How to Remove and Clean a Furnace Blower Wheel
How to Remove and Clean a Furnace Blower Wheel

– [Demonstrator] Welcome
to Tomahawk DIY everyone. Today we’re gonna take
a look at cleaning the blower wheel in this Bryant
furnace or HVAC unit. So the first thing you wanna do before performing this work is remove the power. So, turned off the switch there. For good measure I’m
gonna come over to the circuit breaker panel and find the breaker for the
furnace, turn that off. So with power removed, to
access the blower motor first I need to remove this thumb screw. So with that panel removed,
next I need to get access right in here under this panel. Alright to access the blower motor pretty straightforward
I’ve got two screws here to remove this panel. That should be just a few screws on most. Alright. So here’s your blower motor. And check my wiring here,
there’s some wires I need to remove depending on
how much slack we have. In this case I need to
remove this control wire, the red and white right here. Now I recommend taking a
picture before disconnecting any wires so that you can easily reconnect in the same configuration. So I’m gonna grab my
screwdriver and loosen these to get the red and white off. Alright with the red
and white disconnected I think most of these others
will be able to stay in place. We’ll kind of assess
that as we begin sliding the motor out. As long as we’ve got enough slack. Alright this whole control panel is sitting on a metal shelf,
and there are two bolts one here, one over on this
side, that we’ll remove in order to get the shelf out. So I’m gonna go ahead and remove those. Alright I removed the two bolts. Now we’re gonna just move this very slowly and watch the wires. See if we can get it
out of the way without disconnecting more, or if we need to disconnect some others. I may have to remove a
few more wires from the control board mount, or
from the control board to get this fully out of the way. But before doing that, I
wanna see if I can actually slide this motor out and
perhaps avoid removing some additional wires. There are two bolts that hold
the motor and fan in place. One is right here and then
there’s a corresponding one over on the other side. Right there. So with this backed out, I can now get the safety switch out. And this is a key trick that will allow me to get the control panel
fully out of the way. So this disconnects, simple slide out. Gotta let this bundle of wires come out. This then allow this whole bundle, this whole control panel to be moved out of the way. Alright now let’s slide this
blower motor and wheel out. And I’ll kinda move the
wires and control panel as we go, this allows the main access. So again, make sure you’re playing it safe and have your power off
fully before doing this work. Now we’re gonna get our
vacuum and do some cleaning, try and clean up some of this dust. Alright, to clean the dust
up from on the fins here on the wheel fins, I’m
simply gonna use a ShopVac with a brush attachment here. Alright having vacuumed this thing out and used a brush to try
and clean between the fins its all ready to be put back together the same way it was taken apart. Fairly easy to do. One other thing I want to point out. Another means of cleaning it would be to remove the motor here,
that’s not terribly difficult. You got four bolts to undo
and a grounding screw. Then on the other side, in here
you can take this shaft off right there and that would allow the whole motor to be removed. And then this blower
wheel could be taken out and sprayed off with a garden
hose or an air compressor outside to really get the dust out. So, we’ll go ahead and put
this thing back together. Thanks for watching Tomahawk DIY. Hope you found this helpful. And have a great day.

13 thoughts on “How to Remove and Clean a Furnace Blower Wheel”

  1. Heath Barker says:

    Thanks found it very helpful.

  2. Rob Gatzke says:

    Has furnace design / layout improved much since the 80s?

  3. Steven says:

    HELP! So my furnace recently started to "shake" while it runs. Could it be the blower wheel?

  4. msktomson says:

    This was excellent for a newbie. From closed front door and power off to what screws to look for if you want to take it all apart for hosing down outside. Thank you very much.

  5. calimexautoinsurance says:

    My heater was working fine but i heard some hard shaking and then the wheel stopped and smoke started coming out maybe from the Motor inside the spinning fan, i dusted it and cleaned a bunch of dust, it ran better but after 10 min i got that burn smoke coming out again from the motor. Do u think it maybe needs some Oil? Or a better cleaning?

  6. Etown Vintage Buys says:

    13 "professionals" are mad they're losing business because of this video.

  7. Dan Nichols says:

    Tomahawk – do you think this noise is from within this plastic housing. I want to call it a blower motor but I'm thinking that's down lower.

  8. Angel Soft says:

    Can this affect the air conditioner not being as cool if this fan is dirty?

  9. Matthew Georgalas says:

    This is going to get someone killed! First off if you going to shut off power do it from the circuit breaker and the disconnect then test the line voltage with a multimeter because that door switch that you removed passes 120v and that will cook you, also the capacitor on the blower wheel is stored energy so be careful. So folks I’d you dont know what you are doing call a professional, and do your research on the company before going withe the lowest bidder.

  10. 101perspective says:

    Do you really need to take the blower out? Could you just reach in there with the vacuum and clean the blades off that way?

  11. mike Scrod says:

    after watching this video I spent a couple hundred to have it cleaned and seemed well worth it after seeing how much of a pain in the ass that was going to be

  12. Dennis Shumaker says:

    ARS rescue rooter offered to charge me $1200 to clean my blower mortor
    F'n crooks !

  13. Bob Tate says:

    Frankly, I wouldn't mess with it unless it's noisier than it should be and/or there's no way to get to the wheel without removing the blower assembly. I can reach through the filter slot on mine and clean the blower wheel with a brush and a vacuum. Doesn't get it perfect but good enough. if it ain't broke don't break it trying to clean it. You might tend up having to pay the HVAC people for an unexpected visit if you mess something up and can't figure it out. The average person would probably be better off just paying someone to come out and do it every few years (it shouldn't need to be done more often than that anyway unless your house is filthy).

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