How-To Install Crankshaft-Set End Float in a Mini A+
How-To Install Crankshaft-Set End Float in a Mini A+

my name is Tony and I work for mini
mania and today we’re going to film the video on installing the crankshaft and
checking our end play okay this is an A+ block till you hear by the
webbing here on this side it has the extra webbing and here is an on a +
block showing you nobody on the sides as well on that side okay that’s way to
identify an A+ from a non A+ model this specific a plus block is a 1275 engine
okay today we’re going to install our main bearings and sell two of the Laura
Lu third one by hand this is bread line assembly lubes what
we use to move the bearings and just use a little bit of this these are my thrust washers these are
standard brush washers and I’m going to grease the backside of my thrust washer
one half of them install it here like that here’s a half right here okay okay my crankshaft been reground in the
machine shop which is recommended drop my crankshaft in there it’s okay take my center main cap ball my bearing that doll my crush washers little grease
on each side brush washer here as well there next I’m going to stall my two bolts
which have been wire wheel to clean the threads up okay I’m going to put some
fashion or lubrication from ARP so we get the proper torque a little bit of
this on the threads running down okay
turning somewhat smoothly next before I put my other Q caps on put my dial
indicator on here and check how much in play we have here put your up here I’m
going to zero it to zero set my dial indicator to zero maybe see here i
stalled my screwdriver here behind the cap and obviously when you oversize
barons crush washers here okay so what I want to do set zero and we have 8,000
see we need to go to the next press watcher size three thousands larger
brush washers to reduce our I’m playing and our crankshaft which we just check
towards eight thousandths and hopefully we get it down to two thousands just put a dial indicator on it check
we’re at zero they’re a little bit of fun zero mm perfect okay see that exactly we
should be jobless exactly okay that’s perfect lubricant on its read get this
proper talk check to make sure we still turn freely
very nice very nicely now I’m going to get the torque wrench and we’re going to
start talking it down with the reground crankshaft and new bearings as you
assemble it like I have it right here to check for a line board problem you would
start by torquing the center cap 20 pounds you sit like indicator one
second-gen 20 pounds okay put your Center cap 20 pounds turn crank shaft go
to the next cap torque 20 pounds turn the crankshaft everything’s fine so far all good so far if there was a line
board problem as I tighten each one of these caps this will get harder and
harder to turn the crank shaft would get harder and harder to turn if I have a
problem with the line bar okay so I want to go to my next step and cook it to 40
pounds it’s really still good so far turn nice and free you look and doing
three steps and laughs step one is fifty-five pounds normal again nice and
free stuff next one next one nice and free I’m free
send your block perfectly good and does not need to be lying bored because
everything’s nice and free okay we’re done with this section

24 thoughts on “How-To Install Crankshaft-Set End Float in a Mini A+”

  1. Shannon Kerr says:

    Can I ask why you dont use and knock down lock washers or a 4 bolt main cap?

  2. Vegardma says:

    Lock washers on the mains? Why on earth would you want to use that?

  3. madjimms says:

    I don't think you could fit a 4 bolt main on this..

  4. Big Dog says:

    Is there any difference between classic mini cooper s and classic Mini Cooper sportpack.

  5. ray ash says:

    he put the main bearing caps on DRY no oil or lube ??

  6. Mini Mania says:

    They are lubricated with assembly lube where they touch the crank journals.

  7. tdbsnr says:

    Good,but I always add a squirt of top quality oil in each oil gallery as I am going along.
    Check with David Vizard.

  8. 87Bkaz says:


  9. Mini Mania says:

    it *IS* a cool torque wrench 🙂

  10. Big Dog says:

    I need an opinion, A 2000 mini1300 with 13500km(8,388miles) ,with a price of 16000€ ($20,926) is this reasonable or over price?

  11. Mini Mania says:

    Your best bet is to compare recent sales of the same vehicle.

  12. Shannon K says:

    My 1098 made 99.6HP @ Flywheel. I have run that for 6 years and it spins free to 7500 all day. Std rods and all. I had 8thou end float when it was built and havent had any probs. Why are you so worried about getting back to 2 thou end float when this motor only looks like a stocker?
    Do you go over your caps again after final tentioning?
    Did you check main bearing clearances with plastigauge or other for of clearance gauge?

  13. Mini Mania says:

    We go to .002 or .003 because that's factory spec. We understand that some engines will do just fine outside of those tolerances. The caps usually are re-checked but a plasti-guage or the like is only used when the crank is obviously too loose or too tight when spun by hand.

  14. Michael Mosquera says:

    problema con los lfters

  15. Jimmy Barton says:

    wait a minute, did his shoes just magically change at the end?

  16. ImDusky says:

    Dont you use loctite or similar on the bolts?

  17. James Rickwood says:

    Great vid….that tool chest next to the parts washer is the same as the halfords one I have in uk

  18. Leon DeSilva says:

    you sir are a legend for providing all these valuable videos. Thanks very much

  19. Carlos Morgan says:

    Nice video but I looking for 1.6L N14 B16A engine crankshaft work

  20. Madd mini Vlogger says:

    Great video that.

  21. thanos palios says:

    hello sir The clock micrometer must show up to 5000; if you see 8000 you get bigger thrust Washer ?
    In the pitch of the screw what is the grass?
    How exactly is it?
    To buy the same or the like ..
    thanks cuprakias
    facebook :

  22. cosgrove notts says:

    Never seen so many products used. That crank looks a bit tight too

  23. Kevin Jones says:

    buy this man some rubber matts for Christmas, it might stop him from needing a hearing aid when older, his work colleagues too.  and maybe some soft hammers, copper/nylon/leather,

  24. Andrew Lale says:

    Answer the damn phone

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