How to Replace a Patio Sliding Glass Door Roller [1080p]
How to Replace a Patio Sliding Glass Door Roller [1080p]

Hey, it’s Mike from, and today I’m going to show
you how to replace a sliding glass door roller! For this exercise I’ll be using a rubber mallet, a
Philips head screwdriver, and a stiff putty knife. One thing to keep in mind is that there
are many different types of patio door rollers. And the only true way to find a replacement
is to remove it completely from your door. Now, the first step is to remove the patio screen door. We’re going to use
a couple stiff putty knives to help lift the rollers off the track. Now the next step is to remove the STATIONARY door, but before
we do that, we need to remove this metal sill-plate. Now that the sill plate is removed, remove the
securing brackets, releasing the door from the frame. Next, slide the stationary door over and lift it off the frame. With your stationary doors removed, adjust the rollers to the highest
setting, and then lift the rollers off the track. The adjustment screw is normally located at the bottom. Once your sliding door unit is removed from the frame, you’re going to want to set it
down on a pair of saw horses, or a sturdy table like we have here. Once all of your doors are removed from the frame, now
would be a good time to clean out your track. On older aluminum doors, the bottom part of the door
can be removed in order to access the rollers. But on a vinyl door like this, the frame is welded together, so
it cannot be taken apart in order to access the rollers. When you go to remove the rollers from the frame, you should notice TWO SCREWS, and in
most cases the TOP screw is the one that holds the roller in the frame. So remove that top screw and then pull the roller out of the frame. Once your old rollers are removed, you can now install your new rollers. Before reinstalling your door, check your track to see if there is any damage. If so, you may want to consider installing a track cover. Adjust the new rollers so they’re at their
highest point inside the door frame. This will give you more room to work
with, making the door easier to install. Once your sliding door has been re-installed, re-adjust
your rollers to the appropriate height. If the adjustment screw is too tough to turn, take some weight off of the door by
prying the door up with a screwdriver, or having someone hold the door for you Be sure to adjust the door so it is plum with the jamb. With the sliding door reinstalled, we can now reinstall the stationary door. Once your stationary door is in place, reinstall your
metal plate and fasten your rear brackets. The last step is to re-install your screen door. Again, I’m using a
putty knife to help lift the rollers back on the track. As always, thanks for watching! If you have any questions on how to replace a sliding glass door roller, or
if you need a replacement, please be sure to visit us online at SWISCO.COM/DISCUSISONS.

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  1. notoriouskelly says:

    Clear instructions and video, no fluff- just excellent!

  2. John Richardson says:

    Most people would drag that out for twenty minutes. Well done πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. Nathan Nesen says:

    Mine looks nothing like this or has any of that

  4. jdawgs place says:

    great video but my door is completely different…maybe because it's really old…

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