How to replace bearings on a vacuum cleaner motor-JDNel Refrigeration
How to replace bearings on a vacuum cleaner motor-JDNel Refrigeration

this motor is offered nectar that’s
vacuum cleaner looks like the bees that sees that a lot
of use you can open NDP as long as the armature is still fine now the Chinese
machine the casing is sheet metal so you can clamp it in the vise or anything it
for the sport how I open it I take us mm I’ll put it against the other planes and
you just get and then you get to your blade now the blade has got a nut that
holds it on but when you put a nut on is really difficult to hold the blade and
there’s nothing to grip on so what I do is I put my spanner on and I’ll take the
hemorrhage cap and what happens is that loosens the blade can undo the nut and
this is your suction blade with a water the size of a is definitive gentle and
there’s four little screws that holds this plate on there linkies I’m just
going to get allen key to loosen it just like each one and then they should
unscrew and now they’re not but the screws are still
held on the fiction but now with this if you put a screwdriver in your time to
wait it out is a chance you might bend the metal and then you’ll never get this
to line up again so what I do is I just pick them up back on and I’ll just give
it a tap with a hammer and that’s got a tendency to loose if you see now
everything is loose and often you can just pull it out a little bit tight and
give it a second tip then it comes out with the beading that failed as a spell
apology and then there’s a second beading again it still feels alright but
once you’ve got a nice open luscious I’d like to replace both and what argue is I
was pitiable being put on your put it off we stick to new bearings in and put
it together but this is the little being put on normally used but because this
beading is broken and it’s only offer that live it’s going to be difficult to
get to be fully in there to pull it off and this pillar will not work so what I
do when we get to this point where we can’t get a grating polina’s I’ll just
take a disc grinder and I’ll grind a slot on each side of this broken bearing
and then the two bits should follow in order to do that you have to clamp it in
the vise but just be very careful if you push on
this router you can damage it so what I normally do is I put a cloth around it
and then you put it on the clamp it on the cloth and then that is quite speedy and I’ll
just cut it with a disc to make the big noises okay now while we’re cutting we
must be very careful not to cut any of the of each other but we want to cut to
be what we’ve done as with coxal the groove
in this beading and sometimes we just force it out the chip come off give it a
try no fuck so going to cut that groove a
little bit deeper got a little baiting off now I’ve cut it
almost through there is the shot I made a little more cut it but it shouldn’t be
a problem and hopefully this one will be easier
this one we can pull up with a puller this is the beading from the top cannot
quite in together other half of the broken one what I’d like to do with the
armature before I put the new the airings are not put it in a roll and
spin it and put a little piece of sandpaper on this commentator where the
carbon brushes are you just get it the nice thing now these prediction of a
nice new shiny take it out of the door with our armature and the two bearings
are just a bracelet and all push it in with a person also you’re a liar single
day I can feel it I tell ok push the two bearings into motor this the racket
that’s what they look like this segment was nice and clean not
apologize into the machine that you’ll see the two carbon brushes day is
obstructing it now being and that’s how you can loosen this carbon brush holder
and take it out but is why is yeah that’s that’s alright
what I normally do is I just push the carbon brushes after way when I slide it
in and to do that plastic a screwdriver in to the on the inside if you want to
see a and then you push the one you can push the carbon brushes of faulty so you can do one comb and brush static
so I put the white on it and then through these holes we push the carbon
versus a force now we’ve got the amateur back in its place
and then we have this plate that fits over the top we have these screws that
holds it in position so we just put the log flight on it push it in a little
spiciness a lot there should not be any pressure on the debating but if one of
the bearings is not in deep enough you can just tap it lightly on the only
change will set you will slide position now this not like that I’m partly now
it’s got little indentations there that line up these little dots that lines up
with indentations on the placing itself so you can’t put it in wrong and once
you’ve got these workers in place the OHS it’s exactly in the middle are being
a sheet metal casing you don’t want to over tighten this crease because it
doesn’t take much to slip them I don’t do it with the torque wrench but you can
feel the tension on it and just don’t over tighten them okay I think the
armature turns freely now we can just assemble the whole rest of the machine
with plastic key Kizer and then there’s a little spacer then
your blade fits on this diffusers for to lining pens which
has to line up with these two holes again okay bleh
and yes the next to tighten this match I use the spinner like we did when we kick
it off just with a little bit of weight on at NU we tap it with a hammer and
that tools actually tightens it so we get a time and then you put this patient
back on again now this is just compressed fit on the all the vacuum
cleaners I am and tested in place but this when you tap it it all goes out of
shape so I just push it lightly in the vise like this and you don’t take this
around all the way in like that virtual motor now we can just run it I’ll just
put a t-score down you can run it for a minute and see what it sounded like
but they were all being it at wimpy will turn taught me the feeling was worn out now when you run this is an awful lot of
talk so make sure you hold it quite okay comfort and that’s how our chains
creating so many products vacuum cleaner master

11 thoughts on “How to replace bearings on a vacuum cleaner motor-JDNel Refrigeration”

  1. Imran A. Mughal says:

    Amazing. You know your stuff.

  2. Rattus Norvegicus says:

    Hi Johann…if you`re around?
    If only my Eectrolux 330 was that simple to get into.The housing bearing is shot,it blew the other day,making a horrible noise.
    I was given the vacuum cleaner 2nd hand years ago,I`m guessing it`s late`70s?
    The armature has a big wear grove but still enough meat left,although brushes are down to about 8mm or less,so I`ll replace them….if I can get to the housing bearing.Thing is,there`s no handy nut to undo as in your great demo,just a button-head rivet head! I suppose I have to drill that off and then drill &tap and fit a screw to secure….??

  3. Jean-Marc Sparenberg says:

    Lots of great advice. Many thanks for sharing your know-how, Johann!

  4. mamds74 says:

    Thank you, totally helpful

  5. Amuse Cafe says:

    Thank you Johan! Great to see how it is done!
    Greetings from Dirck at Amuse cafe!

  6. trngw says:

    NEVER EVER hit the rotor axle with a hammer like in the video. NEVER! There is a big risk that the windings and/or commutator comes loose from the axle, and then your motor is totally ruined. The rotor needs to be pressed out of its seats, gently. Best way is to use a vice.
    Trust me! I destroyed a motor doing like in the video! So I know what I am talking about. Since then I never did that again. Now I always use a vice, and it works perfectly every time!

  7. ROD'S DIY Solutions says:

    Very nicely explained Johann. Thanks.

  8. Angie Valenzuela says:

    Is the peice you cut off welded onto the whole shaft to the other side? Or is it just a stopper/bushing. (The piece at the end that looks like a wedding cake with 2 layers) In other words could the bearing be removed possibly with a puller?

  9. gaber ibrahim says:

    Great job thanks so much

  10. Muhammad Tahir says:

    Tq teacher…learnt a lot from u about vacuum dismantling…

  11. Sergej Martirosian says:

    Thank you, very detailed. Can you recommend a source for the bearings and are these special of common sealed ones? Are there many standard sizes?

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