How to Repair Motorcycle Brakes : How to Remove a Motorcycle Swing Arm
How to Repair Motorcycle Brakes : How to Remove a Motorcycle Swing Arm

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Seth
Williams I work D-K service and I’m here to tell you about simple street bike brake repair
and inspection. Once you have your nut and your cotter pin off the swing arm will come
out either way as you can see it’s just slided out sometimes they will get caught sometimes
you need a hammer and a punch. Sometimes you need a pair of pliers or something these are
greased so make sure that they don’t touch the ground otherwise you’ll get foreign objects
in them and will hinder your barrings. After that you can see the wheel canners come around
here undue your drive chain from the sprocket, and those just come off. Usually with fair
ease mind your spacers and all that, what am I getting stuck on here, there we go. And
the rear wheel is free like I said watch your spacers make sure those go back on the proper
sides, with the street bikes you have cush drive make sure that’s out gives you a relative
ease at getting to your bike components. Once that’s done the caliper swings free as you
can see it just kinds of hangs there make sure you don’t press into your brake pedal
it will pressurize the system, you’ll have to depressurize it to get your brake router
back in.

9 thoughts on “How to Repair Motorcycle Brakes : How to Remove a Motorcycle Swing Arm”

  1. wowerman says:

    how to check if swingarm is bent??

  2. cbsctomh says:

    A good mechanic never has to force anything. Also, do not let the caliper hang by the hose and swing into the jackstand. Pull the drive parts out before you turn the wheel over. This is why I do my own maintenance.

  3. hotyuca18 says:


  4. BSA HARLEY says:

    Un macellaio talia la carne con più classe.Da come ho visto in questo video tale persona e uino scarparo a trattare i pezzi che smonta.Non gli affiderei mai la mia moto

  5. dave braba says:

    hey man if im in neutral and drop it into first while holding the clutch lever should it still freewheel i got this old yz100 and if im driving and press the clutch it works but if im stoped and engine is off the clutch dont work also i cant start it in first while pressing the clutch is that normal

  6. Age of Reason says:

    "Expert" is used by Americans to mean "has done this before at least once". Idiots.

  7. Michael467012 says:

    I like this guy. He makes me look good

  8. Kenny Roc says:

    expertvillage should be label under comedy when you want to watch something funny

  9. SFZX 54 says:

    wow here is a perfect example of why I would always prefer to do my own maintenance work LOL

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