How To Install Posts And Beams For A Carport – DIY At Bunnings
How To Install Posts And Beams For A Carport – DIY At Bunnings

I’m going to show you how to set up post supports
for a carport. The tools I’ll need are a hammer, a drill,
my safety equipment, post supports, some timber to support the post supports when I put them
in, a pencil, a square, and some screws, my trusty shovel, and concrete to fill the holes. The first thing I need to do
out my hole, and start digging to our plans and
specifications. Okay, I’m going to start by digging my first hole here and then keep going
around. Before you start digging your hole, make sure that there’s no power, gas, or water
running through. Check with your local authorities. Also, I am digging my holes according to my
plan. Okay, I’ve got my holes dug out. The next
thing I need to do is put my post support in. I’ve put in some timber over the hole
to hold the post support up, according to our specifications on the plan. All I need
to do is screw this to the timber, so that it’s being held up out of the bottom of the
hole, so the concrete will go around it. Now that I’ve filled up my holes with concrete,
we’ve got all the post supports in. We’ll leave the lines in until the concrete goes
off, and all of the post supports will be at the same level. Our concrete is set. We
can remove our string lines and our support props. Now that your post supports are concreted
in, you’re ready for your beams and posts.

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