How to Diagnose a Bad CV Axle
How to Diagnose a Bad CV Axle

your CV an axial jointer here your CV joint is actually right underneath this boot and obviously the axial comes out here it’s fixed the CV allows the wheel to be able to turn and go up and down so it’s a joint so if you think about it when your vehicle is just riding on the highway all the suspension is pretty much straight your axle is kind of turning almost directly your wheel but then once you turn your wheel the CV has to work harder and you can see on this joint or this boot is ripped and torn so that’s something you want to look for you also want to look for any other Nicks or scrapes or tears in this boot your CV joint will tell you when they’re going bad basically you want to be in your vehicle have your windows down and you want to drive slowly in full turn circle so turn your wheel all the way to the lock and drive slowly in full turns and you should start hearing a clicking sound if your CV joints are bad and you can do it both ways you know when they’re really bad clicking a little bit of a clicking noise indicates they’re starting to wear their really bad and definitely needing replacement if the clicking noise is accompanied by feedback in your steering wheel as well you

26 thoughts on “How to Diagnose a Bad CV Axle”

  1. Smile pokeAmidget says:

    Thanks for the video. Yea mine sound bad. Can you do a video on how to replace cv joints in a 92 Silverado or like truck.

  2. TLH says:

    Will the clicking noise be in the vehicle or on the outside?

  3. Carlos Landaverde says:

    mine makes noise when i reverse only, is the still the cv joint?

  4. Magdalen Carpentier says:

    I had bad half shaft no indications at all in turning or anything until you got up to speed limit and then all sudden it was like right brake grabbed and tried pulling it of the road very dangerous ! But never see mentions of that indicator on line anywhere

  5. Ian Pemberton says:

    Hi can anyone tell me if its possible to pick up a broken cv joint or drive shaft simply by using thermal imaging?,my car was hit on the left hand front side by a large van denting the wing quite badly two days later it broke down and the the company my insurance are sending out to look at it have said that all they need to do is take some photos and thermal images to find out if the cv joint has gone and if its due to the impact from the accident?

  6. RL 4JC says:

    I have a question. My CV-Joints were replaced by the mechanic in the service center. However, I still hear the clicking sound when I make a full left turn of the wheel? I brought it back to the shop but they didn't eliminate the clicking sound. I can still hear them when i make the full left turn. Can you give me suggestion for me to say to the mechanic other options or ways to fix the problem of my car? Thanks a lot 1A Auto Parts.

  7. Jose Diaz says:

    i have a 2013 kia sportage, between 35 to 45 mph start like a wheel bearing noise(right side), on highway when change to right line i can hear noise when change to left line no noise. tried to move tire 9 and 3 oclock and 6 and 12 oclock no movement. on kia dealer said its a bad wheel bearing so i decided to replace wheel bearing by myself and the noise still there. what else can be? cv axle?

  8. Thang Tons says:

    Sir my car has a bit of play on the CVT axle. The axle can be push in and outside by approx. 1cm or less and also makes knock sound while moving it. Is this a bad CVT or normal?

    Surprisingly, no leaks or damage in CVT boots and no clicking noise when turning or riding the car.

  9. Be Safe says:

    Very informative. Thanks!

  10. TX Black Belt Academy says:

    Hi, I don't hear clicking but more like a knobby tire rubbing plastic. Would that be the same as the clicking?

  11. Seb Smith says:

    what about for a rear wheel drive car? turning the wheel makes no difference?

  12. TX Black Belt Academy says:

    I have something going on with mine. I don't hear a clicking noise. I hear what sounds like a knobby tire rub. THe CV joint boot has no tears or
    cracks in it. I jacked it up and tried to shake wheel etc. no movement but when I grab the shaft it moves in an out a bit.

  13. Half Rot Zombie says:

    I have an 04 Madza 6s and have replaced both cv axles and bearings recently. I have a grind at low speeds coming from the passenger front. I thought maybe a bad replacement axlel but when I get the car up and loosen the cv axle nut the hub wobbles a lot but only if the nut is loosened. Have the new bearings already failed in less than 90 days?

  14. Edo Ahmad says:

    Was it the same sound when stated turning the wheel to the left at 1:13?

    Please answer cuz I have that exact same sound on my car that comes after I drive the care for a while, and doesn't if the car is still cold.

  15. ahmed elkhatib says:

    what about 02 chevy avalanche when the 4/4 is on it feels rough

  16. Kenneth Durrant says:

    My 2012 Nissan Rogue makes noise when I’m reversing out my driver, mostly left turns. Is that an axle problem?

  17. Michael Toro says:

    Hi, i have a 99 Nissan Altima. I was testing it on an empty parking lot turning all the way to the right, where I could swear I heard a loud grinding noise. However when taking it to the mechanic, they tell me that it’s the right side cv axle, not left that needed to be replaced. Is this possible? Again, I almost sure I heard the sound coming from the left, however I’m 100% positive the noise comes when I really make those sharp right turns. Thank you for whoever answers.

  18. Bo Jay says:

    If the noise sounds on the right/passengerside of the vehicle is it the CV joint on the right that needs replacing?

  19. Edgar says:

    So let's say you do all these tests, and the car fails do you change the CV joints or the whole CV axle?

  20. Cairo M says:

    I have a 2004 nissan bluebird sylphy, the car makes a faint knocking sound from the front passengers side when i reverse. Could cv joints cause this?

  21. Balck&White s says:

    My car makes the same noise but I don't know it's from the passenger side or driver side????

  22. greg0716 says:

    vw! bet this car has under 5k on it

  23. J A says:

    What if there is a clicking/grinding noise from one side only below 10mph only going straight?

  24. Alexandra Jarrin says:

    I have a question for you.. do you have to have your windows down to hear the clicking sound? What about clicking when you turn the steering wheel wide and the clicking sounds like it's coming from the steering column?

  25. Gary Riefle says:

    I was hoping to get info on CV axel shaft side play… I heard no mention of it.

  26. john clark says:

    I have a very bad grinding noise on the front end of my 200t Ford expedition an my CV axel has play in it should replace it

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