How to Replace a Drive Belt on a Tumble Dryer (Hotpoint,Indesit)
How to Replace a Drive Belt on a Tumble Dryer (Hotpoint,Indesit)

Welcome to Buyspares. In this video we’ll be showing you how to
change the drive belt on a Creda, Hotpoint or Indesit condenser dryer. Important: before replacing a part
in any electrical appliance, you must ensure that the appliance
is first disconnected from the mains. If your dryer is not moving the clothing in
the drum it is likely the belt is broken and you’ll need to replace it. Remove the lid, and then remove the right side panel Take off the condenser fan cover and the fan and if fitted take off the belt from the motor. and remove the condensation tank assembly. Remove the screws on the back edge
of the left panel, remove the water container
then disconnect its housing. Remove the screws at the bottom edge
of the front panel and remove the bracket screws. Disconnect the wires from the mains filter and carefully lift up and away from the drum. You now will be able to drop the new belt
over the front of the drum. Next lift the front panel back on ensuring
the drum is on its front supports and the condenser duct is aligned correctly. Refit the water housing and its container, then the left side panel and screw them into place. Refit the bracket
and the wires to the mains filter. Pull the belt into a position where it is
on as much of the pulley as possible then carefully turn the drum
to pull the belt around the pulley rim. Refit the fan and cover. Refit the side panel and top
and retest the machine. For all the spares you need
visit the Buyspares website.

13 thoughts on “How to Replace a Drive Belt on a Tumble Dryer (Hotpoint,Indesit)”

  1. J Luc Delvinquiere says:

    très bien expliqué pas de problème pour changer la courroie…..

  2. Mike Carter says:

    Wow this is some serious amount of disassembly just to change the belt :-/

  3. holly may says:

    what you did with belt and pully is impossible i been repairing them for over 15 year you need some force to pull belt over pully

  4. Mel A says:

    If it was that easy to get the belt on why do they make special tools for the job? There is not a chance in hell you can do that with a new belt. I'm a big and as strong as an ox and I couldn't get it on and even a friend with the special tool that levers it on didn't do it easily.

  5. WiiDEVil says:

    Just did the impossible with a new belt, 5 minutes of stretching and it popped right on just like in the video

  6. George Siatos says:

    great work!

  7. Justin Davies says:

    There is no way you can fit the belt that easy without using some kind of tool

  8. Kieran Young says:

    Can anyone tell me how to actually get the belt on because this thing is impossoble

  9. BonsaiBek says:

    Hello. Why would my pulley keep breaking.

  10. Skully says:

    Notice the vid jump a step forward it’s not showing him putting the belt on. Only the start and then just by magic it’s on. That easy Not. You need a belt fitting tool they are around £65-80. They will not tell you that because they won’t sell as many belts. Tumble Dryer Belt Fitting Tool Amazon.

  11. FEBM says:

    Excellent video. Very useful!
    Do you now a video about Ariston TCF 97C Tumble Dryer ?
    Thank you very much.

  12. Gregory May says:

    Good video but I wouldn't be able do it without cemments section. That belt is crazy tight. had to unscrew the motor to get some slack.

  13. Joe Doe says:

    I had to pull the front away from the drum and slide the new belt over the drum. I then tied strong string around the belt to use as leverage along with a heat gun. Couple of minutes with the heat gun allowed enough flex to get belt over the pulley whilst pulling on the string. Not easy is an understatement. I needed 3 hands and a lot of effort in stretching belt over the pulley. Don't know why these manufacturers can't think outside of the box to allow for machines to be fixed yourself especially when out of warranty. £5 for a belt and about 2 hours work. Rather that than paying someone to mug me off.

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