How to Replace Front Struts 96-07 Ford Taurus
How to Replace Front Struts 96-07 Ford Taurus

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Hi. I’m Mike Green. I’m one of the owners of 1A Auto. I want to help you save time and
money preparing and maintaining your vehicle. I’m going to use my twenty plus years experience
restoring and repairing cars and trucks like this, to show you the correct way to install
parts from The right parts installed correctly. That’s going to save you time
and money. Thank you, and enjoy the video. In this video we’re going to replace the
front strut on this 2001 Ford Taurus and process is pretty much the same for any ’96 to ’07
Taurus. Tools you’ll need are not all that uncommon,
Jack and Jack stands, 10 to 18 millimeter wrenches, and 10 to 21 millimeter sockets
with ratchets and extensions, and a large hammer. Once you know how to do it, it’s
not that difficult of a job. It does require some strength in spots, probably not the everyday
do it yourself job, but not that complicated nonetheless.
We’ll start by removing the wheel. If you have benefit the air tools, that’s great,
if you don’t have the benefit of air tools, what you want to do is first loosen your lug
knots while the wheel is still on the ground, then raise the car, and take the lug nuts
the rest of the way off. Use penetrating oil to spray the upper stabilizer
bolt, and then the large bolt that pinches the strut in the steering knuckle. Although
soak, there’s a 10 millimeter bolt right here that you can remove, it holds the break
line bracket. We’ll kind of speed through that, then you pull that break line bracket
out, and then you slide the bracket that has the ABS sensor up, and pull that clip off.
The upper stabilizer bolts, you’ll need an 18 millimeter wrench and then you can see
I’ve got a 10 millimeter wrench on there, in case I need to hold that shaft still, and
it turns out that this actually comes apart without even having to hold that in place.
You pull that link out and then I’m just putting the bolt back on for safe keeping,
and now the bolt that holds the lower end of the strut.
It’s an 18 millimeter wrench that I’m going to use to hold it. This is a 21 millimeter.
I’m just taking them, pull the rest way off by hand and then I accidentally dropped
it actually. A small hammer or a hammer, and just drive that bolt out. You have to drive
it all the way out to that bolt actually does hold on to the strut, and once you get it
out, you can usually pull it out right by hand. Then you need a good size hammer, and
you just hit the top of the steering knuckle. If you look real close you can basically see
the disc sliding down off of the strut, and we’ll speed it up a little bit here. Until,
and then separate the steering knuckle and the strut.
Remove these three 13 millimeter bolts and the one here. You pull the strut down, pull
the top out, and just got to make sure, the stuff tries to get caught on it, the stabilizer
and the wires trying to get caught. Here, left side is the new strut from 1A Auto. You
can see the one from 1A Auto is all the same, the spring is already part of it so you don’t
have to worry about compressing a spring. The new strut just goes right in.
The old strut is actually in fine shape on this car so I am going to reinstall that.
Just want to show you that the new strut from 1A Auto is going to bolt right in. We’ll
get to put it back in here. You want the flat part of this plate towards
the outside of the car, and now you’ll see all these brackets towards the inside of the
car, feed it down into the wiring a little bit. Get it up and in. Move this stuff out
a little bit. Feed it in front of the axle. You should have it there. You get one there,
hold a bit. The free bolt started. I torque these to 35 foot pounds each.
Now you want to pull these, your break line and your ABS sensor wire. You push your suspension
down and pull your strut and go over. It’s in. Make sure your bracket is going down into
the slot, in the steering knuckle here. Push it then, and just again make sure that it
gets wind up with that slot. As long as you have that bracket lined up
into the slot, in the steering knuckle, then start jacking it up then it goes together.
Goes right on. And you want to put the rest in, this bolt in, and once that bolt goes
through, you’re all set. Now, here I’m going to put the knot on the
other side of that and that bolt you want to tighten up to a hundred foot pounds of
torque. Before you let the tension back on, make sure
you get this on the backside of the truck. Put your sway bar link back in, put this clip
back on. Be careful of your fingers. You slide this down over, and now my backside, this
little tab goes right through the hole in this clip in the strut, and holds everything
together, and then the bolt, they’re bolted together.
We’ll fast forward through tightening that up. There’s no specific torque. Just make
that bolt tight. Here, we use a little tapping of the hammer. It doesn’t usually take much
to get that stabilizer link through the strut. Put the bolt on, and then use your 18 millimeter
wrench and possibly your 10 millimeter and get that link nice and tight again, no specific
torque specification. Just get it good and tight.
You just have to take off a little bit with the impact line. With the tire around, you
want to tighten up the wall knots anywhere from 75 to 100-foot pounds, and use the star
pattern, so one, two, cross, cross, cross. We hope this helps you out, brought to you
by, your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on
the internet. Please feel free to call us toll free, 888-844-3393 with the company that
serve you on the internet and in person.

99 thoughts on “How to Replace Front Struts 96-07 Ford Taurus”

  1. Ted Koski says:

    The job is done. On the Ford Five Hundred, the best way to remove the strut from the kuckle is to use a small bottle hydro jack and a peice of wood. Place the jack between the top of the kuckle and the strut spring bottom plate. Use the piece of wood between the bottom strut spring plate and the top of the jack so the jack dont slip. Tighten the jack while pushing down on the kuckle. Tap the kuckle with a hammer. This saves banging the kuckle with a hammer or using long pry bars.

  2. 1A Auto Parts says:

    It may be fairly similar.

  3. 1A Auto Parts says:

    Usually you can get them out with out compressing them. On some applications you may need to compress them a bit to get them out.

  4. 1A Auto Parts says:

    We currently do not have an auto repair video for that particular repair. You may be able to apply some of the basics to it, but the tools needed may be different.

  5. 1A Auto Parts says:

    We do have some auto repair videos for the 2001 Olds Alero. We currently do not have one that shows you how to replace the front struts. We'll keep this in mind during any repairs that we may make in the future to this type of vehicle. If you have a Haynes or a Chiltons manual for the vehicle, it should show you how to make the repair. 888-844-3393

  6. Adam Faherty says:

    i did this on an 02 focus last year. pretty similar. passenger side is a bit harder to do than the driver side for some reason. if your pads are old, save yourself a trip to the store and buy some pads (might as well do the stabilizer bars too); if they are brittle the impact wrench could very well make them useless.

  7. Adam Faherty says:

    any videos for doing the rear strut assemblies?

  8. 1A Auto Parts says:

    Unfortunately at this time we do not have a video for the rear struts.

  9. alb12345672 says:

    The tbird is similar, only has one large bolt at the base of the strut that goes in the control arm. You do not need any compressors if you are swapping an entire assembly.

    If you are in a salt state be ready to cut that lower bolt from the control arm, or spend a day trying to pound and remove it. It is housed in a tight sleeve that welds to the bolt. The rubber bushing makes heating interesting.The bolt is part AK-68. A cut bolt means you replace the LCA as well.

  10. jimspinnin says:

    Just did the rear ones on my 02 taurus, they were a Pain in the a**. Broke on of the pinch bolts. Will be attempting the front 2 next weekend after watching this video a few dozen times lol

  11. BILLY JEAN Villarruel says:

    when u are removing the strut. urs slid down easy. but you dont explain if for example the strut is being stubborn. you can try these things… then go on with the video. and in ur video when ur about to slide it off there was a pause.. could u redo this video thank you

  12. Mccabone says:

    Why did you re-install the old strut?

  13. 1A Auto Parts says:

    There wasn't anything wrong with it.

  14. Mccabone says:

    Why did you re-install the old strut? Never mind I heard the explanation!

  15. rebekah202003 says:

    Do you suggest to replace just the strut or the strut and mount?

  16. 1A Auto Parts says:

    If the stuts are fine you could replace just the mounts if they're bad. We carry them on our website 888-844-3393

  17. imjustpassinthru says:

    Depending on the make and model of car, is there ever any spring tension on the bottom end of the strut where you unbolt it from the lower control arm or wherever it happens to be mounted? Just wondering for safety reasons. Also, pressure against the bolt and bushing could make it difficult to remove the bolt. Should you always start by unbolting the lower end of the strut first? I'm thinking that loosing the 3 nuts at the top might relieve some tension if there is any b4 loosing the bottom..

  18. 1A Auto Parts says:

    You can service the most struts as we show in the video. If it's on a different vehicle, you may want to look to see if the tension is released from the steering knuckle once you have the vehicle supported on a lift or jackstands.

  19. brownnnnnnnnnnnnnnn says:

    I'm looking to replace my front struts on my car. My question is, will I need to replace my strut mounts? I'm replacing my front springs and struts just wondering if I would need to purchase the mounts as well.

  20. 1A Auto Parts says:

    If they are in decent shape you may not need to.

  21. tarlochan187 says:

    Just wondering my friend, do i have to compress the spring to replace the strut for my 92 s10 blazer. Or can i buy spring n all.

  22. 1A Auto Parts says:

    You 92 S10 uses shocks and the spring would be seperate. We carry new shocks on our website 888-844-3339

  23. Joe S says:

    I have a 1997 f 150 and was wondering if you guys sell the strut and coil assembly together as one kit…

  24. 1A Auto Parts says:

    On a 1997 Ford F150 there should be shocks in the front of the truck. We do carry the shocks for it with free shipping. Our sales staff could also answer any questions or concerns that you may have. 888-844-3393 Hope this helps you out.

  25. Nivek Egdod says:

    I love you YouTube

  26. Garrett Livingston says:

    I am changing my struts on my 2000 ford taurus that from the look of it has never been changed and was wondering what's the best choice for loosing the bolts breaking bar, impact gun etc? Thanks

  27. 1A Auto Parts says:

    If you have an impact gun, that would be the easiset way and would save you some time.

  28. Tommy Wilson says:

    Is a new strut longer than the old one? I can not get the new one to fit.

  29. 1A Auto Parts says:

    It should be the same size. If it's really hard to get in, you may want to rent a spring compressor to help. Usually they're not that hard to get back into place.

  30. chucknice27 says:

    Is the process similar for rear struts?

  31. 1A Auto Parts says:

    They should be fairly similar.

  32. accuratemech says:

    Does the sub frame need to be loosened and dropped? Sames like I need another 3/4" to clear the nuckle.

  33. 1A Auto Parts says:

    You should have enough room by following the steps that we show you in this auto repair video. 888-844-3393

  34. McSquidification says:

    I have this exact problem, cant install my new quickstrut. What did you end up doing? I even got a spring compressor but then found out there was no way to get the strut in and then remove it after it was where it needed to go. the bolts were in the way.

  35. 1A Auto Parts says:

    It should go right into place for you like we show in the video. You may want to confirm that you do have the correct part for your vehicle. Sometimes you need to pry down on the lower A arm to gain more 888-844-3393

  36. DoomsdayMelody91 says:

    tried the spring compressor, and I could not get the new quickstrut in without removing the control arm. this was on a gen 3 though (96-99)

  37. TheAbbyhernandez says:

    i have a 1998 mercury sable dohc, i want to replace my rear shocks/struts, where are the top bolts/screws located? are they behind the rear seats or in the trunk? thanks

  38. 1A Auto Parts says:

    You will need to access it from behind the seat.

  39. Keith Brown says:

    lower strut bolt simply will not bang out. any suggestions?

  40. 1A Auto Parts says:

    You may need to try to relieve some pressure on it, possibly with a floor jack. If you have an impact gun you could also try to back the bolt out while you tap the end of it with a hammer. Sometimes that will enable it to back out too. hope this helps you out. 888-844-3393

  41. YouCLTube says:

    helped a lot, nice!!!

  42. davesupremeable says:

    yeah, i got the same thing w/the lower control arm…. comes out a hole in the frame, won't go down low enough to get the strut bottom clear to remove… gotta get some external spring compressors to shorten it up, only need like a 1/2"…..

  43. Michael Schwandt says:

    having the same problem lower strut bolt wont budge after i took the nut off any other suggestions

  44. 1A Auto Parts says:

    you may have to us a rubber mallet to push the bolt free. You will want to put the nut on so you do not mangle the threads.

  45. Keith Brown says:

    if you can turn the bolt, it should bang out. The bold head is a piece of crap, and strips easily. be careful

  46. famouzamiz says:

    what about the rear the front looks easy?

  47. 1A Auto Parts says:

    The rears may be a similar process.

  48. Anwar Baboul says:

    Thanks 1A Auto. The best I have seen.

  49. Steve Ruddy says:

    1999 is not that easy to remove wish is was like the video .. ūüôĀ .. My problem is I need to compress the spring for my new strut but for some reason I can not get the spring to compress enough .. I need about an inch and 1/2 more compression for I can put the bolt on .. do u have a vid on compressing the spring I must be setting it up wrong .. is there a special spot to place the spring compressor? really need help!!! ūüôĀ

  50. 1A Auto Parts says:

    The 1999 is just like any of the other years that this video list. it sounds as if you may not have the control arm pushed far enough down to slide the strut in correctly.. You may have to push down on the control arm to get it to drop low enough to get the two bolts on the steering knuckle to align correctly.

  51. Allen Frazier says:

    I have a 2001 Mercury Sable that needs new struts and transmission. My friend has a 2003 Ford Taurus. How interchangeable are the parts? Can I fix my Sable with Taurus Parts?

  52. 1A Auto Parts says:

    HI Allen, If you visit our website we'll have the correct parts listed for your application.

  53. Believe231 says:

    On '96-'99 models to get the FRONT struts off the knuckles you have to push the lower control arm down until it "bottoms" against the subframe, I used a 32" pry bar. Then the strut can "roll out" of the knuckle. Try doing this without loosening the top strut nuts, as this will only let the strut hang down lower and make things more difficult to getting it out of the knuckle. Torque specs: swaybar endlink nut: 57-75 lb-ft, strut pinch bolt nut: 73-97 lb-ft, brake hose bracket screw: 11 lb-ft.

  54. TC Cupit says:

    Is the process pretty much the same for a 2004 Town and Country?

  55. 1A Auto Parts says:

    It may be a similar process. The tools needed may be different as well as the torque settings. 888-844-3393

  56. famouzamiz says:

    how do u do rear its not the same 2001 ford taurus

  57. 1A Auto Parts says:

    We currently do not have an auto repair video that shows that particular repair. We do carry the replacement rear struts for that vehicle. 888-844-3393

  58. wendemagegn tezerea says:

    Thank you very much very helpful video

  59. Stephen DeLeo says:

    that was very helpful. I do have a question: are these new struts/ spring combo specific to one side ? ( left or right) or are they interchangeable? 

  60. Joe Nay says:

    Excellent video. Thanks. I just replaced my front struts and springs on my 2002 Mercury Sable. It was very easy and your video was very accurate. I had to lower my sub frame for the new strut to mount but that was no big deal. It sounds more intimidating than what it really is. If you are reluctant …dont be. You can do it!

  61. Joseph Nohs says:

    does these parts work on a ford 500 2003

  62. Mutant Artificial Intelligence says:

    I Like Watching These Videos That Mike Green Provides. Very Detailed And Instructional. It Really helps With The Prep Work. And Helps To make Sure that I Have The Correct Tools Before Taking On The Job. This Format Has Already Helped  Me To Save A Lot Of Time And Money. I'm Not A Mechanic. Or Am I? I Drive Trucks And Operate Heavy Equipment. Now I Work On my Own Stuff. Because I Get To See Exactly What Is Involved Before Hand. Thanks Mike.

  63. santanaortega1 says:

    @edo4609  you loosen the bolt by spaying pb blaster and turn it back and forth repeating the process and spraying more pb till it comes out, you use the bolt to clear out the threads. took me 2 hrs. have patience my friend.

  64. gary puterka says:

    Very helpful for my 2005 ford freestyle AWD. ¬†Only problem was the wheel assembly would not go down low enough to clear the strut bottom. Solution was to hook together my socket extensions and come up through the bottom of the strut mount (long enough to put a 1 x 2 board undernegth the extensions ) and pry the cylinder upward by wedging the extension upward with a hammer). ¬†Once it popped out a screwdriver was needed to pry it out the rest of the way. ¬†Basically you will have to compress the strut about 1/4 in to clear the mount. ¬†Harder to get in but o put the 1×2 over the top of disc break rotor (to protect it), used a 2 ft long crow bar to pry the cylinder bottom upward (compressing it) in combination with ratchet it inward using a trigger clamp (maybe C-clamp would work) and inched it into the hole. ¬†It will not go down the hole unless you actually jack it up from the bottom of the rotor (protected by 1×2 after you put in a couple lug nuts to hold it steady). This changes the angle of the wheel assembly to allow the strut bottom to get started. ¬†I used this method several times and no I did not warp the rotor!

  65. gary puterka says:

    I should have added be careful not to pinch the CV boot with the socket extension as you hammer wedge it inward toward the CV to  push the strut out of the hole.

  66. Tim M. says:

    2001 mercury cougar owner. It looks like its mostly the same parts. as my car is essentially a ford contour/taures.

  67. Subguy686 says:

    Do these same steps apply to the '05-'07 Ford Five Hundred models as well?

  68. Victor Fraley says:

    Would the process be the same for changing the back struts?

  69. 1A Auto Parts says:

    @Victor Fraley It should be a similar process. We carry new replacement struts for your Ford Taurus on our website. Here's a link to them. Hope this helps you out.

  70. Classy Mac says:

    This is why i love the internet! thank you so much!

  71. Malik Tribblet says:

    Where can I find torque specs for crown Vic struts?

  72. Malik Tribblet says:

    2003 crown Vic

  73. Desirae Ceja says:

    Hi, would this work for a 97 ford thunderbird?  And is it the same for back struts?

  74. ezrafett says:

    Does anyone have experience ordering from this company?

    I love your videos, they are always so helpful. I have some work that needs to be done on my son's car, and was thinking about ordering the parts from 1A Auto.

  75. Bo Fa says:

    You the best

  76. Nate M says:

    I tried to remove the strut but I couldn't the a arm bottomed out. plus I had to remove slot more then listed…

  77. Arthur Kirk says:

    Good video, thanks.

  78. Kevin Daniel says:

    Your torque specs are really swingy. You also said there is no specific torque spec on a nut that Monroe CLEARLY STATES a spec for. I'm gonna do this job right so I'm doing lots of research. Please explain your methods in more detail.

  79. Kevin Daniel says:

    Other videos say in order to swing the hub assembly that far down, you have to lower the sub frame. Please explain your methods in more detail.

  80. Heavy Arms says:

    Just got these in the mail today from you guys. Can't wait to install them!

  81. Robert Engroff says:

    I want to purchase you're (1A auto's) front struts for my 02 taurus but before I place an order I wanted to know where you're struts are made.. America, China etc. You have a pretty good price on a 6 piece set ( struts, sway bar links and lower ball joints) I would love American made parts. I've heard quite a few horror stories of people putting on cheap chinese-made struts and them going bad very quickly, so I'm trying to avoid that. Thank you and i would greatly appreciate a response.

  82. octavio amezcua says:

    Grey video the only thing my mechanic had trouble with was removing the sway bar link but once it came off it was easy!

  83. TheOutwiththeold says:

    Undue the axle nut, will give you more room to work.Looks like a lot of stress on the cv axle…

  84. TREJO V√°zquez says:

    You guys make very good videos thanks four show us

  85. swerve951 says:

    i had a new set of quick struts put into my ford taurus 2000 and the camber was off on drivers side and wore my tire down to wires ,they said they couldn't do a proper wheel alignment without 200.00 shims or knock out the welds on top by 3 bolts

  86. Thomas Luggiero says:

    I found I had to lower the engine cradle on each side I was working on by 2-3" otherwise could not get the strut in or out of the knuckle. This was on a 2007 Taurus

  87. JackTo11 says:

    What if I did this without a torque wrench?

  88. lou cifer says:

    How do you remove the pinch bolt the damm bolt rounded off I've tried heat it doesn't budge

  89. hudmond says:

    I had a bent strut on a 94 ford taurus after a collision and I just repaired it using your video for guidance thank you so much! It was very helpful!

  90. Zt Weve says:

    Thanks! I loved the fast forwarding.

  91. Duals Portvet says:

    Thanks for the vid. Doing my dads now. Question though, why is your strut longer than the stock?

  92. Broncort1 says:

    Do you have to get an alignment after doing this?

  93. Travis Toler says:

    1A Auto-the struts I the front of my 07 Taurus SEL seemed to be much longer and I could not get the knuckle off until I figured a way to compress the strut and simultaneously pull down the knuckle-any ideas? It was the oem motorcraft steering knuckle-why would it be so difficult to remove? I used a heavy 4lb hammer and moved the knuckle down 2-3 inches

  94. Torrey Sanders says:

    ok i can't get the bottom bolt out this is my first doing it i hit the [email protected]@ out of it with a hammer and still can;t get it to move what else can i try any help would be nice thank for any help

  95. Bob L. says:

    I have an 02 Taurus. I had a strut spring break. I dont have enough clearance to install the new strut with the lower strut mounting bolt and sway bar link off , and the A arm down as far as it goes. I'm seeing Videos where the subframe is lowered for clearance. My car has very little rust for its age, but removing the subframe bolts has me worried.

  96. dmlagrange says:

    Why do so many videos insist on lowering the subframe? This looks more comparable to other front strut jobs, why not use a spring compressor to slightly compress the strut rather than lower subframe?

  97. David Cross says:

    Ok, sane vehicle and the replacement struts are longer below the tab that fits into the slot, And when you had those side by side in the video, i noticed it to be the same as my issue, can NOT get the tab in the back, into the slot enough, due to the end of it being longer. Any ideas? I went and rented a spring compressor but the style O'Riley's had wont work, due to not having enough room, right now i have 2 clamps on it to compress it, but still cant get it far enough together to slide back in…PLEASE HELP!

  98. Jose Gonzalez says:

    This is for the passengers side not the driver is more different then the passenger side it easier on the passenger then the driver

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