How to Identify 4R70W 4R75W AOD transmission case
How to Identify 4R70W 4R75W AOD transmission case

Its Victor Sane again welcome back to
my YouTube page. In today’s video we’re going to cover some information on the
AOD and 4R70 4R75-W series transmissions. I really appreciate y’all’s comments on my videos. This video as a matter of fact
it’s inspired by comments I got from Base Boosts who was making some comments about input speed sensors and anonymous-19 Who pointed out the fact that in my
video on the 2011 Ford Crown Vic 0-60 shift points Where I was showing the
shift points of a correctly working 4R75W he did notice that I had
called it a 4R70W and of course that’s not correct it is a 4R75W because it’s in a 2011. And Base-Boost commented something about the 4R70E 4R75E and W about the input speed sensor that’s not exactly correct
we’ll go over that too now if your comments aren’t correct or just
downright wrong that doesn’t mean I’m not going to appreciate them because it
could inspire me to make a video and I appreciate that so comment away even if
you’re wrong. I’m wrong sometimes – like when I called that 4R75W A 4R70W. You’re not gonna learn anything if you don’t start talking to people they
know something. Let’s start with an early AOD now this early AOD has no electronics to it at all one of the reasons why hot rodders and modders like to use this. They don’t have to fool with any electronics the earliest one has
smaller line fittings has enough room for four
rings back here starts with a casting number of EO has an extra boss here and
it can be used with as a replacement for the later model AOD’s just be aware
that some of these early model cases are going to have smaller holes here
the later AOD is going to be an increase to a 3/8 for better cooler
flow and of course they all have this Bell has a pattern you get into AODE’s
and 4R70W you’re gonna have a 2 bolt and the 3 bolt starter version. Then came
early AODE’s which have 2 bolt starter version 3 bolt starter version just use
your imagination and imagine this isn’t broken. Also continued to contain the
Ravigneaux AOD planet set. The ring gear looks like this. The planet looks like this. The Sun shell looks like this. you’ll see the difference in a minute. I
also have a separate video on nothing but the differences between planetaries
between AODE’s and 4R70W’s there will also be a hole right here
that was not in the AOD for the big plug for all the electronics. In the back
you no longer have room for four rings you only have enough room for three. One
two three, see the history marks. So this does not stand up as high either other than the starter location. The bell-housing pattern is the same whether it
be an AOD AODE for 4R70 4R70W Now on the 4R70’s there is a 4R70E
version and a 4R75E version. Wich also does not use the wide ratio plant
set. This is the wide ratio planet set. See the ring gear is vastly different. This is what makes the difference between whether it is a W or an E not the speed sensor. We’ll get into that in a minute. Sun shell different also very different. okay cases with a single speed sensor hole Earlier 4R70W 4R75W 4R75W-E’s On the driver’s side have the single hole for
output speed sensor. You can see as late as 2007 no hole here in the front for an
input speed sensor or turbine Sensor is also what it’s called it’s not
there. This is a 2007 E250 that I use for carrying transmission parts now I’m
not gonna crawl under the 2011 but you can see here in this illustration that
there is a hole for the front speed sensor or input speed sensor and again
you see the same case but earlier with a single speed sensor that is an output
speed sensor and no input speed sensor and this is why I like to learn from
books and experience because sometimes the information in the books which would
some books would lead you to believe that that 2007 came with an input speed
sensor but as you’ve seen with your own eyes that’s the 2007 it’s never been out
and it does not have an input speed Sensor Just remember books are written
by men and no one man knows everything so keep those comments coming so we can
have these discussions and we’ll all learn Be sure to check out my show car
videos and later on we’ll be tearing down these TH350’s One’s lockup one’s
non-lockup. They’ll be one at a time not not both of them in the same video. Until then I’ve been uploading a new video every single day for over 60 days
now so I’m a little bit tired but this is exciting wild ride till the next
video get off the couch and get dirty Since you were good enough to stay to the end
of the video here’s a little extra For ya

46 thoughts on “How to Identify 4R70W 4R75W AOD transmission case”

  1. Billy Ritchie says:

    what is involved in swapping a 4r70w and a 4r75w? I have a 03 f150, blown tranny. I have a motor and trans out of a car casting # RF-F3UP-7A040-AA is it basically a direct bolt on?

  2. Martin Granados says:

    Hello, Saneauto, i had rebuild a 4R75W, Trans. but. But no shift, i had clean valve body,i scan, sensors read good,only go drive a rev.but not shifting 2,3,4. pls help.

  3. Devonte Colon says:

    Hello guys, I have a question. I have a 98 mustang gt and it has a stock auto trans, with trans is in it? Would it be Either of these?

  4. Jake thesnake says:

    I have a 96 E350 with parking brake and two bolt bosses for the shift cable. Will it inter change with a 94 also a 7.3 diesel? It seems that both of these are A4ODe trannys. The 96 is built in 03/96

  5. Ronald Lowther says:

    Ok I watched all the videos on the 4r70/75 transmissions and the only way they show how to tell the difference in them is tear them apart. Well what if you don’t want to tear them apart. Is there any other way to tell the difference?

  6. B K says:

    What's the best method to clean the exterior of the case after teardown? What type of media is best to use if blasting is the way to go?

  7. saneauto says:

    Master rebuild Kit 4R70W 2:34 I meant 3/8 inch cooler lines

  8. morphs an more says:

    Hey there sir I have an 89 Bronco and I'm getting a 67 code and I am having trouble identifying the tranny and the mlp is located the only wires it looks like goin to it are abobe the tv and shift lever

  9. Lainey Lecount says:

    2003 e250. I need to buy a new trans. could you tell me by the year which it is? It's on a Quigley 4×4 conversion. so it's not the stock one since they didn't make 4×4 stock vans.

  10. cliff hampton says:

    will a auto trans from a 98 crown Vic fit a 97 mustang gr8 both with 4.6 v8s

  11. cliff hampton says:


  12. Maddie Ann says:

    Will a 91 f150 aod fit a 3.8 86 mustang

  13. donald hoss says:

    We're did you get the catalog?

  14. blackriflex39 says:

    this is a long shot but could you tell me if a 2003 crown vic lx transmission would fit in a 1995 crown victoria … thanks man

  15. dylan scronce says:

    Intro way to long….

  16. Johnson Kevin says:

    SO correct. i have people argue with me because someone at the Ford counter said this or that and what I'm saying isn't the same thing. I have to remind people that HUMANS….even Ford part counter employees…even the people who create the catalogs make mistakes. I had a guy complain about a metal heater hose I refurbished. I took the hose and put it in an acid bath to remove all paint, rust and contaminants. I then repainted it, pressure tested it and installed a new o-ring. He complained stating it was rusted and did not have the correct orange o-ring. Mind you, this guy claimed to be a former Ford mechanic. I said, you did not or will you find a single molecule of rust and secondly just because the o-ring I used is not orange does not mean it does not meet Ford specification for Viton o-rings. Ford happens to have the resources and buying power to have the supplier MAKE o-rings any color they want. Why? So that employees during the manufacturing process don't have to guess between a handfull of different black o-rings. All they have to do is remember that heat tubes get orange. Oh and I forgot…..for leather seats there are perfectly gray cows being raised. Jesus.

  17. Pako Obregon says:

    Hi sr I have an F150 2003 and my transmisión doesn’t work I want to know if the transmission of mustang 2004 v6 is the same for my truck or not ? My truck is v6

  18. Rashad Ramsey says:

    Will a 2006 police interceptor trans fit in a 2009 lincoln town car?.

  19. Marc Barrera says:

    Can’t find speed sensor on my 1999 Ford F-250 super duty 5.4 Triton 4×4 rear wheel drive

  20. Marc Barrera says:


  21. Pattie C Allen says:

    I recently a 2000 Ford F150 4.2L. It had been sitting for a couple years because prior owner had a relative replace the transmission and once finished it no longer had any power. It drove no faster than 15MPH . I thought for the money it would be a decent project. Im close to regretting it now. Ive spent some time on this and have enjoyed learning about both the engine and the transmission. Im a Dodge girl, been with my 1998 Dondge Intrepid 3.2L since she was new. Now Im taking on something that someone has monkeyd with and I do not have any experience with trucks or transmissions to even begin to guess what the prior individuals did! So here is where things are getting rough. I pulled 4 pending codes: P1747, P1120, P0340 and P0743. Since 3 of the 4 were on the same circuit I started looking at transmission harness for a bad ground or damaged insulation. What I found was their was no damage to the harness but their also was nothing to plug into the last sensor on drivers side, the speed sensor I believe. I am perplexed as to why this is missing from the harness. It is likely the reason the truck has no power and had a top speed of 15mph. As for the codes, I found a serious issue at the starter. There are 3 wires coming down to starter on was cut off and instead of repairing it they left it exposed and seriously close to frame and starter. They ran a new battery cable down the length of the wiring to replace what was cut off. I wish I had paid more attention how they wired it but I never thought someone would make such an obviously dangerous mistake. Ive replaced that entire harness too battery., but need to figure out the transmission harness issue. I have no way to contact prior owner so I do not know if the truck has incorrect transmission or if the salvage yard sold them the wrong wire harness with the transmission or if they paired up the tranny with a circus of 4R7OW , 4r75e, 70e, a circus money and a clown. Please help. Fords tranny is mindbending enough without having someone booger up their work. Im worried I might have to get a new tranmissions and Im not big enough, strong enough or experienced enough. Please help this Dodge girl gone Ford.

  22. jency spaulding says:

    I have a everything works except the starter one of the 2 bolt pattern 1 2 3 bolt pattern someone said you could cut something to block or the starter one I don't know does anybody know

  23. JJ, The Karaoke Rideshare Driver says:

    Wow! Over 10,000 views on this video!

  24. ATX-CVPI says:

    Will a transmission from a Mercury Grand Marquis fit in a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor?


    I have a 03 crown vic sport does it have a 4R70w or something else?

  26. C L says:

    How can you tell the difference between a 4R70E and a 4R70W ?

  27. Ouzo Lou Garage says:

    Good information

  28. Eric Watson says:

    Can a 5f replace a 4r transmission

  29. wilny williams says:

    I have a 2008 Taurus X sel 3.5. I can't find a tear down video or diagram on that. Can u help me?

  30. D jack says:

    I just bought used 2000 expedition eddie bauer . all wheel with 4l 4h 5.4 triton any chance you would know what type transmission it is i wanted to drop pan and change fluid and filter ?

  31. Its A Hudak says:

    What do you do if you have a f150 with a door tag trans code of “A” which is the np435 which is a manual transmission and mine is automatic… for temp I was gonna go to junk yard but it seems Ford was really dumb on this one I don’t have the means to rip the trans apart before I get it so how do I know what trans I have and what trans I’m getting especially if I can’t rely on the door tag

  32. Leonardo Rada says:

    Will a 1999 4R70W transmission fit my 1998 mustang gt 4.6l automatic?

    Also, will a 2004 mustang 4.6l engine fit in my 98 mustang?

  33. ghostch15 says:

    just a little info for you i have a 2005 2wd f150 with a 4.6 and a 5L3P-7000-BA (dealer said 4r70E) it has two sensors on the drivers side . I am replacing the trans right now with a used one from a identical truck, same trans tag number also 2 sensors on the side but the tail shaft is different mine has no speed sensor in the tail housing extension. the replacement does and is longer by like 1/8 inch and has a longer seal then mine 3 sensors on some ? ..i will get some pics/vid while they are out if your interested

  34. Anthony Saponaro says:

    lmgdao @ comment away!

  35. Tom Kinart says:

    Can I use a 4R70W 4×4 transmission from a 1997 f150 in my 1995 f150? Both are transmission code U .

  36. Gerald Martin says:

    I work at a junkyard pulling parts to send to a remanufaturer. How can I easily identify an 4r70w while it is still mounted on the vehicle. Is it just the one sensor and the cast W on the case? Any advice would be appreciated💪

  37. SinglSrvngFrnd SsF says:

    I've got an 07 Crown Vic police interceptor and I believe it has a 4r75e but I can't tell for sure 😳

  38. You Betcha says:

    So how do I tell a aod aode 4r70 4r75?

  39. Tyler J says:

    What is the difference between a 4R70W and a e40d

  40. WorldRenownedCFE says:

    maybe you can help me got a 2003 f150 4.2 RWD coming to a stop I feel a vibration that happens about 3 times before the vehicle is actually stopped. Like a slipping possibly feels like it's under my seat. could it be the TC? could it be it needs a fluid change (75k miles on it) never had a fluid or filter change. Seems like the truck is losing power a bit. That could be due to needing possibly a new Alternator, already changed out the coil pack and did plugs and wires. Gonna replace trans mount in 2 weeks, could be a broken trans mount. Rear and front u-joints also changed. hmm any ideas?

  41. tqservices2000 says:

    What is the name of the manual you are working from ? Id like to purchase one if possible

  42. Jessie Harbin says:

    I have a 2006 CVPI with a 4R75w Tag #6W7P-7000-CB, and I’m having pure hell locating a transmission that’ll bolt right up and work in it. What transmissions are compatible.

  43. Samuel Mariscal says:

    Will a 97 mountaineer all wheel drive equipped with a 5.0 engine have a 4r70w?

  44. odd h says:

    looking for info on a 2007 crown vic transmission,4r75,what adapter and tcase would i need to convert to 4×4 for a ranger swap,im new to fords,im a jeep guy so any info would be great help

  45. Hillie Magwood says:

    I have a 00 mustang gt i found a 4r70w in a 98 lincoln mark 8….my question is are they the same transmission and do i have 2 make any changes to make it work correctly

  46. Masc cerebral says:

    2006 expedition 5.4 v8 is it a 4r75w?

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