Hi, here this is carl the landscape guy.
Today foundations for a wood garage are to be made. Some have already been completed
but some are still missing, and in this video, I want to briefly show how we make them. We
use these H-anchors, which must be set into concrete. These are for 120mm wooden beams,
they make them in other sizes too. Keep in mind that the anchor itself does not ensure
a rigid connection between the foundation and the beams. In this case, however, a garage
with walls is being built and these walls provide a connection between the wood studs
for an adequate stiffening of the building. The size of the foundation can be found in
the construction statics papers. For this dual garage statics were created. If the position
of the foundation is calibrated, we can start to dig the hole. We use a spade and a shovel.
You can also use a hole spade or hand excavators. But in this case its boggy topsoil and we
use the spade to loosen the compressed peaty soil and the shovel to get the material out
of the hole. With two people that works very quick. The 35 x 35 cm hole was dug out in
about 10 minutes. At a depth of approximately 1,2 meters we reached load bearing soil. Now
the hole can be filled with concrete and compacted. In some areas the ground level differs from
the desired height of the foundation, here we use an upturned bucket with a cutout bottom
to get to the desired height. We use pre-cast concrete with a strength class of C25 / 30
and a 0-8mm grain. In order to achieve the desired strength, a layer wise compaction
with the hand tamper is very important. So that the anchor is placed exactly in the right
place, I have stretched a cord and marked the center of the anchor with a black dot.
Now the anchor has to be aligned with the level. If it is properly seated, the concrete
can be filled up to the top and compacted. The floor of the garage will be layed with
pavers later. I make sure that the foundation is not in the way of the pavers later. That
way the foundation disappears later under the paving. Now only the concrete has to harden
and the garage can be placed. If the sun shines strong and drying out the concrete before
the chemical hardening process is complete, the concrete can be watered from time to time
and covered for example with fabric. I wait a few days before I build the garage. The
concrete is relatively hard after 24 hours, however, the hardening process is completed
after 28 days. The bucket can now be taken off and reused if needed. As you can see the
H-anchors are sitting nice and tight in the concrete. I hope this video helped you. I
would love a thumb und and you are welcome to just leave a comment for questions or ideas.
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