How to Replace ABS Wheel Speed Sensor On A 2006 – 2011 Honda Civic

all right guys we’re working on a 2007
Honda Civic EX I have the ABS light on as you can see and the part we’re going
to replace is that ABS wheel speed sensor I bought this at autozone it was
twenty nine dollars around there I believe this is the sensor which we’re
going to replace and I’m gonna show you how to do it in just one second okay the
the code I was getting for the ABS light was telling me it was the rear right ABS
wheel speed sensor which is this one a one on the right passenger side on the
rear side to remove it or to replace it and put this right here we gotta take
off the the wheel first so just use Jack put the car on now but emergency brake
and remove the wheel and I’ll show you what to do okay now that the tires off
you can remove the sensor using a ten millimeter socket this one right here it’s already loose and this little clip you got a push you
gotta push this to two little sides because it’s connected right here you
gotta push the two little sides and then you can just pull it out and I’m gonna
show you how it looks on the other side and what you have to do all right
working with one hand okay so the other side is simple – to remove that’s the
sensor right here and to remove it’s really simple you push this side right
here and you’re cool that’s it I might have to use a flathead screwdriver on
this one let me try to get it out and now that you guys know how I got it I
got this plastic off the plaster that goes right here okay I got this plastic off the goes
right here using some pliers just pull it out to remove this clip right here
you gotta put a flathead screwdriver right here push up push this up and then push the top one
down and you can just call when it comes out that’s how you remove okay that’s how I remove no maybe is
speed sensor it looks really dirty oh all right I’m gonna show you how to
install it now it’s pretty simple you just gotta repeat the same steps all
right all right guys now installing the new sensor
so again just repeating the same process this right here try to push it all the way inside there and using again ten millimeter socket
with the ratchet I’m gonna give it to my handyman II so
he can hold it okay right there can they see good okay
the little click moves here yeah same thing goes for this clip right here okay as you can see in the sensor and just
try to plug it oh it’s hard working with one hand where
is it try to put the clip first there why did you put the clip
it’s stay stay there and then you can put the plug there we go so that’s how
you guys do it alright guys the sensors already plugged
in and everything now the next step is putting the tire back to the car I
always put the tire underneath the car just for safety reasons
safety first guys that I keep saying yeah just put the tire put the leg nose
back in and then I’m gonna try to turn on the car and see if the lights off censors already installed and when I
turn on the car and see if the light huh they’re no more night
rain is the seatbelt light to see below sorry guys there no more night so guys that’s how
you fix the AVS light for that problem remember that was only for the rear
right side of the car of a Honda Civic EX alright YouTube please comment
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if this helped you problem thank you so much have a good day peace

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