How to Replace a CV Joint : How to Remove a CV Joint
How to Replace a CV Joint : How to Remove a CV Joint

In this clip, we’re going to talk about the
proper service procedure in order to remove and replace a broken CV joint also known as
a drive shaft on a front-wheel drive vehicle. In this step, we’re going to talk about the
proper service procedure for removing the constant velocity shaft or your drive shaft
from the vehicle. I’m going to go ahead and slide it off the splines on my spindle just
like so. As you can see, this is the end of the drive shaft. It may be necessary to slip
underneath the vehicle and use a small pry bar between the inner joint and the transmission.
I’m going to go ahead and give it a tug and see if I can get it to hop out just by hand.
Alright, it?s necessary to get a good, straight pull on this CV shaft when you’re yanking
on it. So what I’m going to do is hold my spindle out of the way, straighten out the
inside of the shaft and yank it out. There. Slide it off the dust shield there and this
is the drive shaft for your vehicle. This side of course splines to the hub and turns
your wheel. This side here is going to spline either into the output shaft of the transmission
or to a mid-shaft bearing. That is the proper way to remove your CV joint from the vehicle.

51 thoughts on “How to Replace a CV Joint : How to Remove a CV Joint”

  1. Wayne.C says:

    you sure that's called a "CV drive-shaft" rather than a "CV half-shaft"?

  2. 98 SR20 says:

    Ford Probe. I use to own one of those.

  3. was says:

    yeah the way he shows is wrong, you need to go under the car, right up to the transmission and pry it away from the engine-

    use a screw driver or something and try not to damage the surface-

    also use jack stands under a structural part of the car, i've seen cars get bumped while on jacks, and the jack fail and collapse-

    it's usually sucked on to the transmission-

  4. was says:

    yeah it's the bearings inside, they grip on ridges inside a drum, without grease the drum dries out inside and those ridges get worn of by friction, resulting in the bearings (ball bearings) slipping over the top-

    when you turn, the angle of the bearings changes slightly, so allows them to skip over-

    they can also jam up totally, in which case you could have a broken axle and god knows what other damage 😛

    for a $5 piece of rubber thats totally unneccessary-

  5. pcmentor29 says:

    On my 85 Sentra you could not pry it. You needed a dent puller(weight on shaft) with vice grips attached to get the inner part out.

  6. leeluquem says:

    lol…funny how he makes it look as if it was that easy to yank the shaft out of the transmission…lolol.

  7. Alex Barron says:

    You're definitely right. The best bay to take it out is to pry it out of the midshaft or tranny with a prybar or screwdriver.

  8. Alex Barron says:

    *best way*

  9. Dom's Garage says:

    videos of this guy are useless!

  10. redsox2428 says:

    "In this Clip"… You dont know wtf you doing.. Fail.


    Oh sure it always pulls out of the transmission side easily… riiiiggghht

  12. maat77 says:

    no, u usually need at least a pry bar and pry it out

  13. Samuel Lawrence says:

    1:01 watch the body work!

  14. danz409 says:

    how can you tell when this part is failing. my car sounds wonderful engine wise. and shifts smoothly and has no problems with the transmission but. when i hit higher speeds and only when i throttle it.. it feels like I'm riding on a railroad track

  15. chupalia says:

    I had the exact symptoms and when I got under it, it was a bad cv joint. I am assuming your car is also a front wheel drive. I did it myself, but I am a die hard DIY person. If you have never removed ball joints(both upper and lower) or tie-rods, then you may want to bring it to someone.

  16. clydeburkey says:

    you make it look so ez

  17. iJoeyCme says:

    advice for anyone who are having problems prying out CV joints: longer pry bars are not always better. if you're using a long pry bar that's giving and bending as you're trying to drive a stubborn, inner CV joint out, try using a pickle fork/ball joint separator (or even a super industrial thick pry bar if there are any) instead and maybe a heavier hammer too.

    the fourth time i've taken out a CV axle, a friend had me try this and i was amazed out how easily my inner CV joint slid out

  18. iJoeyCme says:

    @iJoeyCme just to add on, apparently you can use a pickle fork and drive into it too. my mechanic friend and i were changing out my passenger side inner CV seal of my Corolla, and there was no good pry spot for getting the inner joint out so he just "drove" into it using the slopes of the fork to get it out. my friend may not be able to hold 10 pounds over his head for very long, but 50 years of experience outweighs it. i know CV axles can be a major pain on some cars so hopefully this can help

  19. Jackson Hagin says:

    I took out my CV joint today, it took 15 minutes, using a hammer, a flathead screw driver, and a rag. Depending on how worn and how old your CV joint is, it may be able to be pulled out, or "pried" out. Haha. '91 Civic Hatch, with the same one for 19 years? Definitely has to be pried.

  20. Christopher Duarte says:


  21. Geebuv says:

    Haha "sometimes you are able to give it a tug and it'll come right out" huh! i guess that pry bar was just coinsidentally laying right under where the axle meets the trans.

  22. gina6968918 says:

    dont post crappy videos if you dont even know how to remove a CV joint right , or even remove it!

  23. FurryPalGrover says:

    HAHAHAH….the video pauses, he was just saying if you're lucky, it'll just come out without the prybar but he uses one to break it .

  24. Keith Wentz says:

    If you can save your self a few hundred bucks,then go for it F the $65-$95 per hour labor charges,I'd rather do it myself cursing as needed!!

  25. xempt. one says:

    expert village is useless…i need to know how to replace the boot properly not disassemble the whole fucken thing

  26. Kyros Nox says:

    This video shows you how to remove the complete Drive shaft not a CV Joint.
    And I never had a drive shaft come out so easily.

  27. Romulan112 says:

    @cp06866 have u ever hard of using a slide hammer to pull a cv joint out? I am thinking about buying one but dont' know the size of hammer I would need : 5 lb or 7 lb. any ideas ?

  28. Kyros Nox says:

    @Romulan112 I have a CV joint puller/removal tool to pull the CV joint out without removing the shaft from the vehicle.

  29. Dank Hill says:

    Did a new CV Axle job in 30 minutes. I pulled using this method and it came into two peices lol. I ended up prying the shaft out of the transmission.

  30. jkenney940 says:

    Ford Probe GT baby!!

  31. Jason Fisher says:

    @TKOxPITCHBlAk If you noticed that video paused for a sec, then he pulled the shaft right out. That's because it took him 3 hours of pulling to get it to come loose, then he started the video again.

  32. civicsi411 says:

    Wow, he's got strong arm. Wish mine was that strong so I could "yank" it out of the intermediate shaft.

  33. Jared Himes says:

    tried yanking it…didnt work…. my dad wrapped a 1/8 inch braid steel cable around the back and clamped it with a vice grip and yanked the cable… took a couple tries but it worked

  34. Jared Himes says:

    not bragging here but I'm 13
    when the cv joint comes in two you the piece thats still stuck in the car is stuck because of a ring that is spread out in the transmission end of the joint. You can break it by yanking on the end of the stuck piece. Like i just said wrap a cable to the back of the stuck piece like a lasso and yank it a few times it should jerk out

  35. ssonsk says:

    you guys are ass holes for not making this in bigger segments -_-


    It looks like he had help then edited the video. Notice at 0:42 there's no prybar/screwdriver then at 0:43 it appears.

  37. urfanmalik says:

    Thank u very much!!

  38. Perktube1 says:

    I wonder what car he was working on.. what about a spindle nut? Did he have to loosen or remove it?

  39. Shane Fleming says:

    If I go ahead and remove my CV Joint assembly, will I require a wheel alignment?

  40. Paul Metcalf says:

    you did not remove the joint just the shaft

  41. Chris Corrigan says:

    mine came out just like in the video…easy.

  42. tabtab5768 says:

    thanks bro it helps a lots

  43. Anton G says:

    u forgot to mention the important part of disconnecting the arm etc, kinda useless when u dont mention them steps…

  44. Tiocfaidh Arla says:

    Isn't transmission fluid supposed to piss out the transmission when you remove the drive shaft?

  45. Stoneforth says:

    lol this is the most useless video ever that only serves to waste peoples time when they have to search for another video. He didn't mention the ball joint that has to be removed before you can slide the cv out. He didn't mention the gear oil that will come out when the cv is removed. He didn't demonstrate how to separate the inner and outer joints. awful

  46. Joseph Stokes says:

    Thanks Dude! We'll get right on it!

  47. 10072018 says:

    That's how to remove an axle, not how to remove a cv joint.

  48. Khanyiso Mapuma says:

    This video sucks.

  49. Clay Mileson says:

    That was a waste of rations

  50. Myles Jerrard says:

    show me images of left and right CV joints

  51. Jon Blanchard says:

    The video is titled "How to remove a CV Joint" when it is about removing a CV axle. CV Joints connect to the Transaxle, while CV axles connect the front wheels to a transmission or transfer case.

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