How to Customize a Skateboard : Skateboard Riser Pads
How to Customize a Skateboard : Skateboard Riser Pads

Riser pads. Choosing riser pads or choosing
not to skate on riser pads is one thing that you’ll have to pick out. While picking up
a skateboard and choosing your set up. Riser pads basically are used for two reasons. One
reason is to soften the ride a bit. If you notice that rubber material that these are
made out of is pretty soft and what this does is it stops the rattling between your truck
and the wood of your skateboard and allows for a little bit of cushion in between. The
other reason for riser pads is to heighten your truck a bit to get it higher off the
board. So that the wheel is given more allowance on the side and is able to turn a little bit
further or maybe in some cases a little bit larger wheel is used and it gives it a little
bit more leeway by having that there. Now while choosing a riser pad basically any generic
riser pad will work. I don’t even think there’s a special riser pad company that makes things.
I think all board companies kind of have their own risers but while putting a bolt through
the board. You’re going to need special sized bolts if you do ride riser pads. That
are a little bit longer so that they can go the whole distance and to able to get into
the truck and so that you have your bolt is able to get tightened, tightened down enough
and locked in that locked position. So there are also different sizes of riser pads and
different heights and different hardnesses of riser pads. Depending on your needs but
make sure that you get the right size bolts. That correspond with the thickness of the
riser pad and this how you choose your riser pad.

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  1. Subject 2 Agenda says:

    ventures are sweet but destructo is better

  2. 3atr says:

    1,513th VIEW BITCHES!!!!! anyways, ty 4 da vid

  3. eric heusen says:

    i always thought the main use of pads where to get more pop when ollieing, flipping, etc..

  4. Tony Park says:

    If I get risers, does it prevent pressure cracks?

  5. Sebastian Juliao says:

    lol you said walfart

  6. Pete Z says:

    thats why my board turns alot

  7. KingJimil says:

    do yuh like it alot, i mean like is it comfortable i just got mine with my riser pads

  8. Pete Z says:

    Yeah I like it…feels nice and turny…yea!
    Too decrease the turny…just tighten up the Master Pin…The thing in the middle of your trucks. Good luck in skating!

  9. briideiins494 says:


  10. AngelsWithSpears says:

    i wish he had explained why you might not use them because i dont nd i dont know why?

  11. Mikey Fearon says:

    and softening the ride yes

  12. chris says:

    "theres no special riser company." you shouldnt work in a skate shop. khiro

  13. nectricks says:

    yes, it's better..

  14. stef88sf says:

    raiser pads longer the life ot the board so use them

  15. Jonathan says:

    what are the dissadvantages to risers

  16. mikejogreen says:

    does riser hurt the riding? or makes any diffrent so it goes realy bad?

  17. jimbo601 says:

    jus get 1/8 risers

  18. Steban Mane says:

    shock pads! You can make your own shock pads anyway. take some old shoe padding and make a square to put between your board and truck. works just as good.

  19. Joe brewster says:

    Depends if you do stair sets and drops often you will notice a difference but if you are jsut beginning it wont affect you

  20. j o p says:

    How do i stiffen my bushings!!

  21. ChungFat4eva says:

    you cant, if you do a lot of skating and turning and stuff eventually your bushings will start to soften and the only way to fix this is to buy new ones

  22. jazkin says:

    haha those are my trucks

  23. bob saget says:

    a nut on one of my axels wont come off, any suggestions?

  24. Chris Bey says:

    maybe.but get bigger ones just incase

  25. Bianca Caro says:

    i wouldnt

  26. 666olivierhell says:

    its true, Element search and win. i have it rite now.

  27. peasinacan says:

    i dont like riser pads..i tried to skate em once and couldnt lol

  28. peasinacan says:

    i still hate those bastards lol

  29. DeadWireProductions says:

    should i gget riser pads? im new

  30. DeadWireProductions says:

    should i get riser pads? im new

  31. Zac Dubayoo says:

    Does having rider pads give weight to the skateboard?

  32. Jimmy Marroquin says:

    hhmhm i used to skate with riser pads they really dont do anything except maybe slow down the pressure cracks on your board but i think theres no dif

  33. aalvarado194636 says:

    @Triuumvirate jaja poor ppl these days what maybe next its use a used condom

  34. SUNHOTSTUDIOS6 says:

    i bought riser pads mini logo pads but i need WAY bigger bolts to put them on

  35. Tucker Glasgow says:

    mine arent rubber mine are plastic

  36. Ricky Xayavong says:

    5,4,3,2,1…. riser pads

  37. Jordan Wootton says:

    Thanks mate this really helped 🙂

  38. jul7254 says:

    @ScOTTIpHoNe probably a shop deck

  39. Spencer McDonald says:

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  41. infectionsman says:

    i do a lot of street skateboarding, jumping huge stairs, but also really technical stuff, like 360flip fs 5-0 s and shit like that while skating in a park. but i have never used riser pads. are there any benefits? like will they make the board recieve less stress from high stair jumps or sth? or will you notice the trucks wiggle around more?

  42. infectionsman says:

    @edyiswierd hmm i think they actually could make the board suffer less from high jumps but then the screws would be looser resulting in damage instead 😀 and i think without riser pads you could make the board a bit stiffer and give it a bit more pop and responsiveness. => no riser pads for me 😉

  43. poprambomarine says:

    I HATE PS3!!!!!

  44. mattJT87 says:

    what kind of riser pads should i get and what size? also what hardware should i get and which size would fit on the recommended riser pads? thnx

  45. Benjamin Spence says:

    @Triuumvirate That is genus.

  46. JustinFoundation says:

    @123thepyro123 there fuckin venture u douche waffle

  47. Alan Photos says:

    FTC all day.

  48. Fradiccus says:

    @mattJT87 You shouldn't get riser pads at all, its just gay.

  49. David Ward says:

    He has my trucks 🙂 Got my new deck today and put the godamn trucks on without the pads. Then i stood up and i'd been sat on them. Super face palm moment. Good job i actually love taking my setup apart xD

  50. Connor says:

    i just tried to put theeve csx trucks on my mini logo risers and the truck fucking sticks out beyond the riser. All riser are the same, yeah right…

  51. FrancoSFL says:

    Whenever I lean on my board with risers, I hear a click, not the bushings.
    Any help?

  52. lilquagmires says:

    if i order it from ccs with it assembled free with ccs hardware will it automatically come set up with the right size screws / hardware

  53. BMXskateNFLfreak says:

    @lilquagmires yes

  54. Henry Chau says:

    fuck ads inthe middle

  55. atienza891 says:

    is that guy in the film ?? hehe 0:01

  56. DHT&E says:

    This didn't tell me anything. What's the recommended width for the risers for wheels 55mm – 60mm, for example? And he makes a big deal out of hardware but doesn't say how long the bolts actually need to be for corresponding riser pads thickness. You know what – fuck this. There is NO information here. Really dude? REALLY?

  57. Miles Duncan says:

    @Lewbop360 Like he said, its personal preference. You have to try them out to see what you like. Personally, I use riserpads to soften the impact on my knees. (Im not old haha I just run a lot.)

  58. poprambomarine says:

    @TheNewyorkboys ps10 hates you to!!! :PPPPP hahahha u suckkkk!!!!

  59. jobforahuman says:

    What if my risers are hard ? Like plastic?

  60. Lazy pandabear says:

    scooters are fun but sk8 is more fun and cool

  61. Positive_Energies_ says:

    thats normal

  62. Shae Duff says:

    1:21 thats what she said 😛

  63. SickSickDreamz says:

    I got 4 rises pads,two mongose trucks and & 4 wheels for 20 bucks.. I'm a lucky fuck

  64. Jose Daniel Pineda says:

    @Andrew Peebles same here -_-

  65. Davon Smith says:

    i dont think i ever used risers

  66. Jared says:

    My trucks hang over my riser pads slightly. Does anyone know what is wrong? Do I need new risers? My trucks are thunder 147's and the risers are independent 1/4 risers. I would really appreciate it if some one could tell me what is wrong with them. Thanks in advance.

  67. Jermaine Benjamin says:

    "a little bit longer so they can go the whole distance" thats what she said

  68. shadow says:

    Venture's are sick

  69. joeyak34 says:

    you're a fucking dumbass

  70. Francesco Gioeli says:

    a pskateboard

  71. llAgenTll says:

    Should I get 1/8 riser pads for Lo trucks with 54mm wheels, or 1/4 riser pads?

  72. Civilian Potato says:


  73. Chocolate Rain says:

    Oh yeah and i nearly forgot, riser pads , riser pads and riser pads

  74. Carlos Pena says:

    You left this comment 2 years ago so imma cut you some slack…. re read that… and correct it 🙂

  75. Brandon Dusk says:

    1 inch bolts are fine with 1/8" risers

  76. Sem Setrefil says:

    is better to use two riser pads on one truck instead of one? and why please 😀
    thank you for answer if someeone answer it…

  77. Wega says:

    Hey, i'm thinking of picking up a cruiser. I once tried to skate on a regular skateboard to my school, but after half a mile i couldn't feel my leg. Now i want to buy 70 mm 83 a wheels and a cruiser, but will a shockpad or rizerpad help so i can skate without hurting my leg?

  78. RamBehGaming says:

    is it okay with out riser pads ?

  79. thomas walker says:

    Thanks XD

  80. Julian Ballantyne says:

    @MyselfCZ umm yep. Just gotta have longer hardware, like longboard hardware

  81. Jonny S says:

    Thanks for the info on why I would like riser pads but.. which Should I choose??? 1/4 inch 1/2inch??

  82. Ndobless says:

    Hey guys, Im setting up a new board with 60mm wheels and I would like to know if I should use riser pads on my board?

  83. Much Appeal says:

    how much is riser pads in skateshops?

  84. Adam Ariff says:

    What are the differences between riser pads and shock pads and which one should I get to avoid wheelbite?

  85. YourOrdinaryNerd personal says:

    Im getting 1/2 riser pads and was wondering what size wheel i should get

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