How To Install Replace Emergency Brake Cable

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quality replacement parts and the best service on the internet. Hi I’m Mike Green, I’m one of the owner of
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I am going to use my twenty plus years experience restoring and repairing cars and trucks like
this to show you the correct way to install parts from The right parts installed
correctly that’s going to save you time and money. Thank you and enjoy the video. In this video I will show you emergency brake
cable replacement on this GMC Jimmy. You will need to raise and secure your vehicle. You
will need some various pliers and screwdrivers to do this. For rear emergency brake replacement on the
truck here with drum brakes, the first thing you need to do is remove the rear wheel. Okay
after you get your rear wheel off, then pull the drum off. If this is stuck – sometimes
if your emergency brake gets stuck it can be stuck to the brake pad, and you can just
use a couple of big screwdrivers and you can pry it off easily. Okay here’s your brakes
and you’re going to want to remove these two springs. The longer one is the front one.
Now you want to remove these two springs with pins. What you want to do is put your pliers
on there, press in, twist and then they come out. Another thing is to note how this bar
is that runs from here to here. Then, bend it out and the spring is in the front okay.
Actually what you do the next thing is to get this here off and separate the brakes
and then your emergency brake cable is basically right here. I’m going to grab onto it and
kind of as I’m pulling away. Another thought is that you can just cut these since you’re
going to replace them anyway. You can just take a good strong pair of wire cutters and
cut the cables, and that makes them a whole lot easier to get out and you will see me
do it later in the video. Okay now your cable goes through your backing
plate and you just need to those little teeth that are holding and also here the right way
to do it is to push the teeth down and pull the cable out but again if you run into trouble
you can always just use your screwdriver, break the teeth off and then pull out and
you will also see me do that on a later cable that doesn’t come out as easy. Okay so here you can see this is where there’s
supposed to be a tab holding onto the rear end but that’s broken off and somebody has
used a piece of wire or coat hanger to hang it up here so you just kind of have to unroute
that and I’m just going to cut that. So I’m just going to cut the cable here. Okay so once you have that cut you can just
use a couple pairs of pliers here and put these onto the cable. Okay and the last part
of getting it apart is just again three tabs here and it is just easier to just bend these
tabs right off. This just goes through here and then it fits in place. You can take this
once you have it into the backing plate you can take your cable and run it up and put
it together nice and easy and bring it up and around and you kind of hang you brake
shoes on there right now and put the other side together like that and then you’ll connect
in the front. I’ve got my other side here, put that in okay and this goes up through
here. Okay now this bracket goes on and locks into here and I’ll take this and put it together
and the first time it really pulls just pull that right together and see there it goes.
I’m going to cheat a little bit here okay and I’m going to put a regular but on and
then a second one which I’ll use to lock it when I adjust everything and tighten it up. When you have the cable hooked up underneath,
we can put this together. Okay we need to put this bar on that side okay that’s in,
put the pin through. Okay the short one goes down here and on there first and the longer
one goes right there okay. Brake parts cleaner to get any fingerprints or grease or anything
off of the shoes here. Okay you can use either brake parts cleaner or mineral spirits works
too. Okay now I am going to put my brake drum back on. Okay so you can see just after a preliminary
tighten I can push the brake down easily with my hand so that means that we’ve got a lot
of tightening to do. Okay so you can see after playing with the brake a little bit there’s
a lot of slack there in the line so I can just tighten up and get all of that slack
out. Okay so to lock it I’m going to put a wrench on here and another wrench to tighten
up against it. We hope this helps you out. Brought to you
by your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on
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