How to Replace a Front Wheel Bearing in Your Car
How to Replace a Front Wheel Bearing in Your Car

1, 2, 3, 4! Rev up your engines! [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s time for Today, due to
popular demand, I’m going to show how to
change wheel bearings on a front-wheel drive car. When you’re driving down the
road, and the faster you go, the louder your car roars, you
need new front-wheel bearings. It’s a greasy job so put
on a pair of these gloves, and you won’t ruin your hands. Then jack-up the car
and get ready to work. And be sure to put a jack stand
on so it doesn’t fall on you. Then take off the wheel. And then you have to take
the brake caliper off, take the bolt off, and
move it out of the way. Then take the caliper
mounting bolts off, and take the caliper
mount out of the way. Then take the pin off
of the drive shaft, put a socket on, and
take the nut off. Then you have to
remove the tie rod, so take that nut
off, and get your tie rod removing tool ready. And hammer it off. There it goes. Then you have to remove
the two bolts that hold the strut assembly in. There’s one. There’s two. Get a hammer and a screwdriver,
and tap the drive shaft out of the axle assembly. There it goes. Then the last step
to take off the axle is to remove the nut on
the lower ball joint, and remove that too. Then just pull the
whole thing off. Now here comes the hard part. The wheel bearing is
hiding inside here. As a professional mechanic,
I have a giant SIR set of tools to pull it out. They cost over $1,000,
so you might just take this to a
machine shop and have them press the old
bearing, or the new one in. But here’s how my tool works. The SIR tool kit
comes with this anvil, and you put the whole axle
assembly on top of it. Then you put a socket in
the hole and hammer it out. There, we’ve got
some of it off now. Then you get a pair
of snap ring pliers. Put the snap ring
pliers on the ring. You take the ring out. Now to get the
actual bearing out, the tools is inserted
into the axle assembly. You put a wrench on each
end and it forces it up. And out comes the
rest of the bearing. Then before you put
the new bearing in, put a little grease
on the outside edge so it slips in better
when you press it back on. With the pressing
[INAUDIBLE] tool engaged, just tighten it up to press
the bearing back in place. Then just bolt
everything back together and you’re ready to go. And in the case of this Toyota,
change the drive shaft too because it’s cracked. So you know how to
change a wheel bearing on a front-wheel drive car. And if you have any
car care questions, just go to,
and I’ll answer them all, free.

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    on chevy impala 03 why is my traction active come on what wrong?

  2. 305chevyboys p says:

    i found out what is was causing it the brake caliber

  3. Christopher Holt Jr says:

    i have an 03 ford explorer i was told my driver side front axel bearing has a flat spot in it so it goes thump thump thump once in awhile. how do i change this

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  6. Brandon Smith says:

    Hey scotty quick question, I'm currently replacing the bearings on my 1990 celica I ordered new hubs and bearings and I pressed them together with my press before pressing them into the knuckle, and I realized that the bearings dont have seals on them. Should I go ahead and put them on anyways or take a few steps back and get some with seals?

  7. Haiku Automation says:

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  8. YungFLy Brown says:

    I'm having an issue no one can find, on my Nissan almera ,front right wheel ,when driving on ruff road you hear something shaking and making lots of noise but when I mash the brakes the noise goes instantly ,when in smooth road there is no noise only on ruff road , so please help me that's the only help I can give ,when I mash the brakes the noise goes

  9. Hardus Helm says:

    Dont you work grease through the bearing as well?

  10. spudth says:

    That was quick! looked like it needed a bearing, axle, and a ball joint too! wow!

  11. Auto Trend says:

    Hey @Scotty Kilmer i have a nissan sentra 1998, the car has a bad wheel bearing growls at speeds above 60mph but the car shakes when its reved high as soon you leave the gas shaking goes away, its not the steering wheel shaking its the dash and front end of the car shaking. Feels like engine wants to get out from the mounts.

  12. tips 4 truckers says:

    great video scotty.  however the pickle fork and crescent wrench made me cringe.  a better way to remove a ball joint is to loosen nut then hit the part of the knuckle or lca it is bolted into and it will come loose.  that way the boot doesn't get damaged.

  13. Roland Jacques says:

    Awesome video!!! Short, and fairly complete. (except for the speed sensor) I wish more "how to" videos were like yours great job.

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    How you doing? Please help me to find out the problem for my Toyota wish 2006(4wd optional) after 40kmph humming noise is starting but it's gone as soon as I leave accelerator pedal. And one sound is coming when I turn the car. Please advice. Thanks

  17. Justin P says:

    Wow Scotty, you sure looked younger

  18. first last says:

    Hi Scotty, I changed the front wheel bearing for my 08 Ford Escape's passenger side then no more bearing noise but it still clicks when I make tight turns. The click noise comes from passenger side but the CV joint boot is in good condition. Does it mean the bearing is not good or the CV Joint is not good? Thanks!

  19. Mark Dalrymple says:

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  24. Kashif R says:

    I have a question about my 2005 Toyota Sienna.
    One of the local mechanic replace the front bearings. After the replacement the wheel steering wobble or vibrate between speed 60-80. It is not constant all the time on any particular number. But when it start to vibrate, I slow down the speed a little and speed up, and seems fine. I have brand new wheels on my van before the bearing replacement, but after this problem I went to redo the balancing, but the problem still exist.
    Do you have any clue what might be the problem.

    Thank you,

  25. Jason says:

    I'd be left with a car and a bunch of parts in my hand trying to figure out what goes where.
    Auto mechanics is not taught in as many schools as it use to be. So each generation know less and less about even simple things about cars. Like checking fluids and tire pressures. Cars get smarter…people get dumber.

  26. Jason says:

    I wonder if self-driving cars will drive themselves to the car wash and mechinics? Every three months you see your car dive away and come back with the tires rotated, the oil changed, and all clean.
    Or if your car is three months over due for payments. To car just drive back to the car lot.

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  29. smithdsmit hendrix91870 says:

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  30. Robert Utley says:

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  31. Damion Hooper says:

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  32. Scotty Kilmer says:

    ⬇️Things used in this video:
    1. Tie Rod Seperator:
    2. Pneumatic Air Impact Tool:
    3. Portable Air Compressor:
    4. Adjustable wrench:
    5. Ratchet and socket set:
    6. Mechanic’s Tool Set:
    7. Wrench Set:
    8. Shop Towels:
    9. Disposable Gloves:
    10. Flashlight:
    11. Steel Jack:
    12. Jack Stand:
    13. Common Sense
    14. Full HD Camera:
    15. My computer for editing / uploading:
    16. Video editing software:
    17. Thumbnail software:

    🛠Check out my Garage to see what I use every day and highly recommend:

    👉Follow me on Instagram for the latest news, funnies, and exclusive info / pics:

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