How to frontside 50-50 stall  | Skateboard Transition | Intermediate Skateboard Tricks
How to frontside 50-50 stall | Skateboard Transition | Intermediate Skateboard Tricks

Hi guys, Barns here and I’m going to show you
how to frontside 50-50 stall. Hopefully, you are comfortable with your kickturns
in the ramp backside and frontside but before you start learning this trick you just want to make sure you can frontside kickturn and you know how to drop in. The frontside 50-50 stall on mini ramp a bit harder than backside and I think
the reason is because for the frontside 50-50 you kind of have to have your whole truck
on the coping just to have a perfect balance. You can have a little practice step on the flat ramp to build up your confidence
and practice the motion of the trick. So as you go up on the ramp
keep some pressure on the tail, start to turn your shoulders and turn only 90 degrees hold it for a second then again apply a little pressure to the tail, start to turn your shoulders and turn another 90 to complete the rotation, practice this and when you comfortable
then just transfer it to the mini. So as you come up for a frontside 50-50 you have to imagine you are doing
a frontside kickturn on the coping and make sure you are getting
the back truck up on top of the coping so you not going to wipe out while you are turning. I usually have the pressure on my back foot and it just kind of helps with the turning motion and it helps to guide to lock into the position. So as you come up, have your weight on the tail for a second so you have the control while you doing the turn and try to do the turn with one continuous move without quick movement with your shoulders. Then place your front truck on the coping
to finish the stall, try to keep the balance
in the centre of you board hold it for a second And when you ready to come back to the ramp have a bit more pressure on the tail, lift up the front of your board, start to turn your shoulders give a little hop
and lean a bit forward and back to the ramp. Focus on the back truck
because when you dropping back to the ramp that’s the focal point
where you’re doing the pivot on the coping to ensure you lift up your back wheels
and try to clear the coping you gonna have to give a little bit of a hop so it will give you the extra force to get back to the ramp, so you are not going to hang up. As I said lean forward a bit because when you hop back to the ramp you are going to be a bit faster than usual so if you don’t lean forward you might fall back because you already pushed
the board kind of in front of you but you need to be on top of your board in the centre to make sure
you can roll away on all four wheels. It can be scary at first to hop back to the ramp but if you’re want to do this trick you need to control and get over that fear. So first, I think is important to practice the stall even if you don’t commit to dropping back to the ramp because you need to feel comfortable
standing on the top of the ramp and to feel you have the perfect balance otherwise you don’t have the confidence
to commit to the dropping back part. So don’t worry take your time and when you feel comfortable
and you feel like your weight is centered and you’re ready to commit to coming back in make sure that you lean forward
a little bit more than you normally would because when you give that
little bit of hop or push to come in it’s gonna give a little bit of extra speed and you could shoot out, so just make sure you’re leaning forward. So I guess that’s all to this trick
now make sure you go out and practice. If you have any question or something to share, just use the comments below and thank you guys for watching,
stay tuned for the next trick on Thursday, like and share this video if you enjoyed it don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon to get notified for the weekly videos, but as always the most important is to go skate and have fun.

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