How To Replace AC Condenser Cooling Fan 02-08 Dodge Ram PART 1
How To Replace AC Condenser Cooling Fan 02-08 Dodge Ram PART 1

brought to you by 1a auto calm your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet hi I’m Mike Greene I’m one of the owners of warning Auto I want to help you save time and money repairing and maintaining your vehicle I’m going to use my 20-plus years experience restoring and repairing cars and trucks like this to show you the correct way to install parts from 1a auto calm the right parts installed correctly that’s going to save you time and money thank you and enjoy the video ok this is part one of a two-part video this is removing the AC condenser fan in this 2004 Dodge Ram same as any ot 208 this is one of those jobs that is a whole lot easier once you know how to do tools you’ll need for this are a 10 millimeter and a 13 millimeter socket with a ratchet and extension a tool able to cut plastic because as you can see Chrysler didn’t exactly design this to be replaced easily a flat blade screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver you want to start by removing your battery actually you can see we’ve already disconnected a negative cable and now we’re using our 10 millimeter wrench and we did that with a 10 millimeter socket right as well loosening up the positive cable with our 10mm socket ratchet and then carefully because you don’t want to touch that screwdriver to anything else you want to carefully pry off the positive battery cable and now I’m going to fast forward a little bit but there’s a 10 millimeter bolt basically the middle bottom of the battery that holds the battery clamp down and you want to remove that as you remove it the bolt that’s at the bottom can slip and if you have to you can grab that with a wrench at the bottom as well and now you going to use your 10 millimeter the negative ground cable from the fender and I just put that plug back in the fender for safekeeping okay now you want to pull the battery towards the fender a little bit then there’s a basically a block so the little bracket that holds the battery in and then you can lift the bottom battery out and store it on next you’re going to want to remove your will not remove but your fuse relay Center out of the way as a 13 millimeter bolt there and then there’s a little clip that has a Philips head pin in it that you just kind of undo the pin pull a pin head up out and then this lifts up okay and the clip comes out okay fast-forward through removing that 13 millimeter bolt and then this relay Center slides towards the engine and then it pops out kind of take it move it over to where your battery was okay so you can see I’ve used some plastic wire ties and just kind of tied this up and on the way not too tight because I want to be able to flex these wires around a little bit now I’m going to remove four 10 millimeter bolts to that hold the AC fan here and then this one here that holds the radiator shroud and all the way on the other side there’s another one here that holds the radiator shroud as well you want to release there’s two pins one here and one way down here just use a regular screwdriver and pry those out and then after you prime some usually just grab onto them welcome back and forth so now ten millimeter socket with a small extension and you’re going to use a ratchet obviously I’m using an air ratchet just for a little bit of quickness okay and I’ll do a little fast forward and again to is I remove those four bolts and as you as I remove the last one the radiator you can see the radiator kind of flex down around the AC condenser fan what you want to do is remove your AC line from these clips here and then also from one way over here on the passenger side okay that allows your line to go so now you can kind of lift up and move around your condenser and fan assembly there are four bolts that hold the condenser into the fan assembly they’re ten millimeter ones there one is further down there you can just kind of lift the there you go lift it up and get a better view and then there’s also two on this side one there and one way further down right there you can either reach that by reaching down there or actually from the bottom as well and I’ve got my ten millimeter socket no extensions time and a little fast-forward again as I take these bolts out and you can see I just lift up the condenser and fan assembly just so I can get at the bolts and get everything out and everything okay so you can see with the trowel pulled up okay our connection now is loose but Chrysler for some reason design this so that you the right way to do it I guess is to disconnect this line but you can’t do that because that depressurizes your AC it’s illegal because you can’t let the gases go in the air and then you’d have to get your AC system recharged so what you want to do is either break or cut this basically this piece right here so then you can get the condenser out okay how do you do this depends on the tools you have I’ve got these snips it goes right to the classic pretty easy and careful not the damage here condenser at all okay now we’re basically ready to pull it out and get a few things here we’ve got this arm that comes off the battery make sure that we get the fan up and over it first and then this comes apart you have to slide the condenser over and pull the fan out so try and show you that as best I can here bring our condenser and fan assembly up basically on top of that arm okay now pull the condenser gently assembly here I try to practice this like three times but it seems like every time it comes out a little different here’s the connector right here screwdriver undo it it comes out here’s my original fan new fan from 1a auto you’re going to want to swap all your grommets over mostly it’s the same thing maybe this is a different design of your later or earlier design I’ll see how that installs but I am going to cut this off right here so I can get it around that hose okay and we’re going to end that and this one here for now just check out the part two to the same video to see the reinstallation of the fan we hope this helps you out brought to you by ww1 ayato calm your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the internet please feel free to call us toll free 888 eight four four three three nine three where the company that’s here for you on the internet and in person

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  1. dpl1108121 says:

    this is off subject but what kind of car is that in the background?

  2. 1A Auto Parts says:

    @dpl1108121 That is a 1960 Pontiac Bonneville 4 door hardtop. For you Pontiac Fans it is an original Tripower Posi car with 8-lug wheels.

  3. dpl1108121 says:

    @1aauto That is a pretty sweet car man

  4. 1A Auto Parts says:

    @dpl1108121 Thanks, That one is my father's. I make fun of him about the color from time to time, but it allows him to relive his youth. The first car he owned was a '60 Pontiac.

  5. TheTruthHurts says:

    Thanks for this video!! I fixed my a/c in less than an hour using your tips. Now my truck is nice and cool!

  6. JayNav09 says:

    Thanks for the video! I just spent a hour replacing my fan assembly. It is on Chris Cringle now. Lol!!!

  7. Victor R says:

    Should the condenser fan run whenever the ac is on or just when the compressor kicks in? My 04 ram only cools while I'm driving but as soon as I stop the air comes out warm. I checked the condenser fan and its not on but then again I'm not sure if and when its suppose to running.

  8. 1A Auto Parts says:

    You're welcome. Thanks for checking us out. Have a great day.

  9. Marv l says:

    Excellent set of instructions! Now my refrigeration unit in running cold when idle! Thanks for helping me through this replacement!

  10. luis juarbe says:

    Mike, thank you for the video. I knocked this job out in about 35 minutes. I bought the part for $80 and was quoted $376 from pepboys. I also repaired for wheel hub assembly with the instructions on your other vids as well as my tailgate lever, brakes, and rotors. You've saved me over $1000. You have my business from now on 100%

  11. 1A Auto Parts says:

    Thank you for being a loyal customer it's greatly appreciated.Have a great day.

  12. luis juarbe says:

    Im about to order they upper and lower ball joints. Feel free to do a video on that.. 🙂

  13. BazookaRIP says:

    Awesome video. Easy replacement. Great service. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 1A Auto Parts says:

    Thank you for visiting us on YouTube. 888-844-3393

  15. 1A Auto Parts says:

    It may cause it to do that. If you have a check engine light on, you may want to pull the code to see what may be causing the fan to not work. Hope this helps.

  16. jtilley23 says:

    Wow. This instructional video help me to get my fan unit changed out in mere minutes. I was dreading the task of having to figure out a way to remove without discharging the a/c system. This video made it a breeze. A+++++

  17. 1A Auto Parts says:

    Thanks for watching. 888-844-3393

  18. san379 says:

    i fixed it for 15 bucks by simply leaving it there and putting a pusher fan infront of it and keeps the ac cold just the same.. the dealer wanted 600$ cuz they wanted to drain the system and change the condenson n fan as an assembly so i bought a oftermarket fan and bolted it on .. much cheaper

  19. 1A Auto Parts says:

    Thanks for checking out our video. We carry the correct fan for it on our website Part Number: 1AACF00104
    888-844-3393 FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states.

  20. Troy says:

    Thank you A1 Auto!! Bought my fan unit and received it promptly the same week. Just installed it in about an hour without any problems. I used the video as my guide during the install keeping my phone nearby; socket sizes helped. I would note that I ended up putting the (4) 10mm fan shroud bolts back in before lowering the condensor/fan assembly back into place. Much easier than doing it after lowering it back down. Once again, thanks and great customer service and tech help with the videos.

  21. 1A Auto Parts says:

    Thank you for your order. Have a great day! 888-844-3393

  22. mwtaylor1969 says:

    Thank you very much for the great video! This turned a half day job into less than 90 minutes. If you do this yourself, be sure to watch part two, I kept saying "why won't the condenser go back into the shroud!?!" until I remembered part two where you have to pry with a flathead screwdriver between the condenser and the shroud on the upper passenger side. Be sure to watch part two at 6:10 where he talks about the original ones get stuck like that! I had that same problem and it cost 20 min!

  23. 1A Auto Parts says:

    Thanks for watching. 888-844-3393

  24. Blues B says:

    Thanks for the Video. I would like to replace only the fan motor. Do I need to remove all as you have explaned or can I replace the fan motor just removing the burned fan motor only?

  25. 1A Auto Parts says:

    You can try to remove just the motor, but it's in there pretty tight. You may need to remove everything shown in the video so that you can service it.

  26. syborg60 says:

    Thanks guys,great video very helpful. Took me no time to do..I took the radiator shroud and pulled it lose from the radiator and held it back with zip ties, removed the top radiator hose and had room to pull and reinstall the condensor fan unit without removing and pulling back the fuse box….. thanks for your time..

  27. Matt Thomas says:

    I had to change my condenser fan on my truck and found this video on the Tube. I watched part 1 & 2, and was able to change the fan out in about 1 hour. It saved me about $150 in labor. Thanks 1AAuto

  28. Kiddro22 says:

    Check that fuse #39…..A/C condenser fan fuse. Again, it will throw a P1491 code.

  29. Mike Kingston says:

    Thanks so much for this video. My wife and I was able to change the fan in her truck in about two hours. Your video made it so easy. Thanks again.

  30. simonmalva says:

    Thanks the video made it a lot easier for me to replace the motor fan

  31. advertismentemail says:

    Thank you so much. I watched this video and thought I can do this. I ordered my part from 1A Auto Parts using the 800#. The representative was so friendly! I almost forgot I was ordering auto parts. The part was ordered on a Tuesday and delivered to my door on Friday. I was able to follow the video bolt by bolt and in just over an hour, I had the old fan out and the new fan in. Thanks again!!! (2003 Dodge Ram 2500) 

  32. txstevew says:

    Thank you for this video.  I would have nevered fiqured out how to get the fan motor out.  Only ended up taking me a little over an hour.  Thanks again

  33. bclarkfl says:

    Really appreciate the videos and this one saved me $300 that all the shops wanted to charge to do the repair. And gave me a good project to work on with my son. I now have cold air in Florida traffic once again! Thanks and keep those videos coming!

  34. Mikey Deeze says:

    I'm so glad I found this video! A few months ago, this fan blade decided to just fall off. I spent hours trying to scissor finger my way into that thing to tighten the nut, while jamming a zip tie in the motor casing to hold it stationary. No luck with that. Watched this video, and fixed it in less than an hour. Works great now. Thanks!

  35. Steve Nail says:

    Watched this video and was able to replace the condensor fan in my 07 Ram 1500 in less than an hour. Very helpful!

  36. Yan De Souza says:

    Do you have a video on how to replace a fuel pump for a dodge ram 1500 2005

  37. Chris J says:

    Great video!!! Made the repair very simple. I had to remove the tray assembly that holds the battery and relay panel. It was a little different set up than the truck in your video. Other than having to remove the wheel well cover to remove two mounting bolts underneath, it was spot on. Thanks a bunch!!!

  38. Brom Bangler says:

    This video cut my install time in half. I'm glad I watched it first.

  39. Dean Winfield says:

    thanks, worked great. i replaced the fan motor only for 30 bucks, once i had the fan housing out it was a simple 4 bolt replacement saved an additional 70 dollars

  40. Bobby Broussard says:

    Getting ready to do my Brothers Ram tomorrow. I really like the video and feel comfortable about going after it after watching this video. Thank you for posting it. The only thing I would add is this. When I installed hood pins on my 02 Ram a couple years ago, I removed the radiator support from across the front! It was very easy to do, just 4 bolts. I think removing the support will help with getting to the entire assembly. I will let you know tomorrow how it goes 🙂

  41. Bobby Broussard says:

    Yep! Worked like a charm… Didn't have to remove the battery or the fuse box. Removed the radiator support and it came right out… Easy out and easy back in…

  42. venivinivinci says:

    I just completed in 45 minutes, thank you and I will definitely recommend ya'll. The only difference was my fuse relay box was harnessed differently. 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab, 4.7 l.

  43. Daniel Dorgan says:

    Works like a champ on 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 4.7 engine.

  44. Martin novelo says:

    really good video am gonna do my 03 4.7….

  45. Victor Soliz says:

    Great help! I just did my 2004 Dodge Ram!

  46. The Handyman says:

    45 minuets start to finish I did not remove the battery or fuse box. 2006 ram with hemi.

  47. mutigers92 says:

    Replaced this on my 2008 1500 today with no problems. I only replaced the motor, instead of the entire shroud. This video helped immensely. I appreciate it, keep putting quality videos like this one out.

  48. Ryan Sawyer says:

    I cant thank you enough for this video.  Would not have been able to do this without you.  Even though I bought only the condenser motor and not the entire fan assembly.  But I was able to notice the left handed screw and switch it out.  Thanks again.

  49. unk55 says:

    Thank you for the video. Had to make a couple of adjustments on the shroud, but everything went fine. Blowing cold air now when I'm stopped. In Texas with summer coming on, that is a blessing. Thanks for the great service also ordered Monday, had it in my hands on Thursday. Very happy So Far. Ray Hill Conroe, Tx,

  50. Home Mechanic says:

    FYI, removing the upper cross-member holding the rad and condenser made a huge difference.

  51. Michael H says:

    Thank you for this video it saved me a ton and i ordered the part from you and got it in 2 days which was great.. installation went fairly smooth and now i have air again after 3 years without . i had been given the runaround by several mechanics Telling Me Maybe the evaporator it was going to cost me $1,000 to get it fixed so I I didn't take it anymore mechanics and decided to do some research and found a couple trouble shooting videos and your installation video and did it myself for $67. so thanks again

  52. Music First says:

    Just replaced this on my 07 Dodge Ram 1500 after being quoted over 500$ from a local AC shop. After doing research on pricing 1A auto was right in line with the cheapest prices. Their might have been one website with a lower price, but being since 1A is gracious enough to post videos to help the common person, I figured it was only right to order from them. Thanks 1A! You just got yourself a new loyal customer!

  53. Mid-Thumb Automotive says:

    What were they thinking??? Thanks for the video!

  54. kenneth reeves says:

    thanks best vidio i found

  55. من بادي الوقت says:

    Nice review

  56. Hank Rearden says:

    I just finished this up and I want to add: Remove the front cross bar. Move the fuse box back. Removing the battery is a waste of effort. Absolute easiest way and least labor involved. TIP: Make sure your bolt clips (4) on the side of the condenser are lined up and not TOO loose. That was the only serious difficulty I had. One of them just would NOT line up and I ended up cross threading it.

  57. n2h2o2 says:

    Great video! One recommendation though…It is MUCH easier if you remove the upper radiator support. It's just four bolts and the whole condenser and shroud can come forward a bit. Took about 35 minutes total. Oh and you don't have to remove the battery or the fuse box by doing this.

  58. Reg Sig says:

    I have no experince with mecanic and just fixed my 2004 dodge ram cooling fan, no need to remove battery and radiator, I took about 30 min., save me $300

  59. Mr-Nice-Guy j says:

    I cant get the damn clip out that powers the fan…lol

  60. James Charles says:

    thank you

  61. Gary Streit says:

    if you undo the fan's wire connection BEFORE you take out the shroud, its so much easier

  62. mrussell79 says:

    Thank you for the great video, made the replacement easy to tackle on my '08 Ram 1500.

  63. wweekusk says:

    I love 1a auto. Whenever there is problem with my truck. 9 times out of 10 they have the solution iam looking for.
    Quoted a ridiculous price by a local shop not gonna waste my money when these guys have the hook up right here.
    Thanks guys great work and keep it up

  64. Tim Thompson says:

    Just want to say thanks for this video. I am NOT a car guy, this was my first attempt to replace anything on my vehicle. I watched to video, followed you steps and BAM… done. Not sure I will become a car guy after this but it does make you feel good to get your hands dirty. Thanks.

  65. Francisco Javier Andrade says:

    Hi, what's the use of this motor fan? It's that mine is on all the time and I do not know why you can help me. Thanks

  66. Cal Kennedy says:

    If ever having to disconnect a battery, it is safer to disconnect the ground first!
    This way there is no chance of arcing out from the positive terminal to any meatal.


    How don't know if the fan is not working?

  68. Bill Burkhalter says:

    Remove the negative battery post. No need to remove the battery. Mark the hood latch brace with a sharpie then remove the 4 bolts makes the job a
    lot easier.

  69. AB Cinematography says:

    Great video! I would have never known about cutting out that plastic and would have tried getting it out without undoing the condensor itself. Had it out and back in in under 45 minutes!

  70. David U says:

    Why cant I find a video for a 2012, mine is right in front of the radiator not on the side so I am.sure installation as well removal is not the same.

  71. Thomas Petchel says:

    Great vid! I got the condenser fan all the way out but got stuck when i couldnt get the fan blade bolt lose to get the fan off! Any tips for me?? Thanks.

  72. Remington Allison says:

    my 07 air only blows like at a 2 level when going like 30-60mph and thats it traffic kills me. whats the deal??

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