How To Install the Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube
How To Install the Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube

In this video, we’ll show you the features and benefits of the Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube and also how to install it on your bike. The Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube is an excellent upgrade over your stock throttle tube. It features an inner sealed ball bearing that rides in the end of your handlebar, and also a nylon sleeve that rides on your handlebar to significantly reduce the amount of drag on your handlebar. It’s also made of durable aluminum, which won’t break or crack like your stock plastic one. One quick thing to point out is since the sealed bearing is going to ride inside the end of the handlebar, you won’t be able to run the wrap-around style handguards with this particular throttle tube. Installation of the Tusk Throttle Tube is a breeze. The first thing we need to do is move the front brake lever out of the way. On some models this isn’t necessary, but on this one it is. Next, most throttle housings will have a rubber sleeve that will need to be removed before the housing can be taken apart. So we’ll just slide both of these off the housing, and after that we can remove the bolts holding the housing together. When both bolts have been removed, simply pull each side of the housing off away from the cam. This will expose the rest of our throttle cable. Go ahead and remove the cables from the cam, and with those out of the way, we can remove the old throttle tube. After that, we’re going to want to clean up the handlebar and also the throttle housing. A little contact cleaner gets the job done. And now’s a great time to inspect your throttle cables. If there’s any fraying or other signs of wear, now would be the time to go ahead and replace your throttle cable. So next we can install the new throttle tube. Go ahead and slide it onto the handlebar. From there, you want to hold the throttle tube up against the end of the handlebar and give it a little tap with a hammer to seat that sealed bearing. Doing this is going to allow the tube to rotate freely on the handlebar. Now we can reinstall the throttle cables. Make sure they’re lined up and installed correctly. Then we can grab both halves to our throttle housing and assemble that over our new throttle tube. making sure the cables are installed correctly so nothing can bind up. Go ahead and install both screws and tighten them down. After that, we’re going to go ahead and slip the rubber sleeve back over the housing, and also the cable cover as well. Now just slide that brake lever assembly back up into place and tighten down both of those bolts. Go ahead and twist the throttle. If everything is rotating smoothly, we’re done with the install. Now you can install whatever grips that you want. Just be sure to not get any glue near the bearing or the throttle housing. For more information on the Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube, call in or visit us online at Rocky Mountain is the leader for parts, accessories and apparel for UTV, ATV, and motorcycle. Thanks for watching.

15 thoughts on “How To Install the Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube”

  1. stephen sheveland says:

    How do I know if this throttle tube will work with my throttle body?

  2. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    What machine do you have?

  3. stephen sheveland says:

    74 yamaha dt360. The cable is a single cable not two separate ones like the bike in the vid. Thanks

  4. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    We don't list this throttle tube for your bike but this video is just showing the push/ pull system which is stock on this bike. Some of these throttle tubes only use one cable which is usually the 2 strokes. You could do some research and see which throttle tube would work on your bike from a newer bike, in other words a bike that we list a throttle tube for. Another thing you could look into would be putting a newer tube and throttle housing on your bike so maybe something from a YZ250…

  5. stephen sheveland says:

    Thanks!!! Tha help is highly appreciated! Lov the videos!

  6. SocalYzF710 says:

    Does this work on Renthal twinwalls

  7. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    No sorry, this throttle doesn't work with the Renthal Twinwalls

  8. Kade Anderson says:

    Hey rocky mountain are there different sizes of throttle tubes?

  9. User A says:

    Is that dw-40 your using as a contact cleaner?

  10. Frognuts 69 says:

    Throttle tube is junk, can't use with wrap around lever guards

  11. Robert Brandywine says:

    Why not bearings on both ends?

  12. Will570 says:

    Idk if you’ll reply but if I have the one without the bearing can I use wrap around hand guards if I cut it?

  13. Cody Smith says:

    Do you guys make one for the KLX110L?

  14. Steve says:

    Put some damn oil or grease on it.

  15. Zach Foos says:

    Does this fit the Renthal Fatbars… It dont seem to fit mine, the bearing just spin with the tube

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