How to Play & Win 9 Ball Pool : Nine Ball Pool Push Out Strategy
How to Play & Win 9 Ball Pool : Nine Ball Pool Push Out Strategy

Hello I’m Richard on behalf of
we just completed a legal break in the game of nine ball and what I’m going to go over
now is a little bit of the strategies on the push out between what we talked about earlier.
This situation here the one ball was pocketed on the break, the two ball is the next object
ball on the table, the three ball is in the way. My options are either kick at the two
ball and try to make a legal hit on the two ball or I can push out. If I chose to push
out the strategies begin with …push out I go push out to anywhere on this area here
where I want to leave myself a shot on the two if my opponent passes the shot back to
me. But, at the same time if I do push out into here I’m leaving him a pretty good shot
and he probably would pass on it he would probably take the shot and he would roll.
So in this particular case I’m looking at possible pushing out to this part of the table.
If I push out somewhere between the four and the nine ball and I leave him a shot at the
two ball he is going he may pass it back to me. He may take it but the thing of it is
if he passes it back to me at less I do have a shot on the two ball. The one place I do
not want to push out is somewhere in this area. If I were to shoot this cue ball and
push out in here then obviously I’m not going to leave myself a shot I’m going to be hooked
by the eight or the four and then my opponent would pass the shot back to me and in that
case I will be required to execute a legal shot on the two ball or forfeit the ball and
hand it to my opponent. So I will attempt to try to push the cue ball back down into
this area and then see what my opponent has to do after that.

13 thoughts on “How to Play & Win 9 Ball Pool : Nine Ball Pool Push Out Strategy”

  1. madwhitejamaican says:

    you just gave him ball in hand great job!!!!!

  2. Fred O says:

    you sir, are an idiot.

  3. Martin Galuška says:

    lol 😀 that is some funny expert! hey buddy boy, thanks for you lesson, but i am sure there is something else you can do better 😉

  4. amnesia702 says:

    Regardless of the mindless absurdity of some of the previous comments, I would like to commend you for taking the time and energy to put together a video that illustrates the basic concepts of a push-out; information that will undoubtedly be useful for beginners to the sport. I think it's pretty obvious that this was the intention of the video, and it's a shame that these jackasses don't appreciate that.They are clearly not sportsmen and obviously know little about what they are commenting on.

  5. amnesia702 says:

    A professional player would NEVER attempt such a reckless and rewardless shot. In fact, even a SLIGHTLY competent player would know that attempting a safety is the only intelligent option in this situation.

  6. 300BC says:

    I've been playing pool constantly for twenty five years or so and have never even heard the term push out. Typically we have to make an attempt to hit the object ball and either make it or hook them.

    I'll bring the idea of push out to some of the other players next time I'm in a tournament or among friends. Are there any special rules to pushing out like having to hit two rails or anything like that?

  7. spvn says:

    lol i've been playing it for only 3 years and i've already heard of it..

    Anyway the only rule for a push-out as far as i can tell is that you can ONLY push out when you do not have full "view" of the object ball, ie part of the ball is blocked by another ball. it need not be a full ball block, as long as you cant see even A TINY BIT of the ball, you can push out.

    Also, you can even pot balls on push outs if you want to, no foul either.

  8. 300BC says:

    Thanks Spvn, the people I play with don't go for pushing out because they consider it bowing out, I wouldn't mind myself because it would add interest back to the game with something different.

    Most of the people I shoot with would jump the three here stopping the cue for a shot up table and so on, game over. I'm still getting good at jumping, massa is more my thing but wouldn't work here.

  9. lemonite1 says:

    when you push out, 1.try and leave alot of distance(This makes return safety difficult)
    2.let them see the ball(if you hide, they'll give it back to you). 3.Don't be scared to give them a shot wherein if they make it they don't have position on the next ball.
    4.learn the kick safety.

  10. Dovydas Nesakysiu says:

    best push out is to leave easy jump.

  11. azoldtime09 says:

    @Siaulietiz no dork, your opponent will pass it to you, and you jump the cue-ball, then that's a foul/scratch.

  12. Dovydas Nesakysiu says:

    @azoldtime09 wtf? i would easily jump that. whats the problem?

  13. azoldtime09 says:

    @Siaulietiz well it could ruin the felt.

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