How To Replace Front Shocks 01-10 GMC Sierra 2500 HD
How To Replace Front Shocks 01-10 GMC Sierra 2500 HD

Brought to you by, your source
for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Hi, I’m mike from
1A Auto. I hope this how-to video helps you out. The next time you need parts for your
vehicle, think of Thanks. In this video, we’re going to show you how
to replace the front shocks on this 2002 GMC Sierra, pretty much the same as any 2000,
2006 Sierra or Silverado. Tools you’ll need for the job are: Jack and jack stands. 21
and 22 mm sockets with a ratchet and a breaker bar. You will also need an additional 21 mm
socket with the bar or a 21 mm wrench. A torque wrench. 15-19 mm wrenches or adjustable wrenches
work as well. Start out by just removing the caps on this
vehicle. You just loosen the top of the cap and then the whole center cap comes off. Next,
if you don’t have the benefit of air tools, loosen the lug nuts while your truck is on
the ground, then raise and support the vehicle. Remove the lug nuts and remove the wheel and
tire. So, with the vehicle back down and tire off and it’s supported, you support it with
a jack stand and put your jack underneath the wheel on the control arm. Then use some
penetrating oil right up there on the nut at the top, and then also some down here on
that nut. I’ve got my 15 mm wrench on there and I’m
not even going to mess around with these things. You’re supposed to put a wrench on here, but
I’m just going to go straight to a set of locking pliers. I’m going to get them on there
as tight as I can. A lot of time, it will pop and you’ll start moving this bolt and
then it will get to more and more and more rust. Then, you’ll end up having to cut it
off, but it looks like it might be coming off pretty clean. In fact, that nut does come
off. I’m going to fast forward here. There is also, if you have another wrench, underneath
the support where the shock goes in there is a nut on the shock, itself that you can
hold with a wrench. All right, you take your wrench. Sometimes
you can get pretty lucky with these. All right, the other side goes through. The other side
is starting to spin, so I’m putting a socket on there. Like I said, it’s starting to spin,
so you can see I have a socket with my breaker bar on there. It just kind of holds itself
in place as I remove the nut. To get it loose, I have to use my breaker bar, give the bolt
a tap. It’s rolling out and I can pull the shock down. Now, we’ve got our new shocks.
Take out the cushions and washers and the nut. Okay, put the washer on. I have a large.
The smaller hole goes up. Have this cushion with the smaller hole down and the washer
on top and our shock up in place and down on. Then, we’ll start our bolt in place. We’re
going to let down our suspension a little bit more with the shock in. That’s as far
as it goes and I’ll let it down just a hair more. Pull through and the nut on the other
side. Okay. I’m going to jack this a smidgen back up some. I’m going to hold to the backside
of my bolt. I’m going to fast-forward as I tighten up
the bottom bolt. The torque specification is probably 75 to 80 foot pounds, but as long
as you get them good and tight with large wrenches, you’ll be okay. Okay, I’m going
to continue fast forwarding as I just tightened up that top nut. You’ll see I hold the top
of the stud with a wrench and then tighten up with a wrench. Also, if you look down further
where the yellow begins, that’s also a nut that you could hold onto with a wrench. Then,
once you’re there, then put your tire back on. Start the lug nuts by hand first, then
tighten them up preliminarily. Then, lower the vehicle onto the ground. Tighten the lug
nuts to anywhere between 110 to 120 foot pounds and then put your cap back on. Obviously,
always replace shocks in pairs, so do the other side and you’ll be good to go down the
road nice and smooth. We hope this helps you out. Brought to you
by, your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on
the Internet. Please feel free to call us toll-free 888-844-3393. We’re the company
that serves you on the Internet and in person.

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  2. COMMANDER906 says:

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  3. Dantastic says:

    Why is there no spring on the front of these trucks? Just a shock absorber up front?

  4. Matt Lane says:

    My leveling kit has brackets for the front shock is that right?

  5. Alma6est says:

    have been hearing a low rubbing/groaning noise under vehicle, thought wheel bearing, u joints, checked trans gears, turns out to be bad shocks. Have changed the back ones, easy bottom bolt, but top came with 2 small bolts each secured on top by a clip to frame shock absorber nut. Of course nothing is easy, all the nuts are rusted, hard to get to with a ratchet extension and when one of these clips broke i had an endless rotating rust bolt.

    I notice on my front shock the top where the vise clamped a hex key can be used, but due to rust i have lightly stripped this opening, no choise but to use the vise grip or cut the thing, and the new monroe shocks a wrench can be used which is nice

  6. phoenixfishing602 says:

    what if am doing a 1500 04 chevy do i have to buy a spring compressor?

  7. El Gio says:

    Will this same process work on a 2001 4×4 chevy tahoe

  8. miguel jurado says:

    is an alignment required after changing the struts? and i know depending on experience, what is the estimated time to change both front struts?

  9. Santos A says:

    I got a Sierra Denali 08' it has a 6inch lift. What type of front shocks are recommended?

  10. 1964falconman says:

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  12. gtfiveliter says:

    Just changed all 4 shocks. Immediately after, i'm getting front end rattling/clunks (mainly driver's side) over little bumps constantly that wasn't there just prior. it's driving me crazy. Would it help to loosen the top shock nut a few turns? I heard it can help? Is the bottom nut not tight enough? Would completely worn out shocks mask worn sway bar end links (that's the type of sound), but they seemed ok? thanks!

  13. happy journey says:

    does anybody know the bolt sizes for these trucks shocks offhand?

  14. Judas Perez says:

    +1A Auto Parts I recently purchased replacement shocks, they are monotube shocks. The piston component of the shock mounts at the bottom. The shocks I am replacing have the piston assembly of the shocks in a manner that currently as they are installed, have the piston mounted at the top. Did I order the wrong shock, or will the location, top or bottom, of the shock not matter?

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    Thank you

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  18. Threedog says:

    Hey, just installed the front shocks I bought from you on my 2001 Silverado. I have the springs up front, but other than that, easy breezy install. I did spray some stuff to penetrate and loosen rust on the top of the shocks about 30 minutes prior to removal. Glad I did. Also, I used impact wrench for the bottom bolts on the shock. From the time I lifted the truck to the time I dropped it. 1 hour. 40 minutes on the first side, 20 on the second. Thanks for the video. I'll be ordering rear shocks next week. You guys saved me close to $300 on this job.

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    The top part of this stud always rips under the vice grips. Cut a big hole in the upper guard of the shock, then put the vice grip on the piston rod instead. Works every time for me

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    Just get a nut splitter and cut the top nut off. It's going to be rusty and you get new hardware with the new shock. There's no need to take it off in tact.

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    I love it thank yuo

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