How to Remove a Crankshaft Pulley in Your Car
How to Remove a Crankshaft Pulley in Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your working on your car and having a hard time
pulling off the crankshaft pulley, then stay tuned, because today I’m going to
show you how to remove a pulley from an engine, now if you’re going to change your
timing belt or do other engine work, you’ll have to remove the crank case
pulley from your engine, now it’s hidding down here, the bottom front of the engine,
now the first thing you have to do is take the big bolt that holds it up, but
unfortunately you really can’t use a socket and a wrench on this, because when
you put it on and turn it, all it does is spin the engine, now if you have a
standard transmission you can leave it in gear and it’ll be locked, and you can
turn it off, but in an automatic which most people have, the engine will just
keep spinning along and you’ll never get the bolt off, so in this case, you have to
bite the bullet, and use an impact wrench if you don’t have an air impact wrench, pay
mechanic just to loosen it on finger tight, or they do make electric
impact wrenches for getting them off, they don’t work quite as well as these,
but they’ll usually get the bolt off, now once you remove the bolt, you want to get
the pulley off, but you can’t pull them off, it’s on pretty tight, so you
need a puller kit, but hey they don’t cost much, I bought this set at Harbor
Freight tools for nineteen dollars, and their easy to use, you just get the
rod and screw it into the main puller part, and then get this end, and snap it
in here, so it pushes against the crankshaft, and in this Toyota as you
notice these four little holes they’re threaded, so you can get bolts in them,
they get the puller assembly, put it over, and get one nut bolt, and screw it into
the little hole, then screw another bolt and washer into the hole on the
opposite side, you have both on snug, then get a socket and snug it up here, then hook up a wrench and keep turning it, and off
it comes, here it is now, you got the whole pulley off, so you can take the
timing cover off, and do any of the work you need to do, like changing the timing
belt or seals, so now you know, with the right tools you
can take anything apart, and if your price around, you’ll find it doesn’t cost
much, $19 for this kit, so the next time you find yourself whining about the high
cost of auto repair, do like I do, fix it yourself and
remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit Scotty Kilmer .com and I’ll
answer them as soon as I get back for this ride!

98 thoughts on “How to Remove a Crankshaft Pulley in Your Car”

  1. alabiggy says:

    I am doing a timing belt change, I put a wrench on my crank shafts bolt and I guess I thought it wouldn't move, well I didn't make any marks, it moved… now I'm freaked out… what's the worse case with this epic screw up… help please

  2. alabiggy says:

    I should be good right? I mean by it moving, 8th moved the timing belts and all attached pullies.. correct

  3. NestorKills ummm says:

    Hey scotty any suggestions on how to remove a broken pulley bolt ? Any recomendations ?

  4. Alfonso Montanez says:

    I have a squealing noise coming from my engine 2003 pontiac grand am gt. I notice the crankshaft pulley not rotating straight it is wiggling and I believe the noise is coming from there. If I replace it should it stop the squealing noise and would it be the only thing to replace. Hope it is simple to do. Thanks

  5. Nik Demopoulos says:

    you can remove the pulley bolt also by leaving the socket on the pulley and turn over the motor with dizzy lead disconnected.

  6. gullyrounere says:

    You just saved me a ton on my clk 320! Thanks from slushy/snowy London!!

  7. Dane M says:

    Get a small aluminum square pipe drill 2 holes lined up with the holes on the pully bolt the bar or put some alan keys to lock it in and then you have a lever bar 2 push the other way wilst using a normal breaker bar to undo the nut

  8. certified30 says:

    how about installing it back?

  9. KeleentProductions says:

    @Scotty Kilmer  can you remove the crank shaft seal without having to take apart the timing belt?

  10. casinero55 says:

    Hi, Scotty . How I can replace the Idle pulley on a 2004 Chrysler Sebring?

  11. N5omniac says:

    you couldn't have made that any simpler!!! thanks – oh btw that kit is now only $13 lol

  12. particle 6 says:

    i have a 1999 Buick century  my crankshaft pulley is wobbling . should i replace the pulley or would  it be something else like the timing belt causing the pulley to wobble ?

  13. Nathan says:

    1:25         LoL

    Scotty, I love 'ya, buddy. But you're funny.  I seriously love the informative videos.

  14. D.R says:

    if its open diff it wont work

  15. Ilse Dos Santos says:

    This is great! really helpful. I´m in Venezuela, South America and now I know exactly how to do this to my toyota camry. My crankshaft pulley Its bouncing around but now I know how to fix it.

  16. The Right Reverend Destroyer says:

    I put a steel pole on my breaker bar, and wedged it against the frame and bumped the motor and it loosened the crank bolt easily.

  17. robert hoagland says:

    Yer a genius, Scotty, and you'd be the perfect neighbor 'cause then I could come overand borrow that gear puller!

  18. MrKelso159 says:

    How do you keep the engine from turning over when putting the new one back on ? I have a 93 Pontiac Grand Am GT with the 3.3 v6 automatic.

  19. J. Hall says:

    Scotty, You are truly an automotive genius….. love how simple you make things look. John H.

  20. Kayla Lynn says:

    Scotty, i have a 2003 monte carlo 3.4L V6 i pulled off the center bolt (crankshaft), put the tool on it and the pulley still turned. what am I doing wrong?

  21. Kayla Lynn says:

    Thanks Scotty, I do my own mechanic work and I am learning as I go. I used a little muscle and off it came. Thank You.

  22. sunburst68 says:

    Hi Scotty! We own a 2000 Chrysler T&C. The other day I noticed the sound of what I thought was bad bearings under the hood. I noticed what appears to be a wobble to the crankshaft pulley. Any Ideas as to what might be happening?

  23. James Boyle says:

    Hey Scotty I have a quick question for this vid. I was wondering if this applies to a specific model like a 2002 Chevy Malibu? Cuz my harmonic balancer came off the camshaft pulley and now I have to replace the part. Would I be able to access that through the wheel well like you did?

  24. meadival_mosh says:

    Scott, after removing the bolt a small amount of oil came out. Is that normal or does that mean I have a bad seal?

  25. Akt!ve Killz says:

    Quick question was that a 1998 toyota camry you used in this video?

  26. CRCentertainmentFam says:

    HELP! I have a 2006 mazda 6s V6 and I'm trying to change the water pump, but in order for me to get to the water pump i need to remove the pulley above it. I can't seem to find the appropriate tools on how to remove that pulley! it doesn't have a bolt or anything, please if anyone knows how to remove it please let me know!!!

  27. BSJ says:

    Hi if I use an impact wrench to loosen the nut that holds the crank pulley, do I still need to hold the pulley secure so it doesn't turn the engine while I loosen the bolt? Or is the action of an impact wrench so strong that it loosens the bolt before the pulley has a chance to move? I need to change the timing belt on my 95 Acura, the Haynes manual says to hold the pulley still using a strap wrench with one hand while loosening the bolt with the other, but I'm not sure I have the strength or coordination to do that. Also, mine is a manual transmission; were you saying that putting it in gear will hold the crank pulley secure??

  28. Matt Scott says:

    You will not make this putt! Jackass!

  29. John Lee says:

    looks like a camry 2.2 just like what I am working on, Do you know what size bolt you used to go through the pully with? I used the puller from harbor freight but the bolts are too big to fit into the balancer, thank you in advance

  30. janderkin says:

    are you stupid?

  31. Brittney Schafer says:

    not sure if you are still response on here but i have a 96 camry 2.2 and trying to get that crankshaft pulley out but can't get the bolt out tried a impact but won't bulge any idea

  32. Jcconnection Media says:

    I have a 2001 Infiniti I30 I have no holes on my pully what kind of pulley tool should I use

  33. Austin Sumners says:

    I'm 17 and I don't have as much energy as this guy

  34. CrazyFrogz says:

    I have a 98 Ford Windstar 3.0 I've changed everything except water pump & crank shaft. belt still makes noise. I notice the crankshaft pulley is really loose, I'm now experiencing like a problems with my van not wanting to stay running unless I give it gas & it's warmed.. I think raves up & down when first starting… someone suggest crankshaft pulley & seal … anything I should know.. also have the right transmission leak but I had the coolant lines replaced so I'm unsure BC it's not consent but in same area & all new hoses. any help? thanks

  35. sabrina pore says:

    I'm trying to fix my crank shaft my self

  36. sabrina pore says:

    I'm trying to fix my crank shaft my self

  37. jinxelectric says:

    can I use a drill instead of an impact wrench?

  38. Miu Blu says:

    I love u Scotty but your wrong on using impact gun, I just took off the flywheel cover and put a screwdriver between the gear teeth to keep from spinning and used a socket and long ass breaker bar to loosen bolt, I used 3 different type of impact guns and none worked even a 1000 foot pound one, so from now on I just use breaker bar and screwdriver in flywheel

  39. Brian Smith says:

    how would I put the pully back on? I can't find any videos on how to do so

  40. Andrew Stewart says:

    Thanks Scotty! Like all of your quirky videos, they're entertaining and extremely helpful!

  41. MrKelso159 says:

    Whats the easiest way to put it back on ?

  42. kilamanjaro Mountain says:

    I have a standard and my pulley goes round and round
    in gear.

  43. avatcns says:

    Nice video. I thought I could remove engine pulley from the top, but now see I have to jack car up and remove wheel and some body shields. At least I know know what I have to do!! Ugh!

  44. River Browning says:

    My car sounds like diesel VW , I took the drive belt off and the noise is still there ! Does that mean its the crank pulley ? How can I tell if that's really the problem.

  45. Greg Mcclain says:

    I'm removing the same pulley on the same car what size bolt threads into the pulley to use the puller? You have very helpful short videos by the way! Keep it up! Thanks

  46. NastyZL1 says:

    hey scotty make a video on how to change cylinder heads.

  47. Honda2014 says:

    Harbor freight tools they are of poor quality.

  48. TJPorsche2599 says:

    Thank you!!

  49. Rudy Hernandez says:

    I'm trying to repair a 95 Toyota Corolla cause it's knocking and my brother in law diagnosed it something about crank shaft or about pulley I'm not sure there isn't a video of it

  50. b stone says:

    Got a 96 Camry 2.2 need to do the timing belt and water pump. I hear I need something to hold the cam and crankshaft pulleys in place when reinstalling so the I can torture them down and not spin it on the timing belt. Any advice? Can find a tool for this anywhere

  51. b stone says:

    Haha torque them down^

  52. b stone says:

    Ok. Besides being able to break loose the crank shaft/ harmonic balancer the only thing I don't understand/worried about is once you get your crank and cam shafts back on and install timing belt correctly. Then I don't understand how the harmonic balancer is going to be able to be set at zero properly without turning the crankshaft out of place? hopefully will be easier to understand once I tear into it tomorrow but I'm being OCD about it and wanna know everything.

  53. David Mosqueda says:

    How do you put on the replacement!?

  54. danlatu says:

    my ryobi 1/2 impact gun pulled the pulley bolt off no problem.

  55. Mohamed Hakeem says:

    v good job..

  56. Tergo32 says:

    how do i get the key to line up with the flat edges on the crank pulley to get it back on

  57. Edgar Ramirez says:

    Do I need to remove any of the belts before taking off the pulley. ? Or just take off the pulley and the belts will come off right then and there. ?

  58. Steve Benedict says:

    I'm removing the same pulley on the same car what size bolt threads into the pulley to use the puller? You have very helpful short videos by the way! Keep it up! Thanks

  59. Smash Bang says:

    I have an air gun ready to go on mine, but how worried about spinning the crank should I be? I have my belt off and camshafts are in, so Im worried about hitting a valve

  60. Ryan Kelleher says:

    I have to say, you're by far one of the most helpful mechanics out there on YouTube. I always know my problems gonna be solved when I see you've made a video about it. haha. Well, I have a 1UZ LS400/Celsior, and I was wondering what size screws those were that screwed into the holes in the pulley, some advice would be greatly appreciated. 😁

  61. budbarker57 says:

    I have an old Mercury tracer. It doesn't have bolt holes, for a puller. Videos on YouTube, show the guy just jiggling it a couple of times and it come off. I notice theirs aren't nearly as rusty. I'm sure that's a factor, but it doesn't lead me to a solution. This thing has to get me to work.

  62. Andrew Wilson says:

    DeWalt battery impact wrench,1/2" drive got enough torque to pretty much tear any bolt out! Best investment ever. Makes wheel changes a quick and easy job, lug nuts off in seconds, zero grunting or effort. One of the most used tools in the shop.

  63. jeffg 0072 says:

    How do you get the bolts on the pulley off before you put the pulley puller on it I have a 91 ranger with the 3.0 and the timing chain is old and out of time I pulled everything from the from of the motor and can’t get the 4 little bolts off to put the puller on it

  64. Connor McConkie says:

    This man is awesome

  65. D-Gauss says:

    That's a proud Trump supporter. MAGA !

  66. Kamran Khan says:

    Scotty bought the kit for 19 dollar but the bolts that come with the kit won't fit Toyota. You have to find the bolts that fits the threads of the pulley somewhere else.

  67. Scotty Kilmer says:

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    2. Impact wrench Pneumatic:
    3. Ratchet and socket set:
    4. Mechanic’s Tool Set:
    5. Wrench Set:
    6. Shop Towels:
    7. Disposable Gloves:
    8. Steel Jack:
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    10. Common Sense
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  68. James Cravens says:

    This video helped me a lot. Bought the same exact puller kit from harbor tools, and I have a feeling it will come in handy in the future. Thanks Scotty!!!

  69. Jon Thomas says:

    For DIY, I just used several loops of nylong string through the pulley and around the frame of the car. This will support hundreds of pounds of torque.

  70. SharkNT Gonzalez says:

    i need that? for the Honda accord 94? MANUAL

  71. Mikey Walsh says:

    I love your tutorial videos but I need to drink more coffee to keep up with you!

  72. charels jaccamino says:

    U the man Scotty I don't pay sh*t to the scummey car manufacturer of today because of you sir I thankyou

  73. Dj Kron says:

    Scotty You're Super Awesome Dude!

  74. CaptStump says:

    The first minute and a half is packaging. The actual how to starts at 1:30.

  75. Jill B says:

    Have used this method for 50 years. Always works a treat except for Hondas or any counter normal engine rotation. Even if engine starts no problem it just unscrews the bolt and avoids the starter and ring gear stress. Have never damaged anything but I am careful. Just tighten up with torque wrench and motor locked up in gear or park . Cheers, Eugene. Australia.

  76. Nathen Whelband says:


  77. I don't want to says:

    Hey Scotty! Age old question, since you seem very knowledgeable. Does a light weight crankshaft pulley, improve performance in any way? Either more hp, torque or just quicker throttle response? (or is it just a waste like throttle body spacers?)

  78. Melissa Ibarra says:

    GENIUS it actually works I just did it right now after 2 hours of trying to loosen the bolt thank you !

  79. Gage Michael says:

    This makes thing look so much easier!!!

  80. Robert Dewald says:

    Scotty, could you do a video on replacing a ckp sensor on a 1995 Honda Accord, thanks Bob

  81. Faisal Helwa says:

    @scott Kilmer, do you know its life expectancy?

  82. Ari Koenig says:

    Is this also called a harmonic balancer?

  83. dontaedaman says:

    what size nuts do you use?

  84. Michael scheele says:

    Scotty I have a question

  85. Jose Topete says:

    this dud is cool

  86. Big D McCoy says:

    If I need to find a way to do pretty much anything I just go to your channel and you always have a video on what I need. Thank you Scotty Kilmer

  87. wannabecarguyz says:

    Hey Scotty, when removing the timing cover does that affect the actual timing chain? I’m replacing my timing cover and don’t want to mess with the chain. Also when installing a new harmonic balancer do you put any type of Grease?

  88. AtlantaFinest says:

    Once again Scotty ur the freaking man!!!!

  89. Nedo the car guy Nedo says:

    I did one today and never again

  90. J. P. McDaniel says:

    Yay ty

  91. Kronk EL Kuzco says:

    "It will pull it right off!" Yeah my fucking left Nut!

  92. Lionheart90 says:

    Scotty, last year I didn't know how to work on my own vehicle until I started watching your videos. Now I'm able to do more than basic mechanic work, because of your videos. Thank you for putting your own time into teaching people how to do DIY mechanic work.

  93. Diego Hernandez says:

    thank you scotty. Thanks for the info of where you bought the tools

  94. Ad - Dajjal says:

    Another way to remove the bolt on an auto or manual is get another person to press the brake pedal and undo it with a breaker bar . I've done this quite a few times before I remove anything else ie wheel , brake calipers etc . Hope this helps anyone .

  95. Jan parchanski says:

    I've got Ford Fusion 2010 (european version). I've removed the crank shaft bolt. I'm able to pull out the crank shaft pulley a bit like 1-2cm but the belt is still holding it. Should I just use force to remove it ? I don't wanna damage the belt though. Please help anyone.

  96. Mse Kyp says:

    There is no enough room to take off my crankshaft pulley on my 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer ralliart what should I do to get it out?

  97. my towed life AdventuresTowing says:

    Is that same as a fan belt pulley I only have a socket wrench someone told me a 3/4 inch socket and 1/2 inch socket can I use those or do I need to use that special I have to go to the you pick it part because I can't find anyone to help me get it off so what's the difference it's near the water pump the pulley

  98. Jonathan Smith says:

    I got my Crankshaft bolt off with my lug nut tire wrench,see if it Fits,It's right next to your flat tire Jack… That's in the trunk,the short black one not the 4 lug one,but if engine mounted sideways try it as well…

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