How to Remove Rearend Differential Carrier/Bearing/Shim. PART 4/13
How to Remove Rearend Differential Carrier/Bearing/Shim. PART 4/13

move these four boots follow the differential carrier position these two are the shackle this is the carrier ring gear have a 17 millimeter socket and it’s a half inch drive you preferably want to use a six point socket not a twelve point like this one so it’s all about positioning yourself then you can just on tighten the bolts well before you would untighten these moons you want to basically inspect the bearing so you’ll take a bar like this we put it on the the carrier and you will try to see if it moves up and down inside its support bearing that’s the carrier bearing but since we have no movement in this bearing this will be reused so now it’s the time going to take a ratchet turn the bolts off you never want to use a ratchet to tighten or to break the bolts because you could break the ratchet always want to use a breaker bar then you use the ratchet especially when you’re working on suspension parts also when working on suspension parts you want to make sure you’re using a half inch size drive a bigger now that we’re going to be getting ready to remove the carrier from its housing we want to make sure we play some kind of math or soft material that we could lay the differential carrier on so we want to pay careful inspection when we’re removing our parts we want to inspect make sure we have a nice smooth surface bearing does not move in the shackle now when we remove this carrier we want to make sure that we keep the bearing in there location so we have a shim that comes from this side and we have a shim for the other side so we have to place this in position what’s the assembly is removed you’re going to have a side shame on this side they’re going to have one on this side now we want to just remove the bearing take a look at the inside just want to make sure it’s absolutely smooth like we have on this one all the rollers is have to get all inspected carefully inspection same thing in this side this side is good so to carry your bearing which is in good condition go ahead and remove pinions so when we carefully take a look at the little thing inside pinion gear and surface make sure it’s not hitting here so we have to check all around making sure I look like it’s from factory so now we have to pull this out of here you’ll see it play this is the play that we have pinion gear and that play is basically destroying the bearing and consuming excessive amount of gasoline because just mashes itself against the ring gear but these gear seems to be in good condition at least we call it a little early

7 thoughts on “How to Remove Rearend Differential Carrier/Bearing/Shim. PART 4/13”

  1. Solder Joe says:

    2:48 Just like that. You don't want that thing to fall out and hit the cement floor chipping a tooth. Get something soft like the man says. Nice catch.
    Did that yoke on the axle have so much play it was slipping past the seal? That damage should not be on the face of the pinion.

  2. Carlos Lopez says:

    suspension parts??

  3. PSA 205 says:

    what you think where is the problem? sharp "clonk" noise when pull the clutch up 1st to 2nd gear? drive shaft bearings seems to be ok.there is video from rear end backlash!

  4. jupiter says:

    Thank you for the great videos you always display , about the popsi lock differential puller you use on the Frontier, what model # is that ? Thank you

  5. Stu Jones says:

    Nice job bro..

  6. happy days says:


  7. ford 300 inline straight 6 says:

    Remember keep the bearings togather when removing carrier. Lmao. Great job sir. Thanks

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