How to frontside shove it | Learn to skate | Skateboard tricks
How to frontside shove it | Learn to skate | Skateboard tricks

Hi guys Barns here and today we are
going to learn how to frontside shove-it Hopefully, are comfortable rolling around and that’s all you need to start with this trick we are not going to pop the board so
you don’t have to worry about that. I recorded this first-person view to help someone to understand this trick better
and have a different point of view. So before you start to jump into any trick it’s always good to just roll around and start to warm up a bit just pushing around doing manual
or a couple backside shove it, whatever it feels good for you. So the foot position for this trick my front foot is on the bolts maybe slightly behind it and my back foot is on the tail a
bit more in the heel side pocket. So that can help you a
bit push the board in front of you and complete the front side 180 with the board. For this trick, you only use your back foot so basically, you push your
tail with your back foot in front of you don’t push it down or try to pop because there will be another trick similar to this
that is called the frontside pop shove-it. So your front foot is there only to catch the board and stop the board from over rotating make sure you always look down
and wait for your board then when it turns stop the rotation and if it wasn’t perfect don’t stress about it
just balance it out obviously is not going to be perfect all the time
so just relax and roll with it and yeah that’s about it you learned how to do a frontside shove-it. You can leave your comments if you need
help with your frontside shove-it and I will get back to you. Thank you guys for watching stay tuned for the next trick on Thursday you can subscribe if you liked the video and follow me in different socials but as always the most important
is to go skate and have fun

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  1. yuungangelll_ says:

    thanks so much for this ima go try it out now bro this is gonna be really help ful 💕👍🏼

  2. MikeyJS says:

    Thanks as always!

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