How to Remove a Stuck Lug Nut on Your Car
How to Remove a Stuck Lug Nut on Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if you’re having a hard time getting your
lug nuts off when you have a flat tire to change the tire,
then stay tuned, because I’m going to show you how to get stuck lug nuts off of your
tire, now unfortunately, lots of mechanics,
myself included, use air impact wrenches to put lug nuts on, so if you get a flat
tire like this, it can often be hard using one of these factory lug nut
removers to get it off, of course the first thing you have to realize is, these things are
small, and arms are pretty much useless on these, so use your foot and leg
muscles, they’re a lot stronger than most people’s arms, make sure the vehicle is
parked with the parking brake on, put your leg on, and push like mad, there it goes,
but let’s say your mechanic used a giant impact wrench like this, and you can’t
get it off even with your leg, well then you get a long piece of pipe like this,
and act like Archimedes, because with a long enough lever, hey you can even move
the whole earth, out it comes, a long pipe gives you so much leverage even your
arms will be able to push it off, now if you noticed, I’ve left the tire on the
ground, because you want to make it so the tire doesn’t move, leave it on the
ground and then loosen all the nuts first, then once you just have them
loosened, you can Jack the car up in the air and take them off and replace the
tire, but if you notice, this is one of these dumb locking wheels so people
can’t steal the tire, and unfortunately the key that unlocks it is nowhere to be
found, so here’s something that I use all the time, it’s a wheel lock remover tool,
it’s got reverse threads so when you turn it to go off, it bites in and pulls
the lock off, I just bought mine online, just Google
wheel lock removal sockets, and you get a set of three that will fit most cars,
and they are real easy to use, you just get a cheater bar and snap it on the end of
the cheater bar, then go to the wheel lock, place over the top, and whack it
with a hammer a few times, to lock it in place, since it’s a reverse thread, it
bites in as you turn it, now I’ll just pull on the socket and now it’s loose,
and that sure beats searching all
over town for a puzzle lock that’ll fit it, or trying to cut it off with a
torch and ruining your wheel, and these little wheel lock removal sockets are
really great anyways, because if you have rounded off bolts, it’ll also bite into
them so you can get them off, and then buy a new one once you get the old one
off, so the next time you’re trying to get a wheel off and can’t pull it with
your bare hands, now you know what to do, and remember if
you’ve got any car questions just visit Scotty

82 thoughts on “How to Remove a Stuck Lug Nut on Your Car”

  1. Scotty Kilmer says:

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:

    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:

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    4. Wrench Set:

    5. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:

    6. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter:

    Things I used in this video:
    1. Lug Nut Remover:
    2. Breaker Bar:
    3. Sledge Hammer:
    4. Common Sense
    5. Full HD Camera:
    6. My computer for editing / uploading:
    7. Video editing software:
    8. Thumbnail software:

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  2. Sven rhys says:

    You're a life saver!!! Thank you and God bless you!!

  3. Phillip Segarra says:

    Honestly I was frustrated cuz I couldn’t find a pipe laying around .. I put the star on my lug nuts and had a 10lb mini sledge hammer.. gave it a wack a few times and it worked.

  4. Brian says:

    Something that has always worked if you don't have a breaker bar or a pipe handy. Pull out the default jack from the back of your car and use that to push the wheel lug nut iron handle. However I never had to do this ever since I started to do all my own maintenance. I tighten them to 80ft/lb and I can use whatever at hand to loosen the lug nuts, even 100ft/lb is easy to break loose.

  5. Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

    Another solution is put the lug nuts on yourself. If a shitty shop messes with your wheels, then adjust the nuts correctly when you get home.

  6. PC Henderson says:

    Thanks! That tip worked great! Was lucky to find a pipe that fit my socket wrench set.

  7. pkrangehit says:

    I tried the standing on it technique. 2 of the lug nut bolts snapped off 🙁

  8. Nobody Somebody says:

    Great powder puff mechanical help, Scotty. I've been doing that since I was a teen. Common sense. Some people are just ignorant about this kinda stuff. The tire guy once used his air wrench on my lug bolts so tight, I had to stand on the lug tool and jump on it with 200 lbs. Of my weight. Once out I found them all stripped! MAKE SURE THESE NUCKLE HEADS ONLY TORQUE YOU NUTS TO SPECKS! OR YOU'LL END UP BUYING NEW LUGS BOLTS OR A NEW WHEEL HUB.

  9. echosapphire87 says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to Scotty for this video. My lugnuts were on so tight my dad broke my tire iron finally trying to jump on it to get them to move with no luck. Tried the metal pipe lever as suggested in this video and viola.

  10. Jake Titan says:

    You are THE MAN

  11. camaroboy1905 says:

    i have problem with 3 of them they dont move and now they are rounded what can i do?

  12. aarifboy says:

    Just bought a bigger lug wrench to unscrew bolts, it broke bolts instead of removing those hehe.

  13. Professor Eggplant says:

    If you don't have a 5' bar on the side of the highway, simply drive the car in the direction needed to break the bolt free. Don't forget to not have it on a jack, keep all the other bolts tight, and be mindful the direction of travel will have on the bolt. =)

  14. nick helton says:

    These videos are about as helpful as a grenade up my rectum For the Love of the Lord if people do not know how to step on a tire iron instead of using their arms for using a breaker bar then they should probably not change their own Tire in just called roadside assistance great job making your crap videos in case nobody knows one plus one equals two case he's going to make that video soon

  15. Rex Denver says:

    Good tricks. also if the tire iron isnt going deep enough it helps to hammer it in.

  16. Lil Herm Too says:

    Thanks now I’m gonna steal my neighbors gold rims

  17. GraceEagle says:

    Thanks Scottie, using a tube a s a lever, you just saved my neck! I wish I saw this video about 2 1/2 hours ago! Great tips!

  18. NinjaPatman says:

    This dude always cracks me up, and his videos are to the point

  19. The Doofus Channel says:

    use the likely included jack to lift the tire iron, turning it counterclockwise

  20. Ryan Brown says:

    Foot worked like a charm! Thanks!

  21. Carlos Escobar says:

    How do we take the lugnutz off in subzero weather?

  22. Shannon Holohan says:

    Now I search for a pipe to use. Thanks to the PA potholes I got a flat and can’t for the life of me get one of the lug nuts loose. Tried the leg thing and didn’t work, it’s fucking cold out and I’m ready to scream 😂 I’m ready to put the tire iron through the windshield.

  23. Gordy G says:

    Hay Scotty can you please give your Opinion on the ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn and limited

  24. George Gountzas says:

    One lug nut on my wheel wont come off! The lug nut itself turns but I feel like I'm going circles. Threads are messed up! If I use the special lug nut removal socket will it mess up the threads on the wheel??

  25. Allen McKinney says:

    I got one of those lock removal tools and it says "won't split" and "can use impact" but the 1st time I used it it just kept screwing on till it split in half. Worst $13 I've spent. Luckily I bought it locally so I returned it.

  26. farerse says:

    hi is it really bad if you removed all lug nuts with the car not lifted up all the way? for a moment the Wheel was just resting on the studs without any lugs attached, I had to jack it up more to remove the wheel

  27. Julianbullmagic says:

    thanks, this worked perfectly

  28. ConkeyCrack says:

    Long pipe. That’s what she said lol. Seriously Scotty because of you I carry a long pipe in the trunk now. The lug nut was so damn tight I couldn’t get it off with my leg muscles and I’m a pretty large man. Had to get a tow to the nearest tire shop which was pretty far from where I was. Spend about $100 all because the lug nut was too damn tight

  29. OGBlackBambi says:

    This guy is a legend .

  30. Ben West says:

    Hey Scotty I'm on the side of the road right now where in the hell do I get a pipe?

  31. Mr. Partyinaboxxx says:

    best instructional video ever

  32. RxRamon says:

    Thank-you sir! I bought a fence post pipe and it worked like a charm!

  33. STGeorge says:

    I hate this guy

  34. VicJackpotRider says:

    How do you get a lug nut off a Expedition that got so hot while driving because the brake rotor seized up? I tried an impact, and a half inch breaker with an three ft cheater bar and still no use? I even bought an reverse thread socket and snapped that after it bottomed out on the stud!

  35. Brenda Brooks says:

    Worked like a charm!! Thanks so much!!

  36. smart rey says:

    now people can steal those security lug nuts

  37. Brian Duia says:

    Thanks ..very helpful

  38. Christopher Bustos says:

    Hey Scotty you're alright brother! Thanks!

  39. DashCamEyes says:

    I got lug nut that keep turning but will not come off. Tip and trick?

  40. vikita windarwati says:

    Thx for the tutorial 👍 really helpful

  41. X FILES says:

    More diarrhea of the mouth from Scotty

  42. Mr. Jo says:

    Putting lug nuts on with an impact is exactly what you’re not supposed to fucking do.

  43. CobraliciouZ says:

    I need a fucking pipe

  44. Dunkz978 says:

    Thank you! This helped me last night — middle of nyc — came back from party to a flat! First time changing a flat and the bolts were jammed. This vid saved my night! Thank you!

  45. Charley Ghanem says:

    Scotty you are the best.

  46. Joshua Smith says:

    Life saver mate

  47. Ryan Scherbluk says:

    What you do when the tire is on the ground and still moves when trying to loosen the nuts

  48. Michael a says:

    Opinion on a dab of anti seize on the lug sir thankyou

  49. yoyo kuzy says:

    Waw you just saved me! Thank you

  50. John M says:

    I used my leg – ripped my hamstring.

  51. Tovey Chow says:

    Made my day. Thanks.

  52. Shjuan Cook says:

    Thank you so much!!! Your video told me what my insurance company…and three mechanics couldn't😄💪🏽👍

  53. Molly Clarke says:

    You're the real mvp

  54. Peter L says:

    Some of them you need a chisel and drill and a couple hours. Not fun.

  55. Mister Hand says:

    A pipe, breaker bar or impact wrench, plus a real Jack (not the worthless crap jacks modern cars come with) will save your knuckles, sanity and will lower your cursing…

  56. gavin riley says:

    Omg scotty, if only locking nut removals were as easy as that…… I’ve got 7 different sizes of reverse thread removal tools but very rarely do any fit. Usually because the nuts don’t pretrude out enough to get the tool to bite and if that’s the case then it’s usually chisel and hammer time, that’s if you have enough nut sticking out to beat to death

  57. Brett Reed says:

    Thank you! It helped me today😄

  58. JoeDaiger says:

    Yeah? I just twisted my tire iron with a leverage bar. Got any more Brilliant Brain Buster ideas?

  59. Demz Won says:

    Thx, it worked

  60. Odis Houston Jr says:

    leverage! outstanding! didn’t have a metal pipe but i had a 3” PVC pipe. i just knew it wasn’t going to work! boy was i wrong. The nuts loosen right up! this video was spot on! thanks for sharing.

  61. darkonekosuke2 says:

    Great and comprehensive video

  62. Lzbet G says:

    I got my wheel off using this suggestion!

  63. Gizmo180 says:

    So I used a removal socket and it did the trick. But now I can’t get the lug but out of the extraction socket. Are there any tips on how or are they a one use tool?

  64. Christian Castro says:

    Hey Scotty I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my life so much easier with this video. My tire popped at 3:30 am on the south side of Chicago. I tried hard to lossen the bolts using a nug wrench with my arms and after seeing you jump on it, I tried it myself and within the first jump they loosened. just happy to say I made it back home. Thank you again scotty🙏. You really helped me out!

  65. Psp 41 says:

    Using the pipe on your "mechanic" after doing this will also probably make sure he won't over tighten future nuts.

  66. learn and teach. says:


  67. Oscar Garcia says:

    U the man

  68. Irela Lita says:

    i hope this works for me because i got told i would have to pay over $200 just to get it unstuck like that is actual garbage for ONE LUG NUT

  69. Ivan Calcano says:

    Yup .. i always make sure i have an iron pipe in my car 😂😂😂😂

  70. John Reynolds says:

    Scotty Needs a STP Ultra 5 In 1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner to Get Rid of All that Black Carbon Coming Out of his Side Exhaust Pipe.

  71. Evan Salmonsen says:

    Worked !! Thanks!

  72. Stacy's Mojo says:

    Thank u! The pipe was a great idea 😉 we had a hard plastic one and it worked!

  73. John Richards says:

    broke my socket trying to remove a lug. wtf

  74. Julio Lopez says:

    Putting my body weight helped much better. Thanks for the tip 😉

  75. Malachis Grace says:

    Hell yeah, impact wrench.

  76. jaspal singh sandhu says:

    Nice information

  77. Vince Wolf says:

    Can always depend on you Scotty

  78. Dax Moon says:

    This worked

  79. 1woksape says:

    Use never-sieze lubricant on the lug bolts like the truckers do..aluminum wheels often wont come off steel drums- have to shock pound them off with a hammer or spare tire- then put anti-sieze lube on the outside steel plates. .

  80. Gwapo Nolimits says:

    Your a lame if you disliked this video. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Scotty.

  81. Simon Warner says:

    This was helpful and you have a very capturing personality very nice video lol thank you

  82. crysis4real says:

    I was sweating like a pig trying to take off my lung nuts, thanks again Scotty for your great tips and advise 🙂

  83. ussling says:

    Aaagh! An impact tool to install lug nuts? Nay! Never! That can warp alloy wheels, and make removing the lug nuts impossible the next time. Check the owner's manual or online for the required foot/pounds and use a torque wrench to install lug nuts. I carry a torque wrench in the trunk for occasions like this.
    Such a wrench is not expensive at Harbor Freight, especially with a 20% coupon.
    For some decades I have put white lithium grease on the back of the wheel where it contacts the hub, and also on the wheel studs for the lug nuts, and never has a wheel failed to come off for me.
    The long pipe is the cheater bar. The tool over which it is slipped is a breaker bar.
    The breaker bar I carry in the trunk is 18" long, and with the lithium grease previously installed, removing a wheel is a piece of cake.

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