ola YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and
I’m a wheell addict today I’m gonna teach you how to put some bearings on these
wheels so you might remember that like a week or two ago I made a video about
going to Lisbon to meet my friend Michael from Hong Kong he was in
Portugal and he got me a few presents one of the presents that he got me was
dis and what is this well this is a bearing press there’s a few different
bearing presses I remember when I was younger I used to use warheads like a
little machine or something that you press and then it cranks it and it just
works this is very very portable and the whole idea with this is that on a will
like this that it’s an aluminium up usually it’s very very hard to put the
bearings not everyone can do it and the guys from famous told me that the
easiest way to do it is by putting the wheels in hot water and the bearings in
the freezer so I did the truth is it’s a lot easier it is a
lot easier I still add to to hit it a little bit
but not every time you have access to the hot water and tension you cannot use
boiling water because using the boiling water might not be too good for the
urethane and then you might have problems with the connection between the
urethane and aluminum up so use hot water not boiling water this is
important okay but not every time you have access to the water into the
freezer and sometimes it’s just on the run and just like imagine you go to
winter class you want to put the wheels I just want to go out and skate really
fast because you know the wheels are fast what you got to do I heard of a lot
of people that have been breaking bearings because they just hit it super
hard man get one of these it’s this one was just given to me the company that
says here is rally are a Double L why and check this out you just go here it’s
really really easy basically I’m gonna get the bearings from an 80 millimeter
wheel that I have here some micro wheels and some micro bearings usually I would
use good parents this is really important I’m using some twin cam
bearings you want to use good bearings because I don’t think it’s that easy to
take them out so I don’t know how to take them out yet but here’s the thing
what you can do you can just put one bearing in and press it how do you press
it you saw it nothing bearing will and there’s a little spacer thing that it’s
going in the wheel and this is important because this is going to make sure that
the bearing is coming in the right direction and that’s most of the times
the problem with these wheels because most of the times if the bearing goes a
little bit sideways it’s more than enough not to get in perfectly but even
like that check even like that I can’t pressure the whole thing so now I’ll
take it off again could be worse now I’m gonna take the whole thing out
at least you know that this bearing went the right way
I put the bearing again on the same position you put the spacer you end up
putting the wheel now with the bearing to the other side and now let’s do it so
now we gotta go again now it’s gonna be a lot easier and now check this out for
all of you up there they’ve been trying to put the bearings
and just breaking bearings with your famous wheels well this might be the
easiest way let me show you the setup that I’m building with these these are
not the 60 millimeter famous wheels there’s the fast and the furious the
fast is the 60 millimeters and the Furious I think that’s it down fast in
four years maybe I’m saying it wrong I think the
other ones are the fast these ones are the 64 millimeters and they are the
Furious I don’t really see myself at the moment at least skating flat with 60
force so I’m making a setup wait anti rocker 64 so let me show you
boom m12 ufs black ground controls feather light trees the m12 like I saw
it already weed the non v cut cuff my feet Fat Boy Lara’s old black look
golden hub I might just back and now all I gotta do is put the
other bearings on these one put it back in and once I get two of these I’ll go
out and skate so if you want to see me skating these well you know what to do
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to change it for the next video other than that just like I always say don’t
forget why we all started skating and that is because it’s fun
Cheers and see you soon

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