How To Remove A Stud Wall – DIY At Bunnings
How To Remove A Stud Wall – DIY At Bunnings

We are pulling down this timber stud wall
today because we’ve got to extend the bathroom out. The tools I’m going to need to do this
are a reciprocating saw to cut the studs, a hammer and pinch bar to help pry them out
and personal protective equipment: goggles, ear mask and gloves. Now before we start pulling
out any timber frames we need to get them looked at by a structural engineer to make
sure they’re not load-bearing walls. So the first thing I’ve got to do is get rid
of this jamb. To do that I’m going to get the reciprocating saw and I’m going to cut
all the nails down the sides and across the top and then it just should be a matter of
lifting it straight out. The blade in this is a dual blade so it will cut both the nails
and timber as well so we can cut pretty much anything with it. So I’ve cut all the nails off for in the door
jamb so now it’s just a matter getting the door jamb out. I’ll use the pry bar to just
give me a hand to do that. So now we’ll go get rid of the noggins and
we’re going to do that just by hitting them out with a hammer, just to give ourselves
some room and then we’ll use the sabre saw later on. The noggins are the ones running
sideways. Actually they’re used to keep the studs straight. We’ll just knock them out
of the road, that’s going to make our lives a lot easier. So now we’ve got the noggins out of the road
we’re going to grab the reciprocating saw and just cut all the studs in half just so
they’re easier to pull out. Okay that’s all the studs cut now. Now it’s just a matter
of pulling all the timber down and getting rid of it. Use a bit of manpower and just
pull the studs out. They’ll all just pull out relatively easily. Okay so that’s all the studs out. Now we’ve
got to get the top plate and the bottom plate out. Now what we’re going to need to do, we’re
going to need to run the reciprocating saw through the top plate and that will just pull
down. And then it should just be a matter of prying up the bottom plate. So that’s how to remove a timber stud wall.
Basically, all we’ve got left to do now is just to fill in the hole where the bottom
plate has come from. Pretty simple job.

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