How to Replace Brake Drums 09-13 Chevy Silverado 1500
How to Replace Brake Drums 09-13 Chevy Silverado 1500

brought to you by 1a auto calm your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet hi I’m Mike from 1a auto I hope this how-to video helps you out and next time you need parts for your vehicle think of 1a auto calm thanks in this video we’re going to show you how to replace the rear drum brakes on this 2011 chevy silverado 1500 it’s the same process on the sierra 1500 from the same year and we show you how to do this on the passenger side but you’re going to want to do it on the driver’s side as well and it’s pretty much the same process the tools you’ll need for this is jack and jack stands 22 millimeter socket and ratchet flat blade screwdriver to vise grip pliers wire brush white grease and a torque wrench start out by carefully removing the center cap of the flat blade screwdriver and then if you don’t have the benefit of our tools and start with a vehicle on the ground loosen the lug nuts then raise support and secure the vehicle and then lug nuts wheel and tire the wheel off there’s one or two of these little locking rings use pliers or flat blade screwdriver twist them usually you can just kind of break them off and pull them off or if you want you can try and get them off all the way and then reuse them okay you can if the drum doesn’t come off you can use a long bolt mmm ten in size you can see that there’s two holes just put the bolt into the drum and tighten it up and it will help you pull the drum right off and with the drum off you can check the condition of the shoes see our rear ones in pretty good shape same with our front ones in pretty good shape and also the condition of the drum itself just run your finger on it make sure that there’s no deep grooves or anything like that okay there’s brake tool specifically for this purpose but we’re just using a pair of vice grips and remove the spring and we want to remove this spring here also that bracket is going to come out at the same time and then there’s a spring down below on through and then basically just pull the springs back er forward or backward and pull them out now using the vise gear pliers you want to twist these retaining Springs and you want to hold the pin on the back of the brakes and then you can just pull that pin right out and you can pull that brake shoe back and pull your adjuster out of there set that aside now you want to do it on this side put your finger on the back of that pin twist the retaining spring out remove the pin and remove the brake shoe now to remove this brake shoe you need to get the e brake out of there so using a large flat blade screwdriver just pry that out of that slot now to reinstall you don’t need two people here but it definitely helps to have two people and with one of the vise grip pliers you want to pull out the center of that spring and with the other set you want to grip further up so that the spring can’t come back down and then you just want to kind of pry that into the slot on that brake shoe now around here you can see these friction points you want to take a wire brush and just clean each of these up and just apply a little bit of white grease to each one now you want to lift your brake shoe up into place and you want to push that pin through the back and then twist on that retaining spring and we’ll fast forward as he does the same thing on the other side now you want to take that adjuster and put that back into place and push those two brake shoes together to kind of secure it take that little adjuster clip and put that back into place now you want to feed the spring down behind that brake shoe you can see it coming out the other side there you want to hook it on and then using the vise grip pliers you want to pull the other end of the spring and clip it on to the other brake shoe and with this spring same thing but up here on this little on these little brackets on the brake shoes your lower spring just clips into these two holes now when you go to put the drum back on if you realize it doesn’t fit as you can see here this just doesn’t fit what you want to do is take a flat blade screwdriver and hold that adjuster clip back and then just use that to turn that adjuster right there and that will bring your brake shoes in we’re adjusting it you want it to still have just a little bit of resistance as you push that drum on you see fits perfectly and we’ll fast forward as he puts the wheel back on and puts those lug nuts back into place and then you want to lower the vehicle and tighten them the rest of the way and you want to torque those lug nuts to a hundred foot pounds and a crossing pattern put the cap back on and repeat for the other side after you’ve done the brake work get in test your pedal and make sure it’s nice and firm do some slow stops from five and ten miles an hour before Road testing your vehicle we hope this helps you out brought to you by ww1 ayato calm your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the internet please feel free to call us toll-free 888 eight four four three three nine three we’re the company that’s here for you on the internet and in person

72 thoughts on “How to Replace Brake Drums 09-13 Chevy Silverado 1500”

  1. Ashton Lanier says:

    i almost got hit in the eye with one of those springs lol.

  2. 1A Auto Parts says:

    It's always a good idea to wear safety glasses while performing repairs. 888-844-3393

  3. martz0r says:

    Are they really still using drum brakes in 2013? I think its funny because my 10+ cars that I've owned have always had 4 wheel discs, even my 73 Benz. Nice instructional video though as usual.

  4. Tungsten23 says:

    Hey ignorant haters, Semi-Tractor Trailer trucks have drum brakes, as well as locomotives.

  5. Tungsten23 says:

    Is it alright to use brake cleaner and just really get the insides squeaky clean of all that old brake residue and then use the lube/anti-seize on the friction points afterwards? Also, can you clean off the springs with brane cleaner and make them clean? I know they will get dirty again, but a bit of extra maintenance may help?

  6. Weasel 84x says:

    Thanks for the video, best I have seen yet on this topic. Also made it look easier to do. May replace mine this weekend if needed. How long roughly do you think it took to do this job. I have watched other videos where a special tool is needed, but didn't see it used on this video, so I guess that just is to make life easier on most.  

  7. MyBartfart says:

    Is this the same process for a 2012 gmc sierra ?

  8. Mike F says:

    Does anybody have the exact spec on that m10 helper bolt to remove the drum?

  9. a maez says:

    You guy's are cool in my book…

  10. Leo Beltran says:

    Thanks for the video.. question.. will the wear out of my brakes cause the stabilitrax and abs light to go off? Ive been having my 2011 teuck stabilitrax service light on and off for about a month now.. thanks

  11. 1A Auto Parts says:

    @Leo Beltran We're not sure of any type of an indicator that may or may not be on this vehicle. You may want to check the fuse and also the level of the brake fluid in the reservoir, just to make sure that it isn't low. Hope this helps you out. 

  12. Camaro_LT1 says:

    I have a 2008 Silverado and its a completely different drum setup in the rear..

  13. Omar Moreno Rockin' Audio Video says:

    How do you remove the clip that holds the old shoe pad? Trying to replace it with the new one.

  14. Omar Moreno Rockin' Audio Video says:


  15. Brandon Watts says:

    Plz Make another video for the 03-06 Silverado.

  16. anthony herrera says:

    Never mind clip came off real easy . peice of cake!!!

  17. Lazlo Vesuvius says:

    excellent upload A1 Auto! Thank You so much.

  18. Andy Doebler says:

    Because of your videos my fiancée pretty much thinks I'm a mechanic! You guys are radical! Thanks!

  19. jaingxu says:

    My 2013 sqeeks when I let off the brake only.  Thanks for the video.  I'm going to try fixing it myself with this video.

  20. Matt L says:

    What size is the M10 bolt?  10mm? and how long?

  21. eclipser2004 says:

    Do you think an M10 bolt will also crack the front rotors from the front hubs?

  22. Adam Simoneaux says:

    Great video thanks! Quick question… I changed my rear drums and shoes on my 2011 Silverado about 8 months ago (using you guys video which helped out tremendously) and about a month ago I started having a vibration coming from the rear of the truck when I push the brakes. Is it possible to have bought a bad set of drums and shoes?

  23. Josh Baldwin says:

    need a video on replacing parking brake shoes on a 2009 gmc 1500…please and thanks

  24. euphony745 says:

    After finishing my brake job my parking break goes all the way to the floor when set. Did I do something wrong?

  25. constable tom dallas says:

    outstanding !

  26. Jimmy G says:

    wish it went this smooth on my truck!

  27. ricky taylor says:

    how often would you replace rear wheel cyl.

  28. roverttumbles says:

    I just used this video to install my rear breaks on Silverado 2011. It seemed to go well but when I tested my brakes while driving it's holding but the pedal seems to loose pressure and go to the floor. Maybe I didn't adjust something tight enough?

  29. Danni24s says:

    had brakes done now brake pedal pulsates like abs is active but no abs light

  30. Blake Fasse says:

    My 2008 Silverado doesnt have those hold down pins and its making it a pain in the ass to do

  31. Jim Thorpe says:

    did you have to place a pin into the opposite shoe and how did you do it?

  32. Clay Swartz says:

    i cannot find the parts on your website for this

  33. phillip rentz says:

    where did you get the shoes from? can not find them with holes for the bottom spring or pin to hild the adjuster lever

  34. Charles Bracewell says:

    I'm trying to figure out why my 13' Sierra bounces when I only apply brakes. Not really shaking in steering wheel. Any ideas ??

  35. If it's not broken fix it says:

    my 08 is totally different. i have the large spring. around the bottom. and the Ebreak is also different. i wish mine was that simple.

  36. Sergio Salas says:

    What is the torque wrenched used for

  37. Jim Piechowski says:

    Great video. Saved me hundred.. Dealer wanted $589 for new drums and shoes. Did the job for $285

  38. David Cowley says:

    Just wondering if the new shoes you sell have the E brake connecting plate already attached to the shoe?

  39. Alfredo Rosales says:

    I changed my rear break shoes and they still squeak any idea why?

  40. M says:

    Great job! Camera placement was perfect. Unlike the other bozos who had the camera far away and in a 30 degree angle.

  41. Ben Rogers says:

    Isn't it important to have the shoes adjusted the same on the passenger/driver side? Also, wouldn't a little bit of friction between the drum and shoes cause when the brake isn't applied cause premature shoe wear? Last question, is the ring/clip that holds the drum in place need to be put back on? I didn't see that in the video. You do great work with these videos!

  42. Ty Tews says:

    Hey great video! I have seen a few comments stating that the procedure is different for 2008s, do you know if the 2010s are the same as your 2011? Thanks!

  43. Gilbert Nunez says:

    So I just replaced my the shoes yesterday and it was working fine but then after a while of drive they started squeaking and rubbing real hard even when I would step on the brakes, any idea what it could be?

  44. Juan Sanchez says:

    My dash gave me a message saying (service brake system) now I checked my front brakes and they were still good, I have drums in the back and those needed to be replaced they were metal to metal. After i replace them the same message was still on my dash do you know what can be Caussing this message to appear?

  45. Snyder Tools says:

    Where is the ordering link? Would like to order a kit

  46. Darrel Thom says:

    absolutely wonderful video. Got me through my brake job on my 2013 Silverado. Thanks, very much appreciated

  47. booAHHHH says:

    I have this exact truck.. coolio

  48. james allen says:

    100+ years of automobile engineering and we're still using drum brakes. Boggles my tiny little mind.

  49. Jp Blanco says:

    did they make it different from 06-08?

  50. Jp Blanco says:

    I used white lithium grease to lubricate the back plate as mentioned. And squeek went away for less than a day, then its back.

  51. Jp Blanco says:

    so if it still squeeks after lubricating those points, does that usually mean i have to replace all brake components?

  52. William Woods says:

    What's the thread pitch on that m10.?

  53. yvonne gonzalez - guillen says:

    I want to say that the man I trust ..Leo Guillen ..did my back rear brake on my 97 Chevy suburban ..mind you he has done brake jobs before .ok I took a test run i found myself stranded n i had to call my brother in law n my sis for help..i also called Leo but he shows up w no tools no nothing…I think this man had wanted me to have a accident or die.why do you do me like this Leo ..really I am the only one he fucks over many n many times again..I still don't learn cuz I am still with him thinking that he does love me…but after today I see that he just wants me hurt broke n with out anything. Homeless n all ..I am not comfortable living in that sick sick house. ..

  54. vincent c says:

    very helpful, i do not remove the emergency brake cable ,just remove the bracket that it is attached too and reconnect it to the new brake shoe,its a PITA that brake cable so why touch it

  55. J O says:

    Hey everyone, I'm getting ready to attempt the brake job on my 2011 Silverado. Anyone else have any suggestions? Is it basically like the above video or did anyone run into a unique situation no addressed here?

  56. Parker House says:

    Wow how come chevy used drum brake in their full size pickup until 2013?

  57. Miller Henley says:

    Great video, as I have come to expect from you guys! Would strongly suggest at least two items, though. $10 brake pliers are worth every cent of it and more. Also, a tie-down, wrapped around both shoes holds them in place, so you don't need a second person or to strain yourself or to have them pop out. Spring washer tool is pretty cool and cheap, too, instead of vice grips, but not as critical as the other two items, I believe.

  58. will kimbrell says:

    Do you have a video of replacing one of the rear axles on this truck?

  59. stevekx500 says:

    Love your vids. They have helped me knock out a couple projects on my vehicles. Got a question for ya, after watching a few different videos on changing drum brakes on a 2011 Silverado, there are apparently two different drum brake setups. One setup is obviously the kind you worked on in the video. The 2nd setup has a totally different lower spring setup. It looks to be in the shape of giant U. Do you know a way I can tell what drum brake setup my truck might have without pulling thee wheel & drum off to see?

  60. Jeffry Kappen says:

    I just replaced my rear drums on my 2013 Gmc Sierra ,not going to lie this is mt first brake job I ever did. Your video helped tremendously. I did find that if you remove the spring on the emergency brake pull out slack and vice grip before the spring. I then replace the spring attached the cable then released the grip. Thanks for you help.

  61. Connor Kehl says:

    Do you have to bleed the them or no?

  62. MURRAY Murray says:

    Again, very informative but I do wish you would encourage the use of gloves and safety glasses!!

  63. Caleb Colburn says:

    Do you have anything for the wheel cylinder

  64. Richard 1990 says:

    just did these yesterday, im still learning. not too bad once u do it a few times.

  65. TX militia says:

    NEED HELP! Ok so if my truck is in park then I put it in reverse to back out as soon as I go back into drive to pull away my breakes squeak really loud as if the breaks are being applied but I'm in drive please help

  66. D. Reyna says:

    Damn! No wonder they went with a rear disk brake design!

  67. Mike Combs says:

    Why didn't you give the brake an initial adjustment? That brake is way loose.

  68. Brandon Stewart says:

    The ebrake and the slack adjuster clip was the worst when I did it on my 2011 silverado you made it look so smooth

  69. Cliff Right says:

    You might mention a couple items when reassembling the adjuster and lever. The L shaped lever has to both go on the rivet on the shoe and inside the slot on the left end of the adjuster to keep it in place. I had to disassemble after realizing this. Just a note…

  70. terence scott says:

    Getting ready to start on this tonight and wrap it up in the morning. I watched another video for the same year on the GMC Sierra and it looks slightly complicated. There was some bar that ran from the midway on one side around the inside edge around the bottom coming back up to the other side ending halfway up. I hope mine is like this because it seems a lot more simplified.



  72. Matthew Thaxton says:

    How do you adjust the e brake?

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