How to install a polyurethane trailing arm bushing
How to install a polyurethane trailing arm bushing

Hey guys, what’s up? Reuben here from The Midnight Garage. Ricky is going to come over today And we are going to replace the infamous Honda trailing arm bushing. We are going to replace that outside with the least amount of tools possible which is of course in no way related to the fact that my entire warehouse is full Of cars right now, and I can’t work on the cars inside Well that’s broken And this is the new training arm bushing it is made by Energy Suspension. It is polyurethane so in order to get to The training arm bushing we need to remove that bolt here Just a bolt here, Ricky already removed that one Then there are two bolts here and on the other side and then hopefully the trailing arm moves down Enough for us to reach it Since the trailing arm was not low enough Ricky decided to be real Haggard and put a jack in between there that is Kees You should have used the jack which has the 17mm nut welded onto it Oh the one you’ve made Yes the one I have made which is a lot easier Yeah, that’s much better So one important piece of information that I can show you right now This hole right there, that’s round And this hole right here isn’t So when we put everything back together Make sure that the not-round-hole is on the outside of the car and the round hole is on the inside of the car There he is So we’ve got to clean this up so this bushing can slide over This It will fit again Oh, Ricky you’re a natural at this Thank You So it appears that Ricky has broken my knife. I’m sorry Reuben hahahaha Now Ricky’s slightly greasing up the hole for the new bushing yeah grease it up Ricky yeaaahhhhh For this video would actually need a hydraulic press the hydraulic press channel Oh! Wow that actually was a whole lot easier than I expected Now that the bushings in place we’re just going to put this center piece back Nice mustache Hon Hon Hon Alright, the bushing is back in place. Now it’s time to put everything back together. Use some copper compound if you put everything back It will save you a lot of trouble in the future And then you need to do the same for the other side But we’re not gonna film that I think you get the point by now Alright, everything’s installed Time to take it for a test spin even though this is hardly the right car for handling tests But we’re going to take it for a test spin anyways Right ricky? Yeah! So Ricky do you notice any improvements? Well, it’s a bit stiffer It handles quite well actually Yeah, I like it! Alright guys So I do have a little bit of additional information on the trailing arm bushings for those that want to know it They have this little shape so they can move a little bit forwards and backwards and what happens when you brake Then entire trailing arm moves backwards and due to the shape of the arms It moves a little bit like this which creates a little bit of toe out And that toe out stabilizes the car when braking If you have some solid Energy Suspension bushings in there instead of the original trailing arm bushings you will lose its function But of course your car can handle just as fine With or without the setup especially if you have to replace all the bushings I just thought it may be a little bit of information that you wanted to know. So yeah guys, that’s it for today I hope you liked it! Leave a like if you did and hit subscribe button if you want to see more videos like this And then hopefully we’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye

11 thoughts on “How to install a polyurethane trailing arm bushing”

  1. Jorn Kroonen says:

    To really clean it. Use acetone, it solves the rubber.

  2. Dohammedd says:

    Ricky sure knows how to fuck up his car xD

  3. CivicNigga says:

    Use Carburetor Cleaner! Look my Vids and see…

  4. JDMTurboful says:

    Thank you for that info at the end. Nice video.

  5. TheShangralaaaa17 says:

    Veddy nice sexy time

  6. W P says:

    How the hell did you put that in by hand?!?!?!?!

  7. TrojkaWolf says:

    What would last longer? the PU rubbers or the normal ones? and what would you recommend for a street set-up?

  8. Pedro COsta says:

    I did that, when to alignt the steering, and noticed the bushings are moving around the shaft, which isn't good…
    How did you manage to keep the bushings stuck to the middle shaft? Mine are sliding like crazy…

  9. Márk Stefán says:

    Nice video and thanks for the information bit at the end.

  10. Secretarian says:

    "Ricky, you're a natural at this!" [Knife breaks]

  11. Jordan Bronson says:

    I did it without special tools…. It was really easy… I just upload in my Channel… If anyone need it, just ask… They don't' allow links here 🙁

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