How to Replace a CV Joint : How to Install a Drive Shaft
How to Replace a CV Joint : How to Install a Drive Shaft

In this clip, we’re going to talk about the
proper service procedure in order to remove and replace a broken CV joint also known as
a drive shaft on a front-wheel drive vehicle. In this clip, we’re going to talk about installation
of our CV joint back onto the transmission or to the mid-shaft bearing. We’re doing the
passenger side and on this particular vehicle, it has a mid-shaft bearing. Being that the
transmission is located on the driver?s side of the vehicle, it has a small stub shaft
that runs to another bearing. You may or may not have to. It?s pretty uncommon to have
to switch the seal over. The new drive shaft as you can see doesn’t come with one and this
just pops off the old one like so. That’s how you slide it on and that’s how you would
slide it off. What I’m going to do is take and help and extend the life of that bearing,
I’m going to pack some grease in here. What that will do is add to the lubricate that
is put in at the factory and help keep water out of it. Just like so. You don’t need a
whole bunch, it is a rotating item and all this grease will get spread around in there
as you drive the vehicle. I’m going to go ahead and take and slide that on now just
like so. That there is the stub shaft and mid-shaft bearing coming out of the trans
just getting the output energy a little closer to the drive shaft. What we’re going to do
is take and line up our constant velocity joint with the splines on that and pop it
in place. This is the portion of the CV joint that we’re going to line up with the stub
shaft on the transmission. Just going to take and align it and get it as straight as we
can. The straighter it is, the easier the installation process will go. Once you have
it started on the output shaft of either your trans or mid-shaft bearing. It may be necessary
to tap it on with a hammer, but you’re going to want to make sure you have it stated on
there first so the splines are lined up correctly. If you have them misaligned, they will damage
each other and the shaft will fail to seat all the way. But once you have it lined up
and as straight as possible, you may have to pull the hub back out of your way and drive
the shaft on.
And there you go. That is the proper way to seat your drive shaft in the transmission.

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  1. rzooter says:

    Thanks man..

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    This guy is good…he makes it look entirely too easy…Im about to go in the garage and tear my car up now.

  3. Lewis Rudy II says:

    uh yea… i have low profiles on my car and i wiped out in the snow today and his a curb and my whole front left tire is under my car.

  4. memmnock says:

    thx my friend some good advice there well explained πŸ˜‰

  5. pcmentor29 says:

    Does anyone know how to find all the flv's in this series? Is there a good way to find them all?

  6. Rick D says:

    How about greasing the drive shaft spleens…!!!

  7. Mark Galan says:

    don't know how important my comment could be but all my thanks to you bro keep it up!

  8. qazwas2001 says:

    I thought that was a little barbaric as well.

  9. mdotguy says:

    **Use a dead-blow hammer (or a regular hammer with a scrap piece of wood) to tap the cv shaft onto the stub shaft!! You can damage the cv joints otherwise!**

  10. Gage says:

    Actually, what the manual says is to do the tapping at the outer race of the inner joint. That way you aren't pounding directly on the bearings. The force is only directed through the outer race, which is really a housing of sorts. It's called finese. When all else fails, read the instruction manual. The drive shaft is one of those areas that you don't want to screw up in any way. Do it right and it will last another 200,000 miles.

  11. Scotty R says:

    For real man?

  12. DaF the Tech Guy says:

    Whoah didn't know it was that easy

  13. Dana Iti says:

    i thought that was a funny comment hehe πŸ˜€

  14. James Bond says:

    you look like a bum πŸ˜€

  15. gunforme says:

    I have a 97 Saturn SL1 that needs the CV joint replaced on the passenger side as well. Will it come out the same way as the one you did in this video? I've replaced everything on a car before but never had to replace a CV joint. I need to make sure how it comes out first. Last time I worked on a car, I ended up with broken bones. It wasn't the car, just that I slipped while working on the car. An already natural fear now has me researching everything before starting. Thanks for the help.

  16. xgrapher says:

    For a second I thought u was van damm man! Only ur voice was a bit different

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  18. Intotheoutdoors says:

    Followed every video, to the letter and presto. great presentation, clear instructions and explanations. thanks so much.

  19. mwngw says:

    nothing like a Camry. Darn.

  20. Mito POOP says:

    NEVER USE A METAL hammer, you could easily damage the splines on the axle, use a rubber or plastic mallet.

  21. Fekade Moa says:

    videos are not organized … please have the clips labeled

  22. Jackson Hagin says:

    Lucky ass… Doesn't have to put his through forks…

  23. Takashi White says:

    Rear wheel drive cars kicks front wheels drive cars ass!!! i hate front wheel many models are great but somehow are frnt wheels

  24. German Gonzalez says:

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  25. Takashi White says:

    @OLGSANCHEZ2010 eso deben ser los terminales chekeate eso

  26. deviouskrew says:

    Seemed like a good video, but I wish you would remove the lettering so i can see what you are doing.

  27. Dal4us says:

    @deviouskrew lol click the cc button below the video

  28. Mark Kerstiens says:

    Why can't I view these in order?????? am I missing something?

  29. lthizzin2005 says:

    thank nice video i just replaced mine on a 2000 impala n the video helpd alot

  30. studpuppy69 says:

    @Markstiens Yeh, stay away from expert villiage search for realfixesrealfast, Scotty Kilmer they will help you ALOT.

  31. scottollan says:

    it's better to plunge the driveshaft in to the gearbox as this won't damage the splines or the joint that inserts into the hub

  32. poposlow says:

    farrkkkkk i just repalced my cv joint on my toyota supra started at 10 till abit ago and its not this easy….

  33. Sirrom0206 says:

    @madcuntom Ditto!

  34. Walter Frederick says:

    BUY A REMAN!Waste of time,chance of dirt and crud that is still inside.You save time buying a reman axle.Tighen the axle nut with an impact instead of torqueing it down with a torque wrench,you will not over tighten the axle nut which is 100% impossible and not do damage to the wheel bearing.Torquing the axle nut to spec is impossibe to

  35. PsychoFreke says:

    @MrLyndonBushnell Umm… the CV joints are the parts of the shaft that you can't see for the grease boots. You buy new CV axles, and the CV joints are already on them….

  36. CourtneyLiette says:

    In this clip….We will show you how to lubricate a shaft….

  37. Ubence Lozano says:

    I have a 1993 Honda civic Dx and the lock pin on the trans end of the shaft is not going in, doesn't feel like it's setting in right, what do you recommend?

  38. Willie Whipp says:

    For all of you do-it-Yourselfers out there, don't hit the end of your axle with a steel hammer, that could possibly damage your spline at the end. Thereby not allowing it to seat in your rotor.

  39. Heutske says:

    I am good at disassembling and assembling a computer….but I would like to know how you do the same thing with a car! πŸ˜›
    Yeah! My CV Joint is broken to hahahaha

  40. thorfoot1 says:

    Never a Steel hammer. Raw hide wood be better. so you don't damage threads if you miss

  41. Charles Ryan says:

    Did he really just use a hammer on that driveshaft?

  42. jjj023 says:

    This guy probably does this repair more times in a week than we do in a lifetime. Doesn't take a genius to use ANY type of hammer. He FULLY explains about ensuring splines are seated properly PRIOR to matricating the shaft. I appreciate him taking the time to help inexperienced guys like me. Additional suggestions are fine but instead of berating his technique how about a little appreciation and any additional HELPFUL comments instead. I appreciate his time and effort FOR FREE people.

  43. dutchboy25al says:

    You were awesome right up to the point of beating threaded end of the shaft with a ballpien hammer….Ouch ouch ouch!!! Atleast put the nut on it. Then soften the blows with a piece of wood so you don't jack the threads.

  44. onekeypianoplayer says:

    he should be hitting it with a soft hammer not a metal one. the moron.

  45. strato172 says:

    We're gonna talk about the proper service procedure… the proper service procedure…

  46. Wolf_Boy says:

    This was the most stupid thing I ever seen. It`s fine to show others how to do it but you have to do it right! First of all, you don`t use hammer on it, ever!! and the seccond, you don`t need to hammer it anyway, just push it in and give it a little tap with the axel it selfe. you don`t need to hammer it at all. Before you teach others, make sure you know what you are doing first.

  47. jvst20051 says:

    stop the hate this guy is giving you all a free class so aprreciate!

  48. Peter Pan says:

    1-by putting to much grease in a bearring,you actualy will kill itit works like this;the balls have to work to hard to roll tru the exxes grease,therefor,heat is created…a lot,wich makes the grease melt and eventualy runs away like a fluid,leaving the bearring without lubricant…it will fail shortly πŸ˜‰
    2-you dont wanne hit a threaded end with a hammer,put a nut on it and tap on the nut,protecting the thread,otherwise you might end up having to repair the thread to be able to get the nut on

  49. Peter Pan says:

    Oh,did i mention that you already dammaged that brand new part's joints by hitting it in with a steal hammer? that's right,by that hitting,you made dents in the joints wich will make the shaft ware out much sooner as should but hey…there's plenty more of them in the warehouse right? πŸ˜‰

  50. ThisIsPointless says:

    not a good ideal to hammer on ANY type of bearing or threaded shafts or bolts for that matter

  51. Landaux says:

    I need this guy to come over & replace mine instead of taking it to a shop where they would scam me! lol! On 2nd thought, im taking a auto-repair course. πŸ™‚

  52. mjd104 says:

    it makes me giggle that people write comments on here telling this guy what he's doing wrong, but if they know so much about it, why are they looking up "how to" videos?

  53. ibeleaf says:


    well last time i did it, my friend was really showing me how to do it and i was helping, and i was looking for a refresher, i said this guy does it a strange way, a lot of people say wrong because they are dickweeds

  54. dskize1 says:

    I hope it goes this easy for me when I attempt to replace my cv joints this weekend. Great how to remove and how to install videos. Thank you for taking the time to provide them.

  55. Charles Ryan says:

    NTN Drive Shaft?

  56. Rick C. Ross says:

    Graet video man. Thanks. I have learned several terms and their meaning as well as what they mean. athe 'how-to" part no longer seems intimidating. Thanks.

  57. Randall Syring says:

    Ive heard that your never supposed to hammer on the cv axle at least on hondas is that true ive never needed to hammer on them anyway just asking

  58. Emin Muradov says:

    this guys explanation is so expert i understood everything, very explanative


  59. sranjesuper says:

    @snake321000 you could damage the thread and the big axle nut goes on there. Then you will have to grind away the damaged thread.

  60. ob1cnoby says:

    Again never use a metal hammer,as this can damage the splines, if must, cover the end of shaft, with wood, or similar, or better still as mentioned, rubber / hide /copper hammer,

  61. Ultranothing says:

    I want to sound cool and smart, too:

    Never use a metal hammer on a spline/shaft!

  62. Luke Edward Reid says:

    Never use a metal hammer on a spline/shaft!

  63. Apatheism1 says:

    use a metal hammer. it'll be cool bro

  64. Evan Young says:

    use a jack hammer

  65. Jason Clemente says:

    no man use a death metal hammer! πŸ˜€

  66. ProducShuns says:

    i used a plastic toy hammer that i found in my son's room, did i damage the cv joint? please help guys it makes a clicking noise everytime i turn now. im scared i did some damage. my wife told me not to use the hammer but i couldnt find my own. pls help

  67. chaz76vette says:

    Hey guys, should I use a metal hammer?

  68. DiabloDrift says:

    I use my dick to hammer the cv axle in.

  69. Mole Maguires says:

    i just got faulty cv boot why do i need to take dam axle out???

  70. baggins555 says:

    What kind of metal hammer should I use again?

  71. LeafFreedom says:

    It is not worth the time to do boot repairs. Just replace both cv axles and save yourself a huge headache.

  72. Reyo562 says:

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  74. Steve SOMERS says:

    use a copper hammer!!

  75. martin taylor says:

    Oooooh hide faced mallet please, or you might damage the cv joint threads. Good vid though.

  76. manunggal says:

    Hi, what happen if I got the metal dust seal bent? can I buy a replacement? I got both sides bent. Thanks.

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  80. Raymond V. says:

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  81. Wabefuhon says:

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  82. Critical Knowledge says:

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  83. georgio jansen says:

    every vehicle, airplane, boat, bycicle a.s.o. has a left side and right side. confusing is driver side or passenger side
    there is also a sports car who has 2 passenger sides….goedendag

  84. Alex Britton says:

    rookie mistake matey! no metal hammers!! hold the shaft at the spline end and shock it in with a push. works f me always. you were right up to the hammer part. lol

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