How to Replace a Vitamix Blade Assembly | eTundra
How to Replace a Vitamix Blade Assembly | eTundra

Hi, I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply. In today’s episode I’m going to show you
how to change the blade assembly in your Vitamix prep container. Pretty much what we have here is our retainer nut wrench by Vitamix; unique for its blade assembly replacements. As well as, we have a 64 ounce Vita prep container
here. First you’re going to take off the lid as
that’s not needed. Turn your container upside down. The nice thing with this wrench is, that hole is going to fit right over your
drive socket. It only fits one way and from there lefty
loosey. You want to be careful with those blades because they might be sharp still. I’m using a rag to grab a hold of that blade. That nut comes off and your blade assembly
should just pop right out. Go ahead and take that old one. We can discard
that. Now you have your empty container and your
nut. Now we’re going to get our new blade assembly. You’ll notice on the blade assembly there
are two flat sides. That’s going to correspond with the two
flat sides on the bottom of your container. Again, be careful just using a rag here. You could also use a cut glove, the Chain
Mail Steel Mesh. Pretty much that way you don’t create any
nicks on your fingers as you’re trying to replace this. In there it should just snap in place. Get our retaining nut. You can go ahead and screw that on finger
tight for the time being. Then get our retainer nut wrench by Vitamix
again. We’ll tighten this piece back into place. There you have it, replacing the blade assembly on your Vitamix
container. I’m Chris Tavano from Tundra Restaurant
Supply. That’s how you change your Vitamix blade
assembly. Join us again next time.

23 thoughts on “How to Replace a Vitamix Blade Assembly | eTundra”

  1. AEhachirokuSC2 says:

    hey when I tighten mine up the metal bit digs into the jug because there is a little bit of play between it and the jug is this common I didn't even do it up hard, like when you put the blade in the hole if you spin it a bit with your fingers you will notice it moves around a little bit its enough so that when you tighten its not putting the force on the strain edges but digging the corner of the metal into the strait edge of the jug  🙁 ….. now my jug leaks 🙁  

  2. Nada Zilch says:

    hey i'm wondering if the blade assembly can be taken apart and then put back together with the blades flipped over so that they suck down from the sides and push the blend up through the middle.

  3. Jaime Raskansky says:

    Guys like you make life enjoyable ,Thank you

  4. rajen ojar says:

    hello i dont own vitamix i am a home handy man a friend has a vitamix and is leaking through the blade shaft is there a seal to change or do i change the whole shaft n blade .urgent.reply please

  5. johnnymac1975 says:

    Great video!!!!!

    I have a Vitamix Super 3600 and the
    drive socket (female threaded part that is housed inside the rubber has stripped (the 6 Point, not the 12)

    I've found replacements on ebay but none that fit my machine!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

  6. NC Imson says:

    I was told Vitamix blades Dry or Wet are not sharp at all. Its the power from the motor doing all the work and not from the blade being sharp

  7. rene Rodriguez says:


  8. M. F. says:

    I have a HealthMaster Elite 1200 W and the Vitamix part looks the same. Do you think the blade from Vitamix would fit the Health master? My blender is leaking and I can't find the part 🙁

  9. permanentwave says:

    will this work on a 3600 plus with the 12 spine

  10. ssarge2 says:

    i have a 5200. just bought the 32oz dry jar, but would much like to have a 32oz wet jar. can you switch them out or are there differences other than the blade assembly?

  11. michael Ryan says:

    Is there a hack instead of buying the specialized wrench?….I have something stuck under the blade, looks like a piece of string

  12. ansanghi says:

    After I replaced my blade, just as your video shows, the blade won't rotate when the motor is turned on. Motor seems to be rotating. I checked the size of blade assembly gear is same as the old blade. Do you know what might be the reason?

  13. garlicdawg says:

    if its leaking cant i just replace the seal…?

  14. lvjohn2009 says:

    Awesome video very helpful

  15. Paula Joy Welter says:

    Thanks! Worked like a charm!!! You rock!

  16. Donna Saunders says:

    Thanks, you helped me in a pinch man, I appreciate it!

  17. Bill Demarais says:

    I just got a noticed for a recall on these. I'm trying to find an 18 digit serial number..It's not on the bottom.. I wonder if it has to be taken apart like this to view it .. anyway here's the recall link

  18. Julie Khalilzadegan says:


  19. Alec Goenner says:

    Thanks for this video. I didn't even know there was a wrench. I needed to tighten my loose blade.

  20. stepitup says:

    saved my wife about 60 dollars just now

  21. Mark Chiocchi says:

    Why would you have to change the blade they don't go doll they already are doll the only reason to change it is at the bearing so bad

  22. Beth Paulsen says:

    does it matter if the blade are a different size than the original? The base seems the same but the actual blades are shorter than the container's original blades.

  23. carmen garcia says:

    Where can I buy the blades I buy in amazon it don’t work
    Thank for your time 🌺

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