How to Replace a Clutch in Your Car
How to Replace a Clutch in Your Car

1, 2, 3, 4. Rev up your engines. It’s time for You’re driving down the road
and you step on the gas, and the tag goes
real high, but it doesn’t accelerate very fast. That means that your
clutch is slipping and it’s time for a new one. Assuming you’re driving
a standard transmission car, of course. Because if you’ve got an
automatic and it does that, that means your transmission
is breaking down and that’s bad news. So today I’m going to show how
to put a clutch in your car. Now the first thing
you want to do is jack the car up in the air
and put it on jack stands. Then take off the wheels
and remove the drive shafts. Take all the bolts off and
move it out of the way. There’s the drive shaft. But before you take the drive
shaft off, remove the drain bolt and get the fluid
out of the transmission, and drain it in a pan so it
doesn’t get all over the place. Then get a pry bar and go back
to the inside of the CV shaft and break it off. Then the drive shaft just
pulls out of the way. And, of course, remove the
drive shaft on the other side, because you have
to get both drive shafts off to get
the transmission out to put the clutch in. Then you have to remove
the clutch slave cylinder, take off the bolts, and
move it out of the way. And now we have to
unbolt all the bolts that hold the transmission
to the engine, including the starter bolts, and
get that out of the way. Just take them all
off, then take off the transmission mount. Then you get a large pry bar
and pry the transmission off. Then have a jack ready on the
bottom of the transmission and jack it up a little,
so when you pull it, the transmission
will sit on the jack. And there’s the clutch plate
inside the transmission. We’re going to unbolt these
bolts and take it off. You just take the six bolts
off, and then pry the plate off. Then pull the clutch pieces out. And here’s a mechanic’s tip. When you’re changing the
clutch, buy a clutch kit. It has all the parts you need
and the little alignment tool to get the clutch in right. Now before you put the clutch
back on the transmission, get some of the grease from the
kit and put it on the spline so it goes on smoothly. And there’s the spline. We’ll just put a
little grease on it. Just put it on the
spline and wipe it on so it goes on smoothly. Then put the clutch in on
the engine and bolt it up. And don’t forget to put the
new throw rod bearing in. It snaps on the end of the shaft
going into the transmission. Then get the alignment tool
and stick it into the clutch so that it’ll slide in better. Stick it right in the clutch
part so that it fits in snugly and tighten all the
bolts on the clutch. And now comes the hard part. You got to wiggle the
transmission to fit it on. It can be a real pain. Just start pushing and shoving
like mad until it fits on. Then tighten up all the
bolts on the bell housing, and don’t forget to
put the axles back on, or it won’t go anywhere. And last, but not least, don’t
forget to pump the gearbox oil back into the transmission. Pump it until it starts
coming out of the hole you fill it up with. Then put on the wheels
and take it for a spin. So now you know how to
change a clutch in a car. And remember, if you’ve
got any car questions, just visit

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  1. Scotty Kilmer says:

    ⬇️Things used in this video:
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    4. Siphon Pump:
    5. Ratchet and socket set:
    6. Mechanic’s Tool Set:
    7. Wrench Set:
    8. Shop Towels:
    9. Disposable Gloves:
    10. Flashlight:
    11. Steel Jack:
    12. Jack Stand:
    13. Common Sense
    14. Full HD Camera:
    15. My computer for editing / uploading:
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