How To Remove a PVC Toilet  Flange – DIY – Step by Step
How To Remove a PVC Toilet Flange – DIY – Step by Step

I want to show you something interesting here The way the did (installed tiles) around the toilet . You Can see here That actually the toilet (base) is inside (the tiled floor) almost 3/4 of an inch. And now I have to install a new toilet If I have to do it I want to show you what I am going to do. The first thing I am going to do is .. I am going to move this flange to give (a flange) an elevation that is going to be installed above the floor. The other I want to do I want to go here if you can see my finger here. I want to actually elevate the floor (where the toilet base sit) here And I show you how I can do it. and these are the screws of this old flange The first thing I am going to do is to remove the flange using … tools as you can see hammer, hand saw, chisel and maybe a screw driver. And that (removing the flange) is not going to remove (the flange) By cutting it (with a saw) I am going to cut it to pieces and then remove the pieces with chisel. So as you can see that the part of this process is to cut here and here (cut a segment of the flange) Using this (hand) saw and I am going to use chisel and you can see that this piece I can move it I just cut a piece and I put a rug inside the (toilet pipe) that every cutting piece falls down (the pipe) will be stopped by the rug. I just don’t want to clog the sewage pipe with debris.

9 thoughts on “How To Remove a PVC Toilet Flange – DIY – Step by Step”

  1. Quenton McConnell says:

    what a nightmare, don't hire that flooring crew again

  2. LimogesDiver says:

    So you replaced it with a street flange? I wonder how easy it is to break the weld of an ABS toilet flange (my problem). I fear the ABS will be a stronger joint, and tougher to replace.

  3. stab2killnecks says:

    Thank you.

  4. Donnie Conner says:

    English please!

  5. hollandprojects says:

    Thanks for video. Sucks removing flange. Really glued tight. Had to chisel for almost an hour.

  6. Thomas McLaurin says:

    Excellent video, Sir. You didn't nick the existing drain. These look like they take a bit of patience. It's not a job that is to be done late in the afternoon, especially if the toilet is to be pulled.

  7. Barbara Kelly says:

    Could do with a good clean before I’d go anywhere near that. 😷

  8. One God says:

    What a lazy tiler.

  9. The Mystic Ruler says:

    What a shit show.

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