How To Install Indoor Roller Blinds – DIY At Bunnings
How To Install Indoor Roller Blinds – DIY At Bunnings

We’re doing a roller blind to keep out the
sun and have our privacy. We’ve got a bunch of little tools today. Obviously, protection
gear is always paramount for every job you do. We’ve got two drills, and tape measure,
pencil and a black marker. Always best to measure up your blinds, of course. We’ve had
these special ordered at Bunnings, which are ideal so you don’t need to have any cut down.
1800. Let’s have a quick look at the measurement in our window and it’s 1860, which gives us
a nice little 30 mil gap on each side, which is just perfect. Grab your tape measure and a pencil. A lot
of the time, you can actually put them on the architraves on the outside or on the top
of the arcs, but today for this one we’re going to be doing it on the inside. So, simply
we’re going to be putting the measuring tape there and measuring 30 mil. And repeat the
process on the other side. Then, we’ll grab our mounting brackets and fix them. All right, time to drill some holes. We have
a 3 mil drill-bit right there, 25 mil screws and our plastic mount ready to go. Mark our
little dots. This is 45 mil back from the window. Okay, hole’s drilled. Awesome. Time
to fit the mount with our little 25 mil screws. Once again, very, very slowly. Beautiful and
simply repeat the process on the other side. I’m just mounting the final bracket. There’s
actually a male and a female side, both of these brackets. The male side is over on the
right-hand side. So, we’ll just continue to fasten this one, which is the female side.
Awesome. Finally got the mounts up and it’s time to click the male end in, obviously to
where this cord is on the right-hand side. So it’s very basically in there. And on this
side, there’s just a very, very fine track with an end, which has got a bit of flex in
it. You can move around a little bit like that, just to get it tied up to a side. All
you need to do is slot it into that track and Bob’s your uncle. You have a roller blind
working. This is a little tensioning device down at
the bottom here that can fix directly to the bottom architrave. Reason being is this can
be a child tracking hazard. So this very, very simply gets screwed to the bottom architrave
like that. Now to test it out. Awesome. Job done. For any more DIY videos check out online.

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