How To Remove A Stuck Fixed Cup From Bike Bottom Bracket

Removing a stubborn fixed cup from a bottom bracket can be a real bear.
Especially if it’s been on there for a long time. And I’m gonna show you some tricks of how to
get this thing off. I already have the adjustable cup
removed from the other side and have everything cleared out from in there. So what I am gonna do is I’m gonna take some penetrating oil
and spray it in from the back side here and try to get it all coated into the threads of the fixed cup here. And let that soak in there for a while.
Okay now to remove this, I’m going to use a homemade tool. I got this from Sheldon Brown’s
website. You can buy these parts just at your local
hardware store. It’s a two-inch long 5/8-inch bolt. I have a half a
dozen lock washers, a flat washer and a nut for this bolt. So what I am gonna do is slide this bolt with the lock washers
in through the back. Put the flat washer on. And then put the nut on and then screw
that down. And then to get this tightened down I have a
15/16th inch socket with little extension on a
1/2 inch drive ratchet wrench. And I am gonna use that to hold the bolt in the back. And then I have a big Crescent
wrench. So I am gonna use this to tighten down this nut onto here. What’s gonna to happen is, as this gets tightened
down and it’s going to clamp down on the fixed
cup, eventually as I’m turning this, this pressure is gonna go ahead and
loosen this fixed cup. Cuz this is the right side and it’s left hand thread. So to loosen it you turn it clockwise. So go ahead… And eventually you might want to get a cheater bar. So
I’ve got my cheater bar here. If I had two half inch ratchet wrenches, I could use one on this side too. But I only have the one. And I think it’s broken loose. Yeah. Use this to remove it. And there it is. Now all I have to do is
remove the bolt. And so there, that’s how you remove a stubborn fixed cup from a bottom
bracket. I hope that helps!

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