How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 65

wait we haven’t even dropped the check
yet I’m gonna drop it yeah whoo it’s done congratulations Thank You Brandon! hello and you’re killing me
Hello and welcome back to Speed Freak Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube!
so our co-driver Brandon is here to help us with the transaxle install so
normally this would be a one-person job however if you see the shift rod I kind
of poked through up there so the shift rod is hanging out the back by about
half a foot so we have to feed it through this hole here so the transaxle
has to go up at an angle over the shift rod and then in and then we can lock all
the bolts in so it makes it you know Porsche style yeah yep okay so do you
want to try and use this lift then mm this thing’s no not enough we’ll have to
do it on our own so I think the center of gravity is like right here is crazy
that sounds yep seems right okay I think we can
forego the strap yeah so these two bolts can actually be used so what we to hold
it like a temporary so they you know it’s kind of shitty they they’re held in
place by the case yeah you can believe that
so basically well if we put them in now and hope they don’t rattle out then we
can just poke them and hopefully set the mount you know what I mean right
we’ll find out yep okay hope it does here and so oh boy
this is gonna suck boy yeah okay so we’re gonna have to dear let me let me
get her out oh yeah let me get her out front here okay yeah I don’t know why this is still on
it says no oil I’m just gonna have to make a note on my phone
I mean it’s smart no no way is that they’re going in that easy are you
kidding me sir look all right I’m gonna slide okay one sec I’m gonna slide that
shift lever back is it going in the hole excellent the tail-shaft needs to go up
to push that gap in a gotcha okay so but you know if we can’t try to start
something on the bottom yeah this one’s gonna say just to throw something in
there the fucked-up part is some of these are threaded and some of these
aren’t this one’s well okay here’s here’s a question go up does it matter
which way no as long as you can get to it with the wrench on both sides
yeah that’s prior best bet oh oh fuck Cheryl let me see oh it’s just golden
one I can’t get it through I gotta go up yes up sideways crossways down left
right gotcha ah okay watch your face can you grab ahold of it
Hey I should be able to get my bolts in got it well I’m kind of fine starting go
up more yes whoops actually can we yeah not at all it’s not
tall enough to reach that you need to go up more right oh shit my bolts not long
enough yeah mine’s close I could get like one thread on it but it’s not
really you gotta be kidding I replaced them identical unless they’re longer cuz
it’s a turbo transaxle in which case we are fucked once I can totally fucked do
not support that son what the side I’m gonna
I need to prop this up hold on oh it’s trying to fall yeah I got a few there uh actually can you push up yeah can you
lift it up good that something’s not right
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck hold on Oh where’s that hand ratchet the
threads are dirty or something I should have checked them sorry no it’s
completely fucking cross-threaded what the fuck I don’t let a little pressure off of it
right there confused why the fuck is it yeah it’s no it’s you dry on your side I don’t know if the
threads fucked up or something’s all right
oh it’s got a doll alignment doll that might be part of the reason oh yeah
let’s King can you bring it up a little bit with the jacket this yeah actually
something is really not right there are chefs like that what does it matter
this uh this mount isn’t oh fuck that’s why what’s up the whole freakin torque
tube is at an angle from the LS motor oh boy
okay we’re gonna have to can you see if we can get that gold bolt to uh I think
I got the wrong washer on it I tried this washer how many threads you got on this this
one like just right before he gets either yeah
the oh okay good you get a knot on that if we took twerk yes I could
where’s the nut it’s in there some one of those probably got it started it
almost looks like the press up real fast up yeah from the tail okay okay so we’re
gonna have to lift this entire assembly up because it’s an inch below this mount
yeah father I don’t think this will seat can you the other one pulled out can you
pull the other one out if it’s over it’s right it should the black one is it
still stuck in there oh yeah see you can get it free here’s your tool got it okay
okay so hi my question is now can we can we try to slide this jack back to get
the tilt on it correct yeah sure ready Oh it’s not even supporting it shit okay okay now it actually press the top and
we’re like even gap on my side my side is not the dowel pin on my sides not
lining up the old the whole transit see it’s old transaxles like tweaked a
little bit okay you got a Darrell dirt my mouth I wonder if we can’t let me get
the other one started up top mm-hmm does it have a dowel pin on it though
okay so then what’s wrong to see because
everything started and just kind of we go around okay that works and possibly
try to thread one in and kind of squeeze it together because let’s try crow do
this fuck you let’s see I don’t I don’t want to use any
wd-40 cuz it fuck with the nighlok this one goes to the top once right yeah
this one yeah I don’t know you build it I wasn’t able
to get it to start I don’t know why hopefully the threads aren’t fucked up
or the wrong thread pitch or you know who the fuck knows you got it
seriously fuck you this is what happens when a real mechanic is here as shit
actually gets done no those are just spinning in there I don’t see any
movements over here I think you’d be pulling everything together that’s fun I’m wondering if we should try and get
this collar slipped on before we in the toolbox sorry
I don’t want to cross thread it yeah I’m gonna work on this collar see if we can
get it in before we tweet shit around too much you can get your whole hand in
this inspection hole oh boy it’s not wanting to go I think
we’re off-center well probably because this is still fucking right yeah I’m really surprised this doll hasn’t
went into place yet it’s still off a little bit it looks like you’re trying
to pull it in but it’s not Oh what do you think a rubber mallet you could use
a smaller bolt to pull it together but I don’t think I have one that long try the
rubber mallet god forbid this whole transaxles tweaked a little bit from the
wreck it was involved in no I think I think it actually did it no fuck where’d that ratchet go think I got it
nope come on you fucker no fucking shit if I had like a c-clamp yeah you could I
don’t know if I have one big enough look I got a c-clip I just don’t know hold on come on no maybe I don’t think so I
thought I had a bigger one but I don’t well actually I can just put it on the
small section here baby come on you bet yep yep yep come on nope hold on I’m
trying I’m trying let’s try nope sliding off fuck okay don’t know
what to do yes give me the 17 on the impact of the middle one yeah whatever
it is I think it’s a 17 yeah and the wobble which is probably good
cuz it’ll lower our torque a lot so we don’t overdo it
even though I think the torque specs like 90-something on these uh I lied
it’s the nineteen mill I guess that middle ones for the gold can you hold can you hold it maybe what
the ratchet would be Oh fucking axle grease okay ready yeah all right you
want to do the other side this one do you have any way to hold this yeah I
will find 117 I think so okay that one still isn’t closed entirely that’s
really very frustrating but it’s enough thank God send it fulsome I was looking
these are some really like really big cast aluminum controls yeah let’s go to
the torsion bar fuck the torsion bar is putting all of its force right here yeah
and it causes a lot of twisting now give me a break it cross thread it again now
in the future it’ll get an upgrade to coil overs either by welding a big
double shear here or by completely replacing the rear suspension which
would probably be cheaper honestly to just throw all this stupid shit away and
just get some trucks assumption number yes yeah they’d have to weld a cross
beam and then use some trailing arms from a truck that would you know I don’t
know I’d like to be better than the Porsche garbage I don’t know what to do
Brandon this thing’s BISM me off I mean it’s going in and then it’s stopping so
I don’t know if we should force it or if something’s wrong see what I’m like those are threads
threads I would go go for it okay other I mean cuz I you can feel it I
mean worst case we do this right we just get a longer bolt and nut it it’s not
like it’s gonna hurt it yeah I think the only reason why there’s there’s threaded
up here is cuz it’s harder to get to you know like for the factory didn’t want to
fuck with it so they’re like put threads in it motherfucker
alright so chase scheisse scheisse Jesus yeah it’s going there goes hey you
go now you’re making new threads probably German piece of shit the only
things that have to say would be illegal did you guys check out the car show
video template I’ve got oh yeah it’s coming out really good the only
problem is my dad refuses to rename the car show or to shorten the name in any
way he wants to call it fantasy gems beer babes in barbecue burnout crew beer
babes and burnouts cruise at the Plaza it’s like that’s way too fucking walking
of his name and I want him to take the babes out because I just don’t think
people really appreciate that shit nowadays you know what I mean like if
you like say if you want your girlfriend rvq and burnouts I mean that would be
yes yes I’m gonna try and convince him that that’s better I mean I understand
now if we were back when it just was the 80s and 90s then yeah but nowadays you
know if you yeah or you know like if a guy wants to
come but say his wife has to come with him she’s gonna be like ain’t going to a
babe show you know what I mean like you know there’s a lot of independent women
would be like hell no you go into that car show give me the keys and give me
your pulse Bahama at it I’m just gonna put your keys in your balls in my purse
like something that seriously has been on there for 35 years Wow or that could
be from the seam welding from the cage yes okay so now this shaft okay should
shaft on if you’re not we’re in trouble yeah looks really fucking close
giant crowbar we don’t even know there’s not a key way so it should go on in any
angle that’s spline to spline maybe we should have tightened it down yet
I could loosen everything back up and just jiggle the shit out of it but it
should line up like there’s no reason why it because you don’t want the axle
in a bind right so the only thing I can think of is that that something to do
with the LS swaps fucked with it or we could we could mount it from this
upper mount first that way we know it’s at the right angle and it might tweak it
back into place because right now it’s bending down mmm okay all right I watch
your face well it’s both of them now that’s lifting off the to see if you can
poke those bolts through no still not so fuck I think we got to go up a little
more did they mmm-hmm I mean they got to go all the
way through there there’s there’s one you push it any farther where’s the nut
one I need like something that they happen in we’re missing a nut it’s close
really close we’re missing a nut though you know
they’re there for my side there okay yes I think the whole transaxles kind of
off-center too though so you got to bring the whole foot and thing there we
go here can you push it my way and I’ll get
the nut on it just push harder okay push push again that that’s all you
got yeah they come out there you go okay now I need to look up the torque spec to
those because I don’t want to overdo it but in the meantime I don’t have enough
threads on them to start wiggling on it though where’s the exit here I’ll just
do it they’re super safe way and use this that way we don’t fuck it up bucket
thank you I think this torque specs still pretty
high on these anyway damn those nuts are barely long enough okay see if it’ll
slide on now no you’re gonna have to loosen all of these up then fuck I’m
just glad I can get my hand up on this reverse light sensor well before the
axle is installed anyway I’m not what oh that is gonna be a pain in the dick to
install the oil cooler oh shit did we fuck up did I fuck up ah oh thank god there’s just enough room
that would’ve been a fine something where the fuck huge mistake what are you
working on over there oh that tight somebody’s trying to get a hold of you okay I’ll call that loose and then this
side what to do what wait how the hell did we cuz we got it down uh-huh no I don’t know man I think we’re gonna
have to have that one loose somehow do you have any Allen wrenches are this big
yes maybe could always go by one what an Allen wrench bit how the fuck would we
even get torque on that though yeah I don’t know
what size is that 210 no biggest is an 8 what you’re looking at here later you
should that’s not enough space okay here do this try that if not we’ll use one more
not enough wait wait wait wait one more here will do see if take that one take
that one off yeah there you go no oh wait you’re not in the you’re not
in the bolt at all no so you need one this is too long and this is two they’re
both too long just what you’re telling me the wobble grab the wobble where that’s gonna work or not it’s definitely
not gonna be good for whenever we need to tighten it though that’s pretty
shitty here let me see let me try try try one more try Brandon try that before we have to go find some
other way to do it no god damn mother okay
do what sixteenth inch gap right here yeah so we do have movement right just
not side deal this down I mean we can just go to autos on a by ten millimeter
allen right wait wait wait uh where’s those new Allen’s ha I’m a dumbass I’m
so sorry I have a stubby tend to judge me hey you’re lucky I remember I have an
Amazon addiction you’re so lucky I remembered my Amazon addiction okay look
yeah yeah use the ball end it’s loose got it
yeah you got it give her a couple turns okay now we got enough don’t judge me I
wanted to show off my erector set skills okay so I guess I have to try and fuck
with it in the from the backside here yeah maybe just wiggle it oh let it hang
watch your face oh sure we had the whole car lifted up to the whole cars falling
are you ready holy fucking shit I don’t think we need
this anymore holy crap it’s actually in I didn’t even
think we’re gonna get that done today too soon right watch the fuckin shaft be
bent or some crazy shit not really sure what to do about that you think it’s an
up and down or left and right cuz I can wiggle it whatever way it needs the
wiggle well let me find a flashlight hold on what got it I mean it shouldn’t
be off by more than an agree otherwise the whole thing would just eat itself
alive once we started the car you know cuz this whole shaft idles so I mean if
it’s off its gonna chew itself up pretty quick I am seeing okay I think it needs
to go up and that way so this this one’s got to go up yeah
okay wait do that again right there right there
right looking there odds motherfucker hold on okay
it’s a lot easier than you think if you just personal like a pivot point it’s so fucking close there’s got to be
like a trick to it like do you think the dowel pins would have done it but
obviously they’re not they’re too old or fuck yo for help
let’s see I want I wanna go this way try right that way motherfucker I’m going it’s I can see it’s pointing like you’re
this I can see that so I want it to go this way I think it can we loosen up all
over shit more yeah I think we’re gonna have to well these are loose but ah
maybe these are what’s holding it the doll pens
yeah that’s loose that’s loose that’s loose that’s loose it’s just the doll
pens holding it so so we’re gonna have to okay the rubber mallet wears out well
the brake lines in a way of course does it stay where you hit it though
that’s probably not okay you hit it I’ll try and attach the still I mean I guess one thing we would
want to do is actually get the splines I can’t even tell that ok so right now the
splines the rotation are lined up right okay so hold up hold up I’m gonna try
and get my bearings here so something is just slightly off whether the bearing
the bearing in here which I don’t even think is replaceable
it could be fucked up or you know like I said since this one was in a wreck it
could be slightly fucked up okay let’s see all right I’m gonna move okay I’m just
gonna put pressure on it and can you wiggle the thing around like it is just
something’s not right really for those top tunes the what oh
the top two yeah cuz that’s gonna keep us from going this way okay right right
okay weird oh I use the wrench didn’t I about as much as I want to go well okay
now that’s much as I want to go I mean I can see the misalignment I just don’t
know how to fix it it’s got to go now it’s got to go like it keeps fucking
moving on me now it’s got to go diagonal passenger top somehow yes I don’t get it I don’t get I don’t know
if there’s like some magical well let me let me look and make sure there’s no
like odd sighs now this the splines are all identical what the fuck is it
hitting on I mean it’s acting like it’s hitting a
fucking brick wall and it’s frustrating because the shit the input shaft has a
little tiny bit of play in it which is even more confusing why it’s not letting
it mate I don’t get it I don’t understand yeah that’s that’s a that’s not the only
thing that’s making it better hmm okay what if why I need to stop the
video and I’m gonna pull up that Clark’s garage and see if he has a hit I didn’t
see any but let me double-check okay so we looked at Clark’s garage and it turns
out we’re technically supposed to do the collar first so that makes me that makes
me feel smart so we’re gonna try to attach the transaxle to the jack in the
level position that way we can get all these bolts back out and do the collar
first ready where do you want it you’ll have to
watch out for that walk okay so now we gotta take great hey where’s the okay
I’m gonna drop let’s go the top and drop the top ones actually well yeah whoa that whole hugging transaxle just
shifted yeah that’s scary yeah we got to poke those bolts out somehow that’s
something I can poke them with maybe yeah that might work yep that’ll
work don’t judge me that one came out but the can give it a little bit of a
wiggle what that fukk must be hanging all of its weight on it as far as it
wants to go I don’t want to fuck up this bolt can you push up on the transaxle a
little bit mm-hmm now don’t don’t pry it you know I can I can grab the lip and
actually pull it what you got the lip already yeah screwdriver the a
screwdriver okay long try that oh I see what you mean seems like it stuck pretty
good whoa I think we got too much weight on the trans transaxle it’s yeah that
should be that size or 13 I think maybe we need a there you go what you come out
now got it
okay all right now I gotta take down these take out these big bolts which
have now become tight except that one nope yep where’s the stick what ratchet
here I’ll let you I already got mine you got that one out yeah that’s one way
to put it hold it hold up don’t let me let me get out of the way first before
you break those loose okay now that my head’s out of the way nope where’s that I need a better wobble I think we got to
take them out based on the instructions just try not to drop this damn thing
yeah so now we need to come down until the dolls break free so we’re gonna come
way well down a lot do you want to stabilize it from your side yes
hey I said roll roll oh shit which ways oh my god
hold on hold on what still has that can you make sure those two bolts are I
would pull those bolts way out if you can oh the one fell back in fuck hold on
watch your face I’m gonna go up some more no it’s it’s out isn’t it there no it should be loose I can’t no I
can’t get anything on it Oh where’s the cool yeah it’s like the only thing
holding this transmission in damn well that one was like all the way out oh it’s separate now completely okay we
got to keep coming down I don’t ready Hank okay this is probably our chance to
get that fucking collar on I guess yeah well okay so you’re stronger do you want
me to do the collar and you kind of wiggle it around from the back sure okay
let’s switch places change places whoa no yeah
hold up tilt okay combos down and those up yeah like that
like that but pull it pull it to your side like pull it to the driver’s side
whoa too far right there but it’s like that almost hold on oh my god this is gonna suck
I think that Jax – hi okay keep going keep going okay stop there um okay let’s uh I’m still trying to
figure that out uh here pull a pull of GAAP like pull an
actual gap gap so we can here I’m against the spirit are well okay all
right I’ll just work with it then um see wait wait oh it almost went something
something finally finally fuck okay okay so it’s on but I think the rear end is
too low so can you just lift the rear end up whoa
that was scary hold up okay now it’s it’s on there but now it’s in a bind fuck okay
now the rear ends too high so I need to go lower this down
yeah go ahead just a just a touch well right there that’s like perfect mmm it’s
fucking things in a bind man it’s so fucking close like let’s see damnit we had it and then it shifted here okay try try going the rear end
towards passenger side just a little bit I can shit we it’s on there but it’s
stuck I mean it’s stuck stuck like you can tell it’s like flexing the shaft I
don’t know what the hell’s going on hmm hmm okay can you hear do you want to try
see if you can see what’s going on from the front so it’s it’s on that’s just
now it’s in a bind are you sure I just push it on what are
you lying I just fucking slit it what I just slit
it like almost weak then okay slide it you got to keep your not you’re not all
the way keep going anyway let me I gotta see the hole yeah that’s not gonna
fucking slide what wait for it a little bit just a little bit okay stop bitch oh
fuck what we have to turn the crank yes I knew that was gonna happen that’s fine
goddammit okay that’s a lot easier than what the
fuck we just did yeah let me see those two black bolts can you grab the old Loctite bottle off
the it’s on the top of the workbench yeah yeah yeah lady okay now the
question is how the fuck are we gonna turn the crank oh boy something big yeah
24 sounds right and I only have like a 3/8 24 so you have to have an adapter
right yeah okay I got that bolt in it so that collar doesn’t slide out a position
on us and then do yeah if the engine will let you do that
well you want to do that with the the crank bolt will that fuck with the crank
bolt radiators in the way yeah of course it is is it really that’s not good oh my
god well fix it it wasn’t what I obviously somebody in China forgot the
lock title net Yeah right you’re gonna have a long way
to go boy the shafts not set correctly in the engine I don’t even want to ask
me about that okay just keep keep going a little bit a
little more mm stop this might be a problem what this problem the shaft is
too deep in the engine by I mean we might be able to Oh No but me I thought
I had it measured right at least we know it’s oh you know what it’s cuz this
there’s that yeah yeah yeah yep you’re just waiting for me to figure it
out okay um let me make sure this angles right before I you’re funny Brandon
okay go a little bit more just a little stop all right that’s good enough now I
just need to I guess we need to pull this back together does that make sense
yeah okay all right go ahead come on up here start cinching
all this down again okay it’s not even fucking lined up though that’s kind of a
scary part well it’s twisted you’re sure golden one
and one of your big black ones kind of right this James is the fucking
transmission there yeah this is not cooperating not the best better yes I can actually
get to it we’re fucking rafter then yeah let’s make sure we get the torque on
that before we set the rest of it I don’t know I gotta look it up no no let
me look it up so minimizing James one of these days you’re gonna be broke down in
the side the fucking rally and you’re gonna save Brandon please just fix it
and I’ll fix it it will get us back none of this beadboard it better not
fucking break down the middle literally none it’ll all be right in shit better
not break down after all this hard work we’re doing it’s gonna break I’m fucking
pissed driving it at maximum velocity off-road all froze just let me know when
you’re when I can and probably more so off-road with you driving ie it is hey
if you want to buy some do you want to buy some insurance sell more than be
more than happy let you drive it by some ensure not only my insurance is gonna
cover you – I have to check because I’m gonna have gap insurance I mean I’m
gonna have probably weekend insurance where you buy at least for the first
race you know what I mean yeah yeah at least for the first straight days for
like 500 500 versus 60,000 though you know what I mean what yeah like that
that’s that’s why people pay it because they come you know on a track day and
you know infants finds out that you’re on the tractor oh yeah oh you can all
the way off or if somebody else hits you and you know that yeah then you’re
fucked that’s that’s my worst fear that some jackass would come up behind us and
smoke of course everybody’s required to have insurance and since you’re on a
public road even though it’s closed I think if they’re dumb enough to hit you
they would have to pay for your damages it’s something that needs to be verified
before I buy my insurance because otherwise I love to have way better
insurance great yeah cuz you’re basically covering yourself and the
idiot behind you yeah that’s my biggest concern is or the people that we have to
pass that are gonna be slower don’t worry about the people behind us because
we’re gonna be doing so fast whatever see him again
well then the people were passing is even worse cuz they might not want to
well they might get over they might not even see you back there
yeah and if they don’t get over I’m not gonna be one of those dicks who bumps
them like that’s not right to me you know when I was racing motherfucker you
saw that coming ninja see I switched it cuz I thought I’d have clearance and I
don’t have clearance I have more clearance but still not enough do you
need a hold here oh you’re gonna need a 17 and oh the 17
okay now I’m trying to think they’re
seriously only four bolts holding this whole thing or you see any empty holes
I don’t either that’s confusing nope okay well there is but that’s for a
different model car actually don’t you mention it what no it’s for a different
model car nevermind yeah it’s got wire tied through it
oh no anything that could be causing our alignment issues no mm-hmm I’m not gonna
take it out I can’t believe it’s you I thought I cut it out already keep going
uh okay so now we got to put the bolts but I need to get the torque spec okay
so 58 foot-pounds your kid you’re killing me I’m gonna have to look it all
up again if you suck
58 great now I forgot you suck 58 62 34 year bastard
I wanna get cotton aiya told us that if we’re not done when dinner’s ready she’s
just gonna eat without us she’s yeah I have no idea I’m hoping she just decided
to wait for to wait for going out to eat or something 56 57 58 okay hopefully the
allen-head can hold up to that cuz I need an extension probably will need an
extension brake fluid dripping we’re solve a bitch still okay this shit’s
probably expired yeah fuck me fuck you I don’t know when
you’re gonna help I mean once I get the fuel line done and I I don’t even know
how the fuck I’m gonna connect all that shit back here but okay we actually went
in without a problem don’t even go there well yeah you’re done for the weekend if
you break something I know no one does for Honda I would not
argue with that see that’s what I would want to do next
is an all-wheel drive like competitive turbo car once I have my racing license
something that you could never get bored of because it’s so fast you fucking
scared of it like I want to do that okay problem I’m not strong enough to make it
help come help please before the Loctite dries it doesn’t dry that fast it
doesn’t know I just I’m not getting like a okay I see what’s happening I know
it’s gonna be bad gotcha there’s your three I had somebody get on
me about the three clicks I know I don’t know who you’re fucking oh I don’t
remember how I even got a wrench on this next one all right go ahead and start
turning her over you’re gonna get to a compression stroke and you’re gonna be
fucked well I mean technically every stroke
sack impressionist right yeah on an eight anyway on a four it’s not but on
an eight I think every strokes compression which is why eights are so
awesome hold up there’s gonna have to humor me first say I’m gonna need a
longer extension of course which we brushed of course long extension means
less torque means I want to have to turn the torque up okay go ahead and keep
going keep going just a little bit more a little bit right there perfect okay
I’m gonna get this one I don’t know if I’m gonna have to 3d
print oh I don’t know a 3d print new plugs or if I got them hiding somewhere
another silicon omen or ET tuning know they mean they might but they probably
end up having to sell any new ones just not be good I mean new ones would be
nice but not necessary fuck me let those go into the face it’s
binding not surprised okay all right what do you think one foot pound for an
extension I don’t never even pay attention I know you leave shit through
it but I don’t care well the calculation they’re so complex
it’s not even worth yeah most of the time I just do by hand it’s like how
many foot pounds is my hand oh no oh my god what what happened what happened well that sucks thanks Portia what it’s not all the way
James let me see that fucking thing give it here move out the way can we get a
wobble yeah yep I don’t how the fuck are you
gonna get any kind of torque on the wobble
don’t judge me where is it I think it’s under your head I mean unless you can go
through not that side holes not on the right position hold on you’re not wait
wait you’re not you’re not admitted at all
yes I am no I’m 110 percent in it what yeah watch
okay you two bottomed out this is wait wait wait can you get the
ratchet hold on question question question ratchet in
there yeah I think it’s too too short or too long of course because I got it out
somehow and I don’t think I got it out of the way where you know in the
extensions too long charlie fucking hell let me do me in half length extend let
me do me yeah I gotcha I gotcha mr. James we’re
gonna tighten it up and it’s fine yeah I used enough Loctite so yes it’s good now
probably hey good now you’re in I go for it like
fun there’s your three let’s go on we just
leave it in there for next time okay now what was it 62 for these yes and then
this one was a 34 same thing with them yeah 34 so 62 on the big guns let’s do
that the big gun on the back side oh we don’t have a wrench out for that do we
Oh it’d probably be fine yeah yeah I could I could agree yeah 6 do you agree
on something what who me yeah never fucking wack fucking engineers I don’t
know you shouldn’t need to hold it right it shouldn’t but we’re going for
shifting gigs ok your arms in my way your arms in my way holy cow
I can do it spongebob lifting your fucking marshmallow on it
fuck you you motherfucker my baby’s concern here is dropping this
wrench right on my face and the fucking shocks in the way of course how
convenient don’t even don’t don’t go there I’m
fucking hate you okay now let me knock her down the third it fall off feels
wrong doing that doing what well the guy the guy on YouTube said maximum – you’re
over torquing yes that’s what he said he agrees with you
everyone knows wait it was 34 yes okay uh uh where is the socket for it
is it on there just rolled up rolling the wet ground can you get this one
can I get 34 foot-pounds is that is that you do it uh I guess I can’t yes I can
but you do it and now we got to get those two two long ones
yeah oh you know what wait before we do that we need to get this shift linkage
in place otherwise it’s not gonna there Oh
what yeah I know it’s gonna seize up – of course
hold on or is the anti-seize thank you put it up cuz I’m smart see where is it
that right here that’s all you have good plenty Ryan and I your skin’s gonna bubble off
even care perfect I see it in the water later shaft okay where’s ya down there
oh a wire tie the hole is clear wasn’t this one that’s right yeah just leave
them in there it’s 13 yeah it is hand tight for now we’ll come back with this
torque specs pretty low I think those and we we might have to take it off like
four or five times to get it adjusted right anyway so luckily it looks like we can get to this
up here and to adjust it so it’s a lot easier with the axles not in the way I’m
glad we left them out that’s that’s a lesson for the future Brandon if we have
to work on this the axles come out huh make sure I’m going the right direction hold on this one’s too far and this
one’s too far move it oh crap oh no that’s gonna be a problem you’re gonna
have to get that one out of the way somehow where’s that take it back off
yeah damn it that’s it yeah cuz it was gonna work the last time I wasn’t gonna
say anything because I wasn’t sure but I’m pretty sure that you can take this
off and slide it back on Wow so cuz I’m pretty sure got it yep that’s as far as I need to go
all right ready yeah okay try that yep perfect oh can
you rock the transfer I need any more threads oh I need way more threads yep
the bottom one fell out again got it okay all right God was it a McLaren f1
team fucked that up do you remember that they went to Indy car and they’ve
converted millimeters to inches wrong cos all of Indy cars yeah all of Indy
cars regulations are in inches so their car was completely fucking wrong what an
embarrassment for a world-class car company McLaren yeah can you MIT can you
believe somebody I guarantee somebody fucking lost their job or got their shit
chewed out for like three days straight probably the whole plane ride back all
20 hours fucking got their ass chewed for that I mean that’s I did yeah I
don’t know exactly oh no well I don’t understand why they even bother cuz
everybody in the everybody in the u.s. uses foot-pounds I don’t even I mean
this torque wrench has Newton meters on the back I think but it’s on the back
cuz no clearance trying to be fancy what the fuck
nothing it’s just taking way longer okay before we forget I’m sure it’s happened this solid motor-mount man this is this
car is gonna fucking have ridiculous throttle response even for a v8 like an adapter the steering wheel just
like flops around thread because one of the motors on the rack is on so it
transfers through the steering well yeah I’ll be honest I’m very hesitant to I
just don’t want to break the case especially after it was welded and fixed that’s all it’ll take is one little
crack and then this isn’t gonna tighten one click I’m not risking it yeah that’s
it I’m not going any farther yeah okay can we get the shift linkage back on
yeah look at that it’s fucking in yeah okay question maybe is this shifter
gonna need adjustment which will probably do another day cuz I’m getting
sick of this car but no no oh nevermind I lied so I don’t I’m trying to figure
out if there’s a front or back to this thing I don’t think there is I’ll come on you fucker that doesn’t sound good
adds crunchy that sounds crunchy what the fuck oh can you can you try and
wiggle this while I’m like it’s not sometimes janky that rod no it’s not
gonna it’s bound maybe a rubber mallet go get the yeah I’m sorry is it really
I feel very intelligent huh here just give it a smack all right
you’re gonna have to learn how to do that quicker oh there we go of course of
course Brandon touches it and it magically works just fine yeah I mean
I’m taking those off back i when I was working on the caliper on the driver
rear he didn’t even tighten the fitting on
the caliper for the brake line so these fucking plates are coming off I’m like
that’s pretty bad like you fucking get paid to put brake lines on you don’t
tighten them down I could get somebody killed
I mean you’d think you’d see that out the the brake fluid spewing out but if
you don’t then you’re dead you know like the problem is that this sometimes hits
the yeah you know little clearance oh that’s what I was afraid of that
shouldn’t hit like that kids yeah give me a pair sign Mike well no no no you
got to adjust back there cuz see how this isn’t straight up and down yeah it
needs to go that way and I don’t know if it can I think it might be maxed out
that’s the problem God that sounds awful what you hear that
listen and that’s first just not used to all second and shit no oh little
confused now yeah it’s just it’s just that okay is that neutral yeah yeah it
needs to go over quite a bit alright let’s see if we can figure that out it’s
way off front to back I don’t give a shit what does it hit the back no the
front okay so just left and right yeah so I am
I 3d printed parts pretty much worked I would say grab the grab that mallet now
the problem as I thought no well no this so I think this is already fully
adjusted the way we want it to go so we’re gonna have to actually yes a rod
the rod that’s not gonna be as easy oh hell okay um I think that’s uh let me grab a
selection we’re gonna need a short socket yeah for that that the yeah I
don’t I don’t even know grab yeah grab the whole three eighths tray yeah one
thing we should probably do actually where’s the should probably tighten that
adjuster pin so we can make sure that it’s not causing play here a hold on me how much tight is tight let’s call that
pretty damn tight honey yeah okay now you see that bolt and nut
yeah this is why I wanted to was hoping it was right from the beginning to it 13 question that’s coming Kimmy you might
be able to get I don’t know if this will fit if I have to go get a quarter-inch oh no no no no no no no ha cut
motherfuck oh where to go I knew something was missing it goes on the shippi thing actually I’m
not so sure you think it goes there I can’t really see nothing you I meant yeah fuck it I don’t I’m in yeah well I
might have to figure it out hold on the whole thing spinning yeah does it look
like it it’s a 13 on that side – fuck I don’t know this wrench is gonna fit in
there go ahead well it’s not 13 it’s way
smaller what the fuck 10 I mean what’s that’s the next
standard size right really 10 almost looks to who she’s small I’ll grab it
12 and try 10 first 10 okay go ahead yep there we go I can click at a time huh
shit seriously still wonder if I use the nighlok I don’t remember
could be why probably the levers loose now at least pulling ho ho let me let me
check this a lever let me see if I can get deliver centered without having to
take everything apart man this fucking thing is loose in here that might work hold up well that and I
need to figure out why this is loose this is supposed to be not loose that’s
pretty fuckin shitty no it really is like okay hold up I got to fix this
first cuz this has got a fucking shit ton of play in it those assholes let’s see I want it to we’re hitting
that side so I want it to play to this side so I’m gonna have to how long to
find a washer for this uh preferably and more grease uh washer washer where’s the
stainless that probably ride better perfect hopefully it’s the right size
and then some grease on the zr2 I’m just keeping it for now oh no it’s
not trash I I don’t really know what to do with it right now okay so this has got to go and that’s
gotta go and then hopefully of course the fucking
washers too thick come on fuck
I need thinner washer but I don’t even know where the fuck I fucking shit it’s not good okay might be able to get away with
using one of these don’t want to fuck you yeah it’s probably a lot easier
to adjust to because you can actually adjust each individual cable instead of
struggling with the goddamn thing oh really what you didn’t even have to
adjust them cocksucker I mean I don’t know what to do brand and I do you want
to take a look cuz its turn to what okay so the cocksuckers didn’t include any
shims to prevent this from from what the side to side I think it’s supposed to
have something mmm are you sure yeah I’m sure it’s because this shaft is worn and
they were supposed to include shims to fix that but this is too thick by just a
hair you I don’t all’s you have is this thick bastard
mm-hmm this is that will fit over this anyway
you know what I mean King can you smack this with a hammer Oh like to try and crush it yeah yes I
can where’s that three pounder stainless it
should crush right oh it’s fucking hot I’m who hits all fucking deformed now
that’s hilarious No it’s just a hair off beat it actually
discovered another issue I have it adjusted to too high with a stainless
it’s kind of impressive that was good I have this adjusted to high that’s why
it was it’s literally hitting so I’m gonna knock it down a couple problem is
they put a set screw in both sides bastards yeah it doesn’t make sense
that one was loose that’s good for or was it because you let pressure off the
other one no idea we’re gonna go one two one yeah don’t judge me what mommy say
that’s probably still too high go one more turn oh no the washer one God don’t need to lose that
look with the pen go stop here I heard a hit
man see if it’s flat enough close let’s guys
go on this side though but yeah very close and shouldn’t matter what just for
fitting purpose it’s fitting versus right it’s right okay that should now prevent prevent it
from making the scraping a little bit doing all right there we could probably
use the screwdriver to help get it in did you lose it I heard it bounced across the floor you’re gonna hate me I have copper
washers up there they’re on top of the parts rack the parts rack watch them be
thin enough if not you get hammer or now your face dude I’m telling you me and my
Amazon addictions are brought is it thin enough that’s what she said now granted
it won’t last very long but it’ll still it’s yeah it’s been enough don’t you
just love me of course now it doesn’t want to line up maybe no I mean like
it’s doesn’t even want to line up with the copper washer yes yes I did okay the copper washers yeah not
cooperating well it should slide right in I don’t understand what’s going on there goes fuck okay see that’s much
better no more play nature now how long the copper will last I don’t know I
don’t know about that long after you shank it into the trees you’re
navigating I don’t know why you’re so excited about that like I should bet me
I’m gonna control it you should be like long enough for us to win that’s what
you should say okay so this is almost straight up and down now bogs and that’s
no good but if we can tighten it with it like that you want to get like a bungee
cord and attach it to the cage there over there see them hanging from the
battery tray is that I could have swore I had it
adjusted all one-way but maybe not so we’ll try again I don’t need your
judgment what you got it I’m kidding I don’t know
what the hell I’d do without you that’s for sure this is so fucking it’s
gonna get me right in the face this is so fucking ridiculous
no no I’m trapped okay all right so yeah this isn’t gonna be easy you think the quarter inch ratchet would
have more turns for you I don’t know if it’s finer – yeah I would shit you’re not even you got
interference with the hell I’m uh you’re not even on the knob man you’re like 1/4
on the nut I’m telling it though am I not hey I can feel the resistance
of it yeah I know but it’s gonna around the nut yeah see try the quarter inch
ratchet with a regular deep well quarter inch ratchet with a thirteen deep yeah
see if that’ll work oh you know I see what I did I had to
adjust did the way the original car was hopefully this fixes it hmm no fuck okay if we put it in third gear we would
be able to fit a deep well three-eighths does that make sense
probably not whoa nope that’s that’s sorry fourth gear my bad
there you go now you can fit a deep well 3/8 ratchet yeah a new question weird
that longer there was a screwdriver over here that was this one I gotta hold this hold on you’re turning the go ahead and
tighten it down there you go hold on it’s spinning on the I will here in a
sec okay now go for it it’s gotta be pretty tight to let crush
my fingers tight okay do you think tight enough high enough or no because this is
just what do you mean I can’t really get the whole thing on there there’s a head
sitting is it hitting the nylon oh no you’re not you’re not on it at all think
you’re hitting the nylon now Oh hold up I think it’s tightening the
adjuster nothing we just tightened the hold up here hold it there for a second
I mean it’s tight right it’s just not like super tight is it hitting we still
got so much extra it’s not hitting but I mean it’s close right try a bit just
real careful as my fingers anyway I don’t think it hit at all no no call
that a day then try reverse just be very careful ooh that’s right
hits is it going it’s not even going in reverse though that how they go okay
watch fingers does that reverse yeah that’s reverse no no no I need to adjust it right no look see you got you got way too much
room over here is what’s going on no we’re not hitting it with a hammer ya
know cuz then how do I put my shift boot on no no no you killing me you’re
killing me I still need to figure out how to get a fucking shoe I need to
drill a pilot hole into this for the shift knob no I mean I’m we can hit all
the gears right yeah just well yeah what the hell try
reversing nope first to reverse no third tour of yours
I can hear it that’s reverse I mean that’s reverse that’s for reverse is it
hit it’s not heavy alright call it a day it’s success because he watch but it’s
reverse so we can use reverse not much no no cause let me get a pair of pliers
after it okay that’s fine as long as you leave a lip for mine yeah shift boot
look you get a pair of pliers at it what kind of pair of pliers do you want okay leave me a lip for the you might as
well do fifth gear – I see where you’re going with this yeah it’s not good so let’s not do it
then you seriously gonna keep going after you punched a hole in it too late
we’ve already got clearings going on oh my god it’s fine
trust in me James just step away I’m gonna have to seal that okay what about
my you know you’re not you’re not leaving me a lip for my you guys go like so you going holy shit that is thin yeah
not to enthuse Porsche not to enthused is it you’re flexing this whole piece
garbage still hitting we’ve solved anything
hitting right here yeah just finish this cut wait but you’re not even cutting in
the right spot it’s hitting here I cut right here yeah but then I can roll this
whole thing out hold on first it will not go in reverse it’s not going
in reverse that’s reverse or even if I just cut right here and here and just
roll this outside if anything I’m giving you more of a lip cuz it’s gonna roll
like a can of sardines because obviously this shit’s then okay so you need wire
sniffers basically to cut it ha no no of course that’s all I got man ten snips
who do you think I am there you go shit so thin and not even a challenge
it’s kind of scary honestly well that’s why this is it aluminum no that’s why
they have a role be strengthened ready yeah that should be plenty to roll that over
need to get it like partially there you go no kidding you know what about fifth
gear you’re gonna to make more room up here
yeah aren’t you glad doing this not really yeah make you happy there that’s
good that’s okay man that reverse it’s just a pain in the dick in general well
it’s not bad whenever you’re in here cuz you used to at least I’m used to just
slam it over kind of aggressively that’s it that’s good I have a feeling reverse
is one of those gears that doesn’t work unless the cars are running there that’s reverse it’s not hitting oh
okay perfect now we’ll just fold them up yeah
otherwise then we’re gonna cut the fuck out of you yeah you want the smaller
ones to do that with sure I don’t think that big ones gonna get the finesse you
need here I don’t want the boot to rip my big thing so that was not playing playing nice for
everyone who’s made it this far in the video obviously my Forte’s of rigging
shit why they keep me around there you go perfect James they didn’t even make
it this perfect from the fucking factory bud yeah obviously look at everything
else is all dicked up that’s good that’s good I know how the hell that thing’s gonna
stay on is a whole nother question zip ties yeah that was my thought exactly it’s this actually shows into the knob
so I’m gonna have to figure out what knob I want and then cut it it sews into
the knob from factory yeah it’s fucking really the whole boot and everything’s
mm-hmm it goes yeah like this that’s so gay fucking stupid so well the problem
is I need to find a knob that allows you to mount leather under it because they
make them they’re just you know I don’t think you can get them at autozone okay
yeah it works hey problem solved
adjusted yeah we just adjusted this all right well we got let’s not forget to go
go down there tighten the to tighten that bolt that way it doesn’t come loose
the the adjuster that we were working on it’s not tight yet right well you you should be able to get to it
now that we’ve got it back in neutral all right watch it move it and we got to
start over oh we got more clearance room no you’re
just you’re not you know I’m there at all
mm-hmm there you go halfway you’re half nope
trying to shift it no you’re like no how long you’re hitting you’re hitting the
nylon bushing I could feel it tighten them no no because you’re hitting you’re
hitting this arm the ratchets like physically trying to shift it I’m saying this doesn’t I’m not sure what to do oh sorry fucking your clothes don’t tell me
the wobbles – fat – no you’re not just just let me let me do this reverse your
ratchets something’s fucked up with you Larry oh that ratchet all I needs
greased there now you’re on it what assume you’re pretty damn tight because
you’re moving the whole assembly okay it’s fucking in yeah
and adjusted and adjusted oh wire tight before we die okay good sir go ahead and slide it
through there then wrap it around the ship oh wait before we do that what
about this weird rubbery thing oh I don’t know where the fuck this goes I
honestly don’t know where it goes either but I would presume I think it goes like
this into the right to prevent dirt from getting in there yeah
no no well there’s a big plastic piece missing that might be part of the reason
why it’s fucked up because there’s a supposed to be a plastic sleeve but I
broke that when I took it apart it doesn’t so fuck it just not worry about
it we’ll have a big skid plate anyway so I would hope nothing would get trapped
in there and we can we can make it part of our checklist to undo this inspection
cover and vacuum it out you know what I mean
no I’m serious like do I need a longer piece of wire here I
got I can I can finish it for you huh I was gonna do it another day I’m sure
dinner’s all ready yeah okay alright I’m gonna call that good enough
ain’t gonna go nowhere ok now the I found one of the inspection
covers where’s the other one found the small one the big one I know
is lame I saw it the other day too and I was like what is that for and then I
remembered so I kept it and then yeah no I don’t know where it is again wait
it’s there it is look at that whoo what is this
that’s the fuck is that for so these are the two bolts from the old collar so
they’re trash this is the old inspection plug but what is this weird walkie thing
oh you know what is this maybe this is the one that goes where that bolt was we
thought the bolt was had wire in it but reality it goes maybe just try before
the GoPro runs out of memory I’ve been out here quite a while no that can’t be
right no it’s not it no I don’t know what the fuck this is for hopefully not
anything important it could be part of the old linkage yeah okay just put this
in the box if I ever sell the other transaxle then this will be part of that
sales all this shit that I don’t know what to do with these are old
transaction amounts this stuff I need it’s funny there’s
like no there’s two different types of lug nuts on this fucking car somebody
half-assed that okay so this plug goes here what oh that’s it yep that’s the no
son of a bitch we’re gonna say I bought these for a reason nope one more yeah
and it’s loose like a loose loose whatever I have to flush it anyway there
you go I told you man I told you I’m not always 100% crazy do it that’s cuz one
broke right there should be a missing piece from it yeah you can thank the FRS
transmission for that Alright inspection plug is in wait we haven’t even dropped
the check yet I’m gonna drop it yeah whoo it’s done congratulations Thank You
Brandon so do you think it’s gonna be worth all
this effort you hope you’re killing me we get to stand next to Kim Block in the
driver orientation meetings oh my god it this better be fucking worth it man
especially cuz we can stand there and you know somebody comes up I asked about
the car it’s like we built this from scratch except the cage but I mean
obviously but I don’t know I think it’s gonna be worth it whenever it’s done you
know ten years from now okay all right guys I’m gonna call it
for the video me see if I can get it good I don’t know if this is gonna look
good or not so yeah trying for a thumbnail it might have to do it my
phone I will see you guys next time right

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