How to Measure Vibration with the Fluke 810 Vibration Tester
How to Measure Vibration with the Fluke 810 Vibration Tester

Today, we’re going to look at the Fluke
810 vibration tester and we want to run through the steps of actually making a
measurement. We already have written the procedure, saved it and called it up
and we’re now in a position to measure the rotation speed of the shaft. So, I
want to say measure RPM. As soon as the green button lights up, I
can measure the RPM with a laser tachometer probe. So now it’s measured the RPM and it’s
checking out the sensor, detecting the sensor type. Now, we’re ready to start the procedure
and we have a choice to select new orientations or locations or use the
existing ones. I’m going to select new ones and now it shows me a graphic;
showing me the motor the coupling and the simulated fan. So, I hit enter and it
says sensors on location 1. So, it wants me to put the sensor on the free end of the
motor. So I’ll rotate the magnetic mount on to the motor housing and press Enter.
Now it wants to know if it is on the top, the side, or the end. I put it on the
end so I’m going to select end. The cable is perpendicular to the shaft to the
motor. So, I’m going to select perpendicular to the shaft the motor and
now we read the measure. What we’ll do is we will repeat that four
times. We’ll move the the tri-axial accelerometer from here to here to here
to here and make measurements near all those bearings. Now, we’ve taken our measurements on four locations and we’re ready to diagnose and get our analysis. So, I’ll push
the diagnose button. Now, we’ve completed the test and the
diagnosis is being presented on the screen in a very simple format with the fault, the severity, and for six different faults it found. This is what we expected from this setup that has the unbalanced weight This is how we actually take the measurements and how the 810 does the

7 thoughts on “How to Measure Vibration with the Fluke 810 Vibration Tester”

  1. zura tomashvili says:

    it writes no problems detected, this is good but i cant get diagnostic data I need this. what can i do?

  2. VictoriaGooner says:

    In comparison with the Commtest VB5 spectrum analyzer, how does the Fluke 810 match up? We have been using the VB5 now in Royal Canadian Navy for 18 months (since the upgrade from the Commtest VB1000) and I have found it to be a reliable vibration monitoring test equipment. But unlike the Fluke 810, the VB5 does not give you a breakdown of the possible faults on screen. This is something as technicians we have to complete based on spectrum or waveform analysis. More info on this product would be greatly appreciated as I currently instruct vibration analysis and pneumatic/current controls at the Royal Canadian Naval Engineering School in Victoria, BC. Thank you.

  3. hans-juergen rasch says:

    fluke sucks

  4. JO3haNsum says:

    looks like it's only for nice looking motors. Of course it will pick up vibration on a corrugator, I have two big rolls sanwiching metal to hot metal, i dont think it would work well on that.

  5. NoNeedtoFeedtheJudge says:

    sound is so low
    C'mon fluke…

  6. William J. U. says:

    No vi algo útil en absoluto. Muy complicado

  7. har d says:

    Can you test a motor servo?

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