How To Remove Plasterboard – DIY At Bunnings

We’re taking the plasterboard off the wall.
As you can see it’s damaged and needs to be replaced. The tools I’ve got today, I’ve got
a pinch bar, a knife, also my personal protective equipment, goggles and a mask. This can be
quite dusty, and also gloves and a ladder so I can get up there and do it. Generally, before we start, we’ll isolate
all the electricity on the wall because I had to disconnect the power points just to
make sure there’s nothing live there anymore. So, first thing I’ve got to do is I’ve got
to get up the ladder and I’ve got to score a line along the cornice so it comes off easy.
Otherwise it’ll peel the paint off the ceiling as well. So I’ll score along that and score
down the corner as well so I get a nice cut off the corner. The next part of the job is
to take the pinch bar up with me and start prying all the cornice off. The next part of the
job now is to go up with the pinch bar again
and start ripping the plaster down. The best place to start is find an edge somewhere.
I’m going to work on this top corner here because I’ve already got the edge cleared.
And it’s best to work from the top down. Hopefully we can get it all in one sheet. It all depends
how the sheet comes off, where it’s now or anything like that. Okay, that’s the plaster down. I’ve got it
taken down one big sheet. If you want to make it easy for yourself you can always run a
saw down the middle making sure you don’t hit the stud and you just pull off in smaller
pieces. Now it’s down, it’s just a matter of getting
it outside and going and putting it in the skip.

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