How To Install Drawer Runners – DIY At Bunnings
How To Install Drawer Runners – DIY At Bunnings

Okay, what we have here are the drawer runners.
Now, these are what they call a full extension drawer. So the drawer will come completely
away from the cabinet giving exposure all the way through the drawer. Now to fit these, firstly we need to disconnect
this part here. Push your fingers through here, and it simply slides out. So this is
the drawer guide. This goes on the side of the drawer and this half will go onto the
cabinet itself. On the sides here, we have pre-located spots
for the drawer runners to go into. So by sliding that forward, that gives us access to all
the holes we need to fix this into the side. What we need to have is that front edge just
back from the edge of the melamine. So it’s only about a millimeter back. And
you’ll find these screw point there. Fix that one in. The actual runner will sit just off
the base. In fact, just lift it up, you’ll see the little pin hole. Fix again. Slide
this through until you can find the third hole. Okay, we’ve got one runner on. We’ll do exactly
the same with the second side. I will point out, I have knee pads on. Very good idea.
It doesn’t matter how old you are, it will stop your knees from getting bad in long term.
So we’ll start on the second one. So, there we have the second runner. Just
making sure it’s all fine, not catching. And we’ll start with the next step. We start with this front edge being flush,
on the bottom, and on the front edge here. And, as you can see, I’m actually putting
this drawer sitting on the cabinet at the moment. It gives it a bit more height rather
than reaching down and putting stress on your back. It just makes it a little bit more comfortable
and easy to see. Nice and firm now. We’ll start the other side. Okay, now that we’ve got it assembled, we’ll
retrieve the second half of that slider out and connect to put the drawer in. Okay then, we’ll now click one half into the
other, and that’s completed. There we go. The first drawer is in. Two more to go. As
simple as that. And, that’s how you install sliding drawer runners.

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