How to replace a Flymo motor and drive assembly on a Flymo Turbo Compact 330
How to replace a Flymo motor and drive assembly on a Flymo Turbo Compact 330

Hi, I’m Helen from eSpares.
In this video I’m going to show you how to replace the motor and drive assembly on
this Flymo lawnmower. I’m using the Turbo Compact 330, but the process will be very
similar for any Flymo compact lawnmower or indeed any Flymo lawnmower that looks similar
to this. Now if you find that your motor isn’t running
and you’ve checked all the obvious things, like cabling, fuses and the switch assembly,
then it’s almost certainly a problem with either the motor or the drive assembly. Now,
unless there’s any physical damage to either of these it’s often really hard to troubleshoot
and prove which is at fault so it’s often easiest to replace both at the same time,
and that’s what im going to show you how to do in this video. Now safety first, always
make sure you disconnect from the mains before you start any work. To begin with, I’m going
to strip back the lawnmower so I can get to the inside. I’m also going to remove the
handle just to make my life easier because it does get in the way. To remove the handle
I need to pull this clip out and then push the pin through, I need to do this on both
sides and then I can just pull the handle away. So now I need to remove the lid and
the grass box and then remove the motor cover which is held in place by these two screws. Then I need to remove these two spade clips-
you don’t need to remember which way round they go because it doesn’t make a difference,
remove these two foam filters, then I need to flip the whole thing over. Now I’m going
to use my Flymo spanner to undo the blade bolt, this does come with your lawnmower but
if you’ve lost it, it is available as a spare on the espares website. So I’m wanting
to remove the bolt, the blade, any spacers and the impeller. Then I need to remove these
8 screws, now they are torx head screws so I’m just going to swap over to a torx bit
on my screwdriver.
Now when you undo the last screw, the assembly will drop through so you just want to hold
it. So this is my existing motor and drive assembly, you can see how it fits together
here with the belt. Now I need a few things from this setup to fit together my new setup,
I need the four fixing screws that hold the motor to the drive assembly, I need this little
dust cap here and because my belt’s in really good condition I’m just going to take that,
if your belt is a bit worn you’d be best to replace it. So now we have everything we
need, now the new drive assembly looks different to the old one but it’s just an updated
version, it is the genuine Flymo replacement so I’m just going to firstly pop on the
dust cap and then I’m going to mount the motor. The motor is held in place by 4 screws
and I want to put all 4 in but only about half way down, so as you can see, the motor
can slide in its screw holes and this helps us put the belt on. You can see now how the
drive assembly can slide and now we just need to pop the belt onto the motor spindle and
then round the drive assembly, just give it a few turns to make sure it’s on properly
and then we need to tighten it and lock it in place. So what we do is we use the weight
of the motor and we push down on the motor and then we tighten up the screws.
So with that done we just want to give it
a few turns to make sure it’s turning correctly and then we just need to put everything back
together. When reattaching the spade clips to the motor, it doesn’t matter which way
round they go. Remember to put the blade on the correct way, grass side should be facing
you. There you go, that’s how you replace the
motor, or the drive assembly, or both on a Flymo compact lawnmower. Motors and drive
assemblies for all models of Flymo are available on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

5 thoughts on “How to replace a Flymo motor and drive assembly on a Flymo Turbo Compact 330”

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  2. Keith Pritchard says:

    Excellent, thanks! Will use your company.

  3. Graeme Gibbons says:

    The lid doesn't come off so easily as in vid  it appears to be held by 2 lugs and they don't want to come out any help out there?

  4. steve radford says:

    after she has removed the screws @2:50 the wholr motor/drive assembly seperates away. I have done EXACTLY what she has done but, although half the drive is now loose, the far end of it and the motor are STILL  rock solidly in place!!. Is there some other screw that she has not mentioned?.

  5. steve radford says:

    @3:03 on the very far left of the drive, is that a screw hole she never mentioned???.

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