How To Cut A Brick Wall Opening – DIY At Bunnings
How To Cut A Brick Wall Opening – DIY At Bunnings

So we’re making a hole in a brick wall now.
Basically we’ve got a lintel in there. We’re trying to make an excess panel to get under
the house so we can under to check on all service and things like that. The tools we’re
going to need for doing this – an angle grinder with a diamond blade in it, a hammer drill
with a masonry bit, a spirit level, mash hammer and a brick bolster, I’ve got a marker for
marking my lines and my personal protective equipment as well. So the first thing we’ve got to do is we’re
going to identify what bricks we’re going to take out and mark my lines down so I can
cut them. So I’ve marked that where I’m going to cut my hole. Because this is only a small
hole in here, we don’t have to worry about size of the lintel or anything like that.
If you’re going to do it yourself, get in touch with a structural engineer just to make
sure you are getting the right size lintel for the right size hole you’re making. So the next step for this now is we’re going
to get an angle grinder and cut straight down those lines I’ve just plumbed in there. Right,
now, I’ve got the bricks cut. The next step is to get more drill. We’ll drill some holes
in the mortar just to make some of the bricks easy to knock out. With a 10 millimeter masonry
bit in this, this is going to give me a nice, big hole for the mortar. So now I’ve put a few holes in there, so I’m
just going to use the mash hammer and the brick bolster just
to know the bricks out. Okay, I’ve knocked
all the bricks out now so that access hole is finished. Now we just got to get rid of
all the bricks, clean out the rubble and we’re done.

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