How to Replace a Rear Wheel Bearing in Your Car
How to Replace a Rear Wheel Bearing in Your Car

One, two three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for our Today I’m gonna show you how
to change wheel bearings out in a Toyota. And if you notice,
I’m wearing glasses. And that’s because
I value my eyes. We’re going to do some
hammering and grinding, so you want to protect your
eyes when you do that. The first thing you want to do
is jack the car up in the air. Put the jack on a
the mounting part and jack it up high
off, so the tires is two or three inches off the ground. Then, if you don’t like
your hands getting dirty, put on some gloves. I’ve been using these
Safegrip gloves for years. They keep your hands
from getting all cut, and keep all the
grease off of you. I just pull the wheel off. The wheel, to get it off,
push it out of the way. The wheel bearing’s
hiding inside here, so you have to take the
brake off to access it. Get a wrench, and take the
backing nuts off of the brake. Once you get the two bolts
off, the brake caliper slides out of the way,
and take the rotor off. The bearing’s
hiding inside here. There’s four little bolts
inside here, 14 millimeter, to hold the hub in. So we take all of the
bolts off, and then the hub comes right out. You’ll notice the hub
is a whole assembly. We have to take this apart
to put the new bearing in. Just give it a good
whack with a hammer. Then they will unscrew, and
you can get the end off. Then you’re going to need this
puller to take it apart with. The puller goes on top
of the bearing assembly, then you bolt it on so
it’s nice and tight. Then the bearing
assembly comes apart. But here’s a trick: you’ve
got to get the race off here. You’ve got to grind it off. So get an air grinder,
and cut the race in half. Now, you don’t have to cut
the race all the way in half. You make a line, and
then hit with a chisel. Then you need to go
to some solid ground. Put the hub on the ground, and
put the bearing on top of it. Then get a big socket that
fits over the top of it, and tap it on. You hammer until it’s seated. When the shiny
part is covered up, and you only see the
dirty part, it’s done. Then just get the nut
and tighten it back on. And if you have anti-lock
brakes like this car, don’t forget to put the
anti-lock brake wheel back on. Be sure to tighten all
four bolts nice and snug. Then get the brake disk
and put it back on– it’ll just slide in place– and bolt the caliper
back on, too. Put these two 14 millimeter
bolts on nice and tight. Then roll the wheel
in and put it back on. Tighten up the lug nuts,
and let the jack down. Then take the car
for a good road test. There are two wheel
bearings in the back– you might still hear a noise and
have to change the other side. And if you’ve got a car question
you need answered right away, just visit I answer all questions
absolutely free.

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  1. Scotty Kilmer says:

    ⬇️Things used in this video:
    1. Bearing Puller:
    2. Sledge Hammer:
    3. Angle Grinder:
    4. Pneumatic Air Impact Tool:
    5. Portable Air Compressor:
    6. Ratchet and socket set:
    7. Mechanic’s Tool Set:
    8. Wrench Set:
    9. Shop Towels:
    10. Disposable Gloves:
    11. Flashlight:
    12. Steel Jack:
    13. Jack Stand:
    14. Common Sense
    15. Full HD Camera:
    16. My computer for editing / uploading:
    17. Video editing software:
    18. Thumbnail software:

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  2. yolanda pai-Ge says:

    Scotty your are amazing! ❤️💋😸

  3. Paul Eberhardt says:

    @ScottyKilmer Do you have a video for this on an 02 seville sls??

  4. Casey Karciauskas says:

    Of course he uses a rattle gun

  5. Thomas Terbanc says:

    Thanks, Scotty!

  6. Bubba Wayne says:

    Dude that is awesome

  7. BobbySizacks says:

    Okay so how hard would it be to do this on an 1999 Audi. A4 1.8t. I want to do it myself

  8. TG says:

    And for pressed in bearings??? Trust me folks, it’s not that simple. This video is laughable.

  9. John Torres says:

    I think I'll just pay a mechanic to do all that work

  10. BTD says:

    Did you do a video of this on a rear wheel drive car? 94 Chev G20 full size van

  11. From now on says:

    I ain’t doing that.

  12. Joey Slamans says:

    Just get a hole hub. There $100 or less hell with trying to just replace the bearing.

  13. aubrey whitehead says:

    Scotty do you have a rear wheel drive hub bearing video?

  14. Garrett Frost says:

    Just give it a good wack with a hammer "UH"


    Cant u press bearing out and in on vehicle ?

  16. Alastair Lyon says:


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