?

  15. SKATE ROCK says:

    My skate nut got damaged how I fix it???

  16. SKATE ROCK says:

    Can you give me your id because I have a question about Skating please give

  17. geekgamergirl2 says:

    In Wales its almost always raining so this video helps so much so thank you! Also is that a soul eater t-shirt?

  18. gurtana says:

    Thanks, Tiago. I need to find myself that bearing wash too. I only wish that for my SEBA skates removing the wheels was easy. The supplied allen key hurts my palms. I think I have already twisted the hex 90 degrees round due to the axles being over-tightened from the factory. I have only two more wheels left to remove, but damn – I am defeated and aching. Seriously, trying to remove the wheels and the frame for the first time takes crazy strength and indestructible tools.

  19. Anti Faschist says:

    What bearigs are using? Are they the Standort bones Reds?

    PS i love your vids 🙂

  20. Tory Ho says:

    can you do a tutorial on how to clean/maintain your skates? and checking the wheels for damages… etc? or perhaps you already have a video on that I can be directed to? thanks!! love your stuff 🙂

  21. SB13X says:

    Have you read the English subtitles CC on this video. When you introduce yourself Tiago French Inline Skater becomes "Juggle Friend Shannon Skater" 😂 I'm claiming that as my pseudonym.

  22. Steven Goodman says:

    The links in the description don't seem to be working anymore

  23. kataklysmdl says:

    I just keep the inside shields off the bearings, spray them off with brake cleaner and re-oil. With the open side in the wheel there's no dust in there anyway.

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