How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 59

Hello, and welcome back to Speed Freak
Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube! so tonight hopefully is going to be a
quick night I’m actually going to take the brake pads on the other side back
off because number one it was completely retarded of me not to put anti-seize on
them as I’m sure many of you guys were screaming into your monitors where the
fuck is the wrench and then number two I want to see if that wheel bearing is bad
and if the calipers sorry the brake pads are holding the wheel bearing in place
and I won’t be able to tell so no the 7/16 wrench is missing it should be
right oh crap supposed to be quick night already turning into a shit show it’s
the whole point of watching this channel right is help the shit show okay so we
are going to be on safety mode come on and then loosen and then we’re going to
zip these nuts off and the tooth washer is now trash
unfortunately they are one-time use which sucks because they’re pretty
fucking expensive so put that nut on so I don’t lose it I have 25 of these tooth
washers hopefully that’ll be enough to make it through a couple races of course
when I get new calipers then I’ll have fresh new well greased slide pins or
hopefully a completely different design would make way more sense than this
god-awful garbage design so anyway but yeah you can see the teeth actually sort
of returned back to their original shape but not where did the other one go oh it
was stuck in there so it was doing its job so I can throw them away out of
abundance of precaution and then we need to get the pads out so we need to carefully this time because these are
brand new we don’t want to ruin new pads that would be pretty nearsighted so come on okay very carefully wow that’s a
rusty rotor okay remove hook put it to the side and that
oh hell the pad crushed this rubber boot protecting are you kidding me man I
might have to buy new calipers god dammit fuck I bet that’s expect me fuck
beanie wears a light wears a light I still don’t know where that fucking
flashlight went whoops come on okay
I just walked a big circle so I don’t know if you guys can see it but when I
installed the brake pad I crushed and ripped the boot on the caliper meaning
this caliper would maybe now last one race at the most and yeah I mean you
could rebuild it and put a new boot on it but by the time you do that I’ve
spent so many hours rebuilding this piece of crap that you probably could
have bought a new one for the amount of labor time you wasted so that’s great
another sleepless night tonight I guess wonderful anyway so you’re supposed to
be able to slide this enough to get the pad out this time it’s not seized so I
can do it by hand so we’ll put the pads where they go they’re in there and then
now we’re gonna of course we’re gonna test this wheel
bearing which looks like I’m gonna have to order another one and I all man do I
have a story for you guys on my purchase of the wheel bearing I don’t know if I
need a new one or not cuz right now nothing is like I mean it’s it’s got
like half a millimeter of play what am i grind hang on you figure out what I’m
grinding on so I can oh the drum brakes that are all fucked up I would actually say this wheel bearings
a pass it looks like oh that’s why this drums not looks like one of their
retaining screws is completely shot and gone interesting luckily the wheel holds
that all together still it’s kind of shitty okay so I don’t need another $40
wheel bearing but I probably need calipers great okay then we can now move
I still need this can move back over here where we need to get this hub out
so that I can do some measurements and figure out what kind of wheel bearing
puller kit I have to order so basically yeah that wheel bearing is totally shot
I can’t like there we go see I’m an engineer oh yeah so this wheel bearing
you can actually see the bearing race race inner race move and you can feel it
yeah that’s bad I mean it’s it’s totally blown I mean it won’t even look at that
it won’t even spin yeah that’s crap so it’s got to come out
the problem is the way they designed this fucking car is they designed it so
it’s not easy to get out I mean I don’t know if they did it on purpose I
honestly I mean I wouldn’t put it past them to do it on purpose but basically
what we need to do is we need to find a socket that fits the hub only and then
just bang the shit out of it until it comes out so I’m gonna start with this
thing that I just have sitting here I think it’s going to be too big yeah way too big let’s see let’s try
just this that’ll damage the spline surface so I need something about the
same diameter as this so one inch essentially let’s see what would I have
handy 27 is probably perfect actually let’s try it 27 so we can it’s amazing
how many tools you need just to do one little rebuild
I think 27 will be good enough without damaging any surfaces so I gotta move
this out of my way and then of course it’s like it’s coming out still want to drop it on
the floor and then fuck up something and even more important you know is it
coming out or not fuck is it not coming out it’s fucking stuck or something come
on give me a fucking break here man fuck you damnit
come out of there this isn’t supposed to be seized in here like this
I think that just shows how badly damaged it is I had like a 28 millimeter
or something just a little larger I think this is one in a quarter I think
that’s too big whoops umm see where is that specialty kit ah too big wonder if this’ll fit I think
this is a one inch yeah it’s a one inch see if that’ll work
give me a little more bite to not I might have to find us find myself a
slide hammer okay so I need to take some measurements to figure out what Pooler
tools to buy so of course it’s too big now
shit fuck okay see how else can I give me a break here
I don’t know how the fuck to do this hmm-hmm-hmm I’m guessing you need some
kind of specialty Porsche bullshit tool thirty twos way too big how do I want to do this I just don’t
have the right size socket for this it doesn’t help that it’s not technically
supposed to be seized oh man what else could I use I don’t
have any bolts long enough to act as pooler’s or do I no that won’t work they
were fully threaded I could probably use them as pullers but they’re not fully
threaded what else what else could I do mm-hmm how would someone get this off if
they didn’t have the resources they needed hmm No shit and I don’t even know I might just have
to have a much bigger hammer wanna fuck the hub up we’re what to do what to do go back to
this and then I have to what thought I had an extension for I swore I had a
half inch extension somewhere get put in the wrong drawer no no no where could it
have gone okay so we resort to this for an extension okay
it’s gonna have to keep hammer in a way I guess fuck you looks like it’s jammed down low I’ll
just leave this on should just come right out I don’t
understand somebody didn’t put it back together properly I’m pretty sure you’re
supposed to grease it don’t quote me on that probably need like a three pound
hammer give me a fucking break not sure what to do now it’s in there pretty damn
good try this hammer but I think I’ll just end up fucking my hand up instead
of doing anything productive wait did I actually make progress I
think I made progress afraid to fuck my fingers up oh okay I didn’t make
progress fuck I’m confused um let’s see let’s do let’s not do that
anymore let’s do damn is supposed to be simple it’s supposed to come right out
they said okay we’re gonna try wait we’re working
and will not work where’s that air hammer chisel can’t use their hammer cuz
it’ll just cut it but we can probably use maybe this might make it worse we’ll
find out it seems like it’s coming out uneven which is causing a bind no I think this is gonna mushroom in and
make it worse fuck me okay so what do I do
I mean what what just one deal with this shit I think a slide hammer honestly is
the only thing I can really think of try think if there’s any creative method to
attach any kind of device not that I see and let’s see what else could I do let’s see I mean it’s completely fucked
I need that fuck hmm what size is this washer Who am I –
just found my answer might have just found my answer I think I can use that
washer to get me a better strike on still gonna have to beat the shit out of
this poor socket but I think if I use that washer I can get a good solid
strike ah this was not supposed to be a hard day I got other shit to do today a
lot of storm damage and stuff the whole thing is budging a fucking
inch no it’s not moving at all it’s
completely fucking seized in there and I need I mean I think this is the right
strategy to use this washer and this I just need a much much much heavier
hammer much heavier hammer might as well just buy myself a three pound hammer
because I keep getting screwed over without it okay so the washer goes in
ooh that hurts washer goes in and this goes on I really need a helper really really
need a helper if I had like a hammer attachment for the air hammer instead of
just chisel attachments it hasn’t budged at all I mean not one
bit okay all right so I mean there’s no
point in continuing to struggle with it if I don’t have the right tools so I’m
gonna have to go get a fucking dead blow hammer a heavy one I’m gonna spray it
with some anti-seize and see if it’ll creep in there and penetrate it which
obviously you wouldn’t want to do if you were going to reuse these Barry oh god
damn it but since the bearings are no good
anymore it doesn’t matter okay all right I mean that’s I didn’t get anything done
I wanted to do I mean I wanted to measure this fucking I need to measure
the surface for the cup that pulls the bearing and I need to measure the actual
bearing itself I mean I guess I could go and find try and find that information
online but I don’t remember them actually advertising the diameters of
the bearing which is frustrating but this setup looks like I would be able to
use a proper bearing puller I’m just shitshow it’s a total shit Joel
man I should have mounted tall’s back in the back I didn’t really think that
through I figured I’d always be able to work up front and just move the car I
never really planned for having a car to be this dismantled okay all right no progress at all today
total fucking waste so thanks for watching I’ll see you another time okay
so four days later five days later we’re back we’ve got a wheel bearing we’ve got
a bearing pulling kit headphones because after using that air chisel my ears rang
for like three hours so I don’t want to do that again and I got some very
high-grade anti-seize compound unfortunately rebuilding just to rebuild
the calipers would be over $100 each caliper and they used to make
refurbished ones that you could buy straight out of autozone well they’re
discontinued of course fuckers so the only other option is to get Volvo
240 calipers that are rebuilt and then do some grinding to make them fit well I
don’t have the time or the patience for that shit right now so we’re just going
to use the Porsches OEM calipers until they seize up and melt and then we’re
gonna switch over to something different so I think that’s a pretty good fucking
strategy and whether or not you agree I don’t care so we’re first thing we’re
gonna do is we’re going to do our anti-seize now I need to go get a towel
because you’re technically not supposed to touch this with your skin I’m sure
plenty of people do and I don’t have gloves right now so I’m gonna put it on at all and you don’t
really need that much it’s very easy to overdo it and I’m just gonna rub it rub
it around I’m gonna make sure it’s thin so it doesn’t sling anywhere do anything
it’s not supposed to do like get onto the caliber cuz then you’re screwed
so I’m gonna get a little bit in these holes here where the slides rods go okay
you even want to get that on the floor cuz if I touch it
bye-bye skin okay so now what we need to do this time is hold this rubber boot
out of the way as we slide our caliper into place to try and keep that boot
from this is gonna suck yeah this is this is not gonna be fun I’m gonna need
a skinnier screwdriver I have one mmm this might work so the last thing you
want to do is pinch this boot it’s bad enough it’s ripped already if
you pinch it then it’ll really get fucked up and then you’re screwed
since you can’t even replace these calipers they’re so old or you know I
think most people just go with an upgrade and I can’t do that because I
have to fit 15 inch wheels come on there we go okay now those are
in now we got to go back to fit the next one which the next one technically
shouldn’t need anti-seize because of the way it sits in there but we’ll put a
little bit on there just as a precautionary measure I mean really just
barely any honestly just the leftovers from the other one should be plenty it’ll be just enough to keep it from
sticking because this one’s technically the stationary side you know how
calipers work then you’ll understand what I mean by that problem is getting
this – it might be a little tough so Oh a little a little confused and
concerned now something’s not right something’s jacked up fuck oh boy what’s jacked-up why is it make sure I get that anti-seize off
before I start prying on shit something’s fucked up great great rubber
mallet time no patience today I’d like to do other shit on Friday night like
get the video uploaded so you guys can watch it ooh ooh what the fuck what the hell
something is completely fucking up fucking wrong fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
I don’t know what’s going on fucking hell something’s fucked up ooh the backing plate it’s completely out of
whack now great I can fix it like that fixed okay that was a total shit show
but we got it so now what we want to do so we want to grease these pins but we
want to keep the grease pretty far away from the threads so how we’re gonna do
that is we’re gonna go mmm it’s gonna be tough I’m just gonna
do that I know that’s quite a bit more than we need but should take care of any
issues oh yeah make our lives way easier maybe okay same here take a little
anti-seize not much come on okay and I think we probably put the
problem I think we had as we put too much torque on tightening these bolts
probably what happened so what we’re gonna do we’re not gonna do that this
time so I have I mean I still gonna have to use this I’m just gonna have to be a
lot more careful with it okay actually I need to take that back inside don’t need
it anymore let’s see the extra lock washers are
right here I just need two of them wish I could have found like a heavy
heavy heavy super heavy-duty version of these but I guess heavy duty is good
enough so well go ahead and get them down okay so what we’ll do is we’ll get them
hand tight and then we’ll just give them one quick oka Douga and that should be
good enough except another wrench is missing and I don’t even want to give it an ogre
Doug it seems like it’s so weak think any more than that is a mistake I need
to get the GoPro centered I knocked it off the center of my head okay let’s call that good it looks like
the washers are locked and oh shit okay all right
mm-hmm so that’s that next the next parts gonna suck big time mm-hmm so I
gotta go get my bearing puller kit and we still have to get this out somehow
without damaging my fingers or anything I got a eyes that still over here
I got a law I can’t speak today three pound hammer so a nice big meaty hammer
so let me go inside and grab that and I’ll be right back okay so we got our
made-in-the-usa three pound mega hammer and then we got
our cheap Chinese shit Astro master front-wheel drive bearing
adapter kit and so if you remember four days ago well it’s the same video
because I didn’t bother posting the video we spray it we sprayed rust
penetrant into that seized hub thing so one of the things I’m gonna do I’m gonna I’m gonna put this under here hopefully
to catch the hub as it falls because I don’t want to damage the hub if it falls
then we got to use this contraption in order to beat it into submission if I
can’t get it to come out like this I’m gonna have to resort to a torch I really
don’t want to do that so the problem is I don’t want to fucking put a
three-pound hammer to my fingers either if any of you guys have done that I’m
sure you can understand why I really think it’s gotten like jammed
in there from like it’s tried that mana bearings
trashed okay get this in there and then I really need
a better way to do this like something I can really get a really good heavy smack
on with that definitely won’t work tried this contraption just try and keep my
fingers from getting broken I don’t need a $300 ER bill there we go that should
be just enough to fuck you ha it’s moving it’s fucking moving fuck
you motherfucker I’m winning I’m winning I’m winning you
can suck my dick oh no I’m not winning it’s stuck again give me a fucking break it almost looks
like it moved back into position I hate you so much all right where’s the
fucking torch of course there’s so much grease it’s probably gonna light half
the car on fire real nice torch is supposed to be up on
the Shelf where it’s safe I wonder who the hell was fuckin with it real nice okay try not to burn the car up or the
brake lines or whatever goddamnit what the fuck this is insane this is completely
fucking insane oh my god it’s hot but it’s still not
budging I don’t understand I mean based on the new wheel bearing
we’re not even halfway and there’s some kind of groove in the center of it –
that could be causing this I mean this this is a thick bearing so if you look
at the new bearing there’s this groove in here that’s for grease of course but
also it shows how ungodly thick this bearing is and how any kind of attempt
to get it out is gonna be met with a lot of frustration ah fuck man how the fuck would anybody get that
out it’s supposed to just come come out on its own it’s not supposed to be stuck
like this so the torch isn’t working oh so we’re
gonna like there’s supposed to be a cap on this bottle too and I don’t know
where the fuck the cap went really pisses me off fuck I don’t know what to do I if I had like a cooler like if I had a
way to pull the fucking thing off with the right and proper tooling but I don’t
even know if a puller for this specific problem exists because you’d almost need
a pusher like you’d need something to push it off oh that’s not good and how long do I sit
here unable to do anything I mean it looks like we may be moved it
a millimeter like I’m just not getting the responding I’m using a three pound
hammer and I’m not getting anywhere that’s that’s a problem look I just got
somewhere just got movement oh man I got movement and then it seized again great
know my washers we got halfway what the hell am I just being a pussy like we’re
not hitting it hard enough I don’t understand we got movement after
cooled back down that doesn’t make any sense it makes zero sense can’t tell if
it’s moving or not me and it moved and then it stopped again
it’s teasing me come on you bastard get out of there my
hand fuck I need like I needed something I
can stick in there that’ll stay in there so I can just beat the shit out of it
without worrying about fucking my hand up this poor sockets not having a good time I just must be too weak her too scared
it’s a hit it hard enough come on give me a break and fuck you we’re halfway we’re definitely to the
halfway point I just don’t understand why oh we made the barring mad Oh completely
seize the bearing now which isn’t really a surprise I guess see we made progress
over here doesn’t look like there’s still anywhere for us to get a pry bar
on or anything it’s a pretty shit design if you ask me wait come on getting closer fuck I just need someone stronger
I need someone twice my size to do this I just had to make it so you couldn’t
use a standard puller tool it’s really nice of them well I’m done I’m just
gonna upload this video as it is failure total fucking failure until I can get
someone strong enough to come help Oh am i missing a bomb stop all right that’s all she wrote see you
guys next time

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