How to Fix a Transmission Leak in Your Car (Output Shaft Seal)
How to Fix a Transmission Leak in Your Car (Output Shaft Seal)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your car’s leaking transmission fluid, then stay tuned because today I’m
going to show you how to fix a leaking transmission, and of course the first
thing is finding where the leak is, so you got to jack it up in the air see, and
in this case we can see that there’s transmission fluid all on the bottom
here, and when we go in where the shaft is, it’s all shiny and you can see the
fluid dripping where the shaft fits into the transmission, now that’s called the
output shaft seal, so we’re going to replace the output shaft seal on the
transmission, now here’s the seal this is no big deal, but you kind of pull the
drive shaft off to get it in, so here goes,
so take off wheel and take off the axle nut, then unbolt the brake caliper and
take that out of the way, off it goes, then you get the SPECIAL tie rod removing tool and take the tie rod off, it’s just bolts on over the tie rod,
then as you tighten it up, it pops a tie rod off, then it comes right off, and
look I’ve got a helper today, our cat, then you unbolt the strut and that off,
then slide the drive shaft out, now the shaft end has pushed into the
transmission, and you got to pry it out, so get yourself a little pry bar, then
crawl under the car with a pry bar and a hammer and pry it off, a few whacks and
out it comes, out comes the drive shaft, and there’s a leak and seal inside, you can
even see the fluid where it’s been dripping out, then you get one of these seal
pullers, and pull the seal out, I just go right inside and pop them out, and here’s
the old seal, this is supposed to be pliable but I can’t even move it now
it’s so old, since it’s old and dried out, it starts leaking, then you push the new
seal in, and they do make special tools to fit over the seal to push the seal in,
but I find a long piece of metal rod and a hammer tapped around the circle puts
it in just as well, you just tap it around the edge and feed it the whole
circle, and it’ll seat it nice, then you slide the axle in and give it a few taps,
so the ring inside seats in the transmission, and then of
course you have to put it all back together, tighten all the bolts up, put
the cotter pins back in, and bend them so they don’t come out, bolt the brakes back
on, put the wheel back on, and of course check the fluid and add any that
might have leaked out, so the next time your car starts leaking transmission
fluid, fix it yourself and remember if
you’ve got any car questions, just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel.

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  1. Domenick Shaget says:

    scotty, any reason trans leaks only when hot vs just a bad seal? meaning, if it only leaks when hot, it's more than just a seal? thanks! love it vids

  2. ARCHIE BUONE says:

    your awesome, hooah

  3. Loud n Proud says:

    Hey Scotty I have a 1995 Chevy k1500 with a 350 and a automatic transmission. Today when working on my truck I noticed a dime sized hole on the bottom of my transmission right by the trans fluid pan and I'm not sure if it is supposed to be there or if the transmission is bad but it is a clean hole and looks like someone took a drill to it. There is no transmission fluid on the ground and I can look in the hole and see gears. It was shifting perfectly this morning before I noticed it but now I'm afraid to drive it because I don't want to make anything worse. It might have been there for a while and might be supposed to be there but I'm not sure what to think of it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Love your videos.

  4. Art Garde says:

    Hey I got a 1992 ford f350 2wd and the transmission is leaking out of the transmission over flow thing only when the truck is running what do I do


    i have a 1990 Honda civic ex how much will that seal thing cost

  6. Niketa Wynn says:

    I have a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix base leaking trans fluid.. New Gasket and pan but still leaks.. Nea tie rods new axles.. Mechanic doesnt know why it leaks.. he says he checked everything but cant find where it leaks.. I have a lot of spots on the street where i park.. What can i do?

  7. Chris Story says:

    Hey Scott, I'm new to cars & i have a question on a car i just got & i added you on fb to chat. I see your videos & i just wanna make sure i do this right

  8. Munja says:

    save me $$$$

  9. Haze King says:

    What is best way to repair transmission cooler line?

  10. Chase Ramont says:

    So my transmission wasn't leaking fluid, but after a transmission fluid change, It leaks super bad whenever the pan goes back on. I have tried it with 2 different gaskets, and even gasket sealent but it keeps leaking. There is also no damage to the pan, or nuts at all. Any ideas?

  11. Vee Rich says:

    how can i fix my transmission leak in a 2005 nissan maxima

  12. Tony Johnson says:

    I have a 2007 Chevy impala that leaks transmission fluid.. need help

  13. Joe Cline says:

    hi scotty luv your vids I have a 98 CV interceptor I have a small leak from the inspection rubber cover under the bell housing I was yanked out from the snow I so I figured I a=can either ram a tree at three miles an hour or put some transmission sealer in there it is a real small leak and it's really cold 17 below for the first time since i got the car so I am thinking shrinking seal what do you recommend I do?thanks man keep up the great work!

  14. Gerald Nolen says:

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  15. jorasave says:

    Hi Scotty I am planning to change this very same seal on my 92 Nissan Sentra, but I have read in some manuals that the right axle must be pull out before the left one (where I have a seal broken) Is that true? And also is it necessary to drain the transmission fluid before this? thank you.

  16. Aaron Kark says:

    Awesome Scotty. What do you think about those "stop transmission fluid leak" bottles out there. Are any of them worth buying? I have an old Mercedes 450sl with a very slow leak.

  17. jimbola77 says:

    Excellent scotty thank you for sharing!!!!!

  18. Tabitha Miller says:

    hey Scotty I have a 2003 Cadillac DeVille it's started out as a small leak in reverse only replaced the ring and it's gotten worse it looks to be leaking above the pan and seals and pouring out but it's in drive when it does could it be this or the Cvc going into the tranny?

  19. Tamara Williams says:

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  20. Alen Yegiyants says:

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  21. Michael Pyle says:

    I sure will fix it myself thanks for another impressive tutorial Scotty.

  22. 1ProudMa says:

    do you need to drop the transmission in order to replace the TRANSMISSION TORQUE CONVERTER SEAL in a 2011 Malibu with 2,4l engine?

  23. M McQueen says:

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  24. Kyle Sherman says:

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  28. Willbilly1991 says:

    Hey Scotty love the channel I had a massive leak today and it drained all my fluid out on suspecting the pan seal is leaking cause that's where it was coming from I'm hoping it's a job I can do myself thanks for the videos

  29. Vic Cudiamat says:

    i tried that technic hammering it with the extension and it damaged the seal😢

  30. Tony Tone says:

    scotty the my bolts got ripped off. leaving a hole????

  31. Josh Jones says:

    Would this technique work on a 2004 Chrysler Pt cruiser with an automatic transmission?

  32. youngmauro12 says:

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  33. Tim Nelson says:

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  45. JC6817 says:

    I love it and it’s very thorough, but the average person can’t do any of this lol.

  46. Scotty Kilmer says:

    Things I used in this video:
    1. Tie Rod Remover:
    2. Sledge Hammer:
    3. Forked Tool:
    4. Seal Puller:
    5. Steel Jack:
    6. Jack Stand:
    7. Ratchet and socket set:
    8. Mechanic’s Tool Set:
    9. Flashlight:
    10. Disposable Gloves:
    11. Shop Towels:
    12. Common Sense
    13. Full HD Camera:
    14. My computer for editing / uploading:
    15. Video editing software:
    16. Thumbnail software:

    🛠Check out my Garage to see what I use every day and highly recommend:

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